Ricky Roman, Reign

‘Don’t Ask For Mercy’: Reign Rails Ricky Roman’s Ass

The action-packed Get.Away. not only marks the NakedSword debut of Reign, in also marks the studio return of Ricky Roman—the former CockyBoy who made his NakedSword debut earlier this year in I Love New York (the tattooed veteran is also nearing his 10-year anniversary in the industry, quite an accomplishment!).

But before these two studs get it on, we get some twists and turns in this legit thriller (that drone footage gives us some pretty scenic shots!), where Beau Butler and Diego Sans are trying to figure out what the fuck is going on during their vacation-turned-nightmare. That includes some stunt work and our duo being under the gun as the plot begins to unfold. (Speaking of, Diego and Ricky look they could be brothers all of a sudden…when did that happen?!).

Ricky Roman, Reign Ricky Roman, Reign

After a high-speed chase, Ricky wants to mark his territory—meaning Reign, who made his bud jealous after hooking up with Michael Boston. The two find a secluded spot in the woods where they take turns polishing each other’s hard dicks. Reign wants a taste of Ricky’s ass, so he bends him over and sticks his tongue deep in inside.

Ricky Roman, Reign Ricky Roman, Reign

With Ricky lubed up with Reign’s spit, the top mounts the sub and fucks him hard. Ricky gets pounded doggy-style first (“Just like that!”), then rides Reign’s cock down to the base (staying nice and stiff as he does it) before laying back to give Reign full access to his hole.

Ricky Roman, Reign

Ricky jerks off until he cums on his abs as Reign fucks him from the side until he can’t hold back any longer, soon painting Ricky’s lips with his seed. The pair bust just in time as we see someone swimming to shore…

See the full scene at NakedSword!


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