Double Dose Premiere: “Brutal Mind Fuck”

“This song, ‘Brutal Mind Fuck,’ is about confusing people, it’s about double meanings. It’s about striking people when they’re vulnerable,” Double Dose (a.k.a. Chris Porter) told me. It’s the third track he’s released in his pursuit of a rap career, and with three big, huge things working against him right off the bat (he’s white, he’s gay, he moonlights as an adult film star), he’s fully aware that plenty of people will dismiss him before even listening to his music (if they listen at all). But that only drives him to work harder. Double Dose is either insanely crazy or insanely brave, or both.

“When I’m writing, things spill out. It’s a way of venting. It’s channeling all my aggression or any kind of emotion I have into song,” he added.

Here’s “Brutal Mind Fuck,” and see if you can tell who Double Dose calls out, somewhere between 1:10 and 1:50.

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  1. What about Deadlee??? Very successful crossover with “Good Soldier”…the video is on Chris, I’m glad you don’t take these haters shit, man. Don’t ever give up on your dreams…ever. Love to you.

  2. MIke said it exactly. Guess I should’ve been more specific. Yes, I mean once you have been tainted by the porn industry it is next to impossible to transition to the real entertainment industry i.e. film and music. Also, how many openly gay hip hop artist are there? AND how many successful WHITE hip hop artist are there besides… Eminem and the Beastie Boys? Just because I’m being realistic doesn’t mean that I’m “unhappy with my own life”.

    1. But what you don’t realize is that it does not matter that no one else has done it! There have been many firsts, you don’t seem to understand that. Just because it’s never happened before doesn’t mean it can’t. You have such an adverse point of view. To answer your question, no, there are no successful gay rappers. But there are white ones. Other than Eminem, such as YelaWolf, MGK, Slug from Atmosphere, Mac Miller. You could even count people like Everlast, it’s not impossible.

  3. Why all the cynicism? Just because something hasn’t been done before (in this case, a porn star crossing over to a different genre of entertainment) doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Times have changed…porn isn’t as much of a taboo anymore…it’s everywhere. Let Chris try his luck. Being a dick about it and saying he won’t be successful says more about you than it does about his chances.

  4. If you have so much hate and disrespect for “pornstars” who show the ambition and motivation to do something different, why did you listen? Why did you waste your time responding? The performer in question puts himself out there, lays it on the line and exposes himself even further by presenting his music to the world.

    Love the music or hate it is not the issue. Have the intelligence and decency to realize what you are seeing and comment accordingly or sit down and shut the fuck up.

    1. I had to see who he “calls out, somewhere between 1:10 and 1:50” like the article says. That’s why “I listened”.

      “comment accordingly”

      People did.

  5. Well as a self-confessed indie kid I certainly don’t listen to hip-hop or r’n’b, but millions and miliions do, I don’t why millions of kids dig this sound, maybe it’s just obtuse obnoxious music for an obtuse obnoxious generation, it certainly sounds it. But still Chris is putting himself out there, he is try to be and make something creative and personal, no matter how easy and common hip-hop is, you still shouldn’t diss the guy. He is being creative and putting himself on the line, that’s probably a lot than any of you guys.

    If you don’t like it don’t listen, but don’t try to stifle and sneer at him.

  6. When are porn stars going to realize that it is impossible to have a successful career in anything else other than porn? The only time this did not apply was with Tracy Lords and that was very short lived. Chris, please just stick to what you’re good at… being a slam hole.

    1. So… DPS, pornstars can never be successful at anything other than porn? Really?

      Just what exactly are YOU successful at? Have you done anything in your life to make a mark in this world?

      You are a piece of shit, don’t bring other people down. At least he is doing something to entertain you.

    2. I feel sorry for you DPS. Your ignorance is very clear in your words and the only thing that shows in your comment is how unhappy you are with your own life. So you don’t like what I’m doing? Guess what, I don’t give a fuck. You don’t have to like it. And after seeing what kind of person you are, I don’t want you to follow anything I do. Hopefully one day you’ll mature and be happy… Probably not though.

      1. I think DPS was implying once a person has done porn it’s impossible for them to cross over to any other form of mainstream entertainment outlet. I’ve read there are porn performers who became nurses and doctors. Probably. But name one hardcore performer who ever made it to any other field of entertainment. Jeff Stryker was a runway model, recorded a couple novelty songs. That’s it.

        1. So.. Because no one else has done it that means that I should just give up and that it will never happen? Sorry. I don’t think that way. You may give up that easy but not me. Watch.

        2. Apparently you’ve never heard of a gay porn star from the late 90’s early 2000 named Mike Branson. He used the money he made from porn and put himself through law school. More recently he was a nominee for the Supreme Court. I don’t know about you but in my opinion that qualifies as having success after porn.

          1. Other little know fact besides Mike Branson having been a nominee to the Supreme Court: Senator Marco Rubio was featured in the 1992 “XXXCuban Bottoms on Parade”.

  7. Yeah. So, Mr. Eminem/Vanilla Ice wannabee should stick to the porn. If he honestly thinks he has a chance in hell to be a “star” in the hip-hop industry, he’s sadly mistaken.

    1. Ohh damn! He pulled out the “Eminem/Vanilla Ice” diss! Uncreative bitch, c’mon gimme something new.

      1. “gimme something new”

        I did above.

        “so he shoots you dead and he eats your head and then you’re in the man from mars, you go from bars to bars and eating cars, you eat Cadillacs and Su-ba-rooos….”

        Well it’s new to you kids. It works, I promise, big hit.

      2. Want something new? Okay, how about this – wonder what the hip-hop industry would think of you if they knew you took it up the ass?

        “Thug life,” indeed. Bitch.

        1. Ok Dave, first of all that’s not “something new” I am very aware of the homophobia in the rap industry. Also, what makes you think I give a fuck about what everyone else thinks about me? C’mon I do porn. I am going to do whatever I want to. I am not going to stop doing something I love because of what other people think. People who do that get nowhere in life.

  8. Wish I could of made it to the diss, but it was hurting my ears.

    Maybe he should keep his home made venting tapes private, because no one else wants to listen to them.


  9. Trent Locke? I listened. Think they had a Tweetie feud.
    “Vanilla Ink” here sounds as good as any other rapper. EXCEPT Deborah Harry with “Rapture” which is about the last one I could stand.
    “Back to back, sacro-iliac…..”

    1. When you’re beefing with someone who is only noteworthy for having dated Fleshjack Flinger, you need to get better enemies.

      1. Ah, but you are forgetting Eminem started out his career feuding with Britney Spears, Christina Aguleirra, and Triumph the Insult Dog.

        “so he shoots you dead and he eats your head and then you’re in the man from mars, you go from bars to bars and eating cars, you eat Cadillacs and Su-ba-rooos….”
        (Love that Rapture song. Haven’t loved anything since. Jean-Michel Basquiat – the late black Andy Warhol – is in the music video, he plays the DJ Deborah starts rapping to.)

        1. The crossover between the first wave of hip hop & the CBGBs crowd is really quite remarkable, when you look at all the associations and cross-pollenization of ideas.

          Did you ever see 1977: Coolest Year in Hell?

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