donny barebacks joey sean cody

Donny & His Big Dick Return to Sean Cody to Bareback Joey

Big dicked Donny is back with fewer limits, better technique, and gallons of cum with Joey’s name, and ass, on it.

Big sweet Joey. While his stint topping when he flipped with Blake last time was surprisingly adept and hot, he’s a helluva bottom and it’s a good show seeing this big man taking dicks. Especially big dicks. Hello Donny. It’s been a year since Donny was on Sean Cody. A year that has done him, and today Joey, right in all of the right ways.

donny barebacks joey sean cody
In the top draught at Sean Cody last summer, they skipped Donny’s solo and had his first scene fucking Perry. The bad haircut he had at the time were the least of his problems. A big dick that doesn’t get hard didn’t do anyone much good. A lot has changed for the better. New do. Hard dick. And somewhere along the way, he’s learned to kiss and suck dick too.

donny barebacks joey sean cody
Donny and Joey are making out on the way to the studio and by the time they arrived, Donny is rock hard even before Joey drop to his knees. While he could learn a few pile driver tips from Daniel, once Joey is on his back, Donny finds his stride. And Joey’s prostate if Joey’s hard cock is any indication. Two big loads end round one and Donny plants his seed deep.

donny barebacks joey sean cody
Donny on his knees sucking Joey begins the second round. Good boy. Then it’s time to fuck. This view from underneath with Joey’s ankle on his shoulder follows a quick missionary and soon morphs into a joy ride for Joey.

donny barebacks joey sean cody
This is actually the Donny lacerating Joey’s hole with jizz from round one. He works that cum back onto his dick and slides it back in. And compared to his second inside-outside blast, this is the tamer of the four explosions today. Donny, don’t be a stranger.

[Watch Joey & Donny: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

2 thoughts on “Donny & His Big Dick Return to Sean Cody to Bareback Joey”

  1. The scene shows Joey as his best. A sweet, good nature lover of cock getting rammed. Also hot that they are different in size. The smaller dude fucking big muscular Joey.

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