Drake Von, Jack Valor

Drake Von and His Big Dick Welcome Jack Valor to Hot House

Hot House got off to a great start with the debut of Never Enough, as smoking hot Sumner Blayne flipped with the equally ripped Quin Quire. Now the studio continues the party by welcoming Jack Valor, making his first Hot House appearance!

We’re used to seeing the twink (who usually sported longer locks) at ColbyKnox and SayUncle, so it’s nice to see him branch out. It’s also nice to see his hot dick, which stays nice and stiff as he gets plowed by the very big cock of Drake Von.

Drake Von, Jack Valor Drake Von, Jack Valor

Drake Von, Jack Valor

After some smooching, Drake helps himself to that smooth hole, slurping on Jack’s ass. But it’s the shots of Drake leaning back, getting his dick worshipped and slapping it on the sucker’s face, that have me rewinding and rewatching repeatedly. Just so hot to see his twunk body splayed out, his sizable slab getting the attention it deserves.

Drake Von, Jack Valor

Drake Von, Jack Valor

Drake Von, Jack Valor

Jack then stays stiff as he sits down on that beast and rides (what a great sequence!), the two taking turns doing the work. Jack then arches his back, showing off his ass as he takes it doggy. The bottom then flips over and jacks his stiff dick—his sultry eyes staring at Drake as he takes it before they shoot. It’s not easy to take our attention away from Drake and his big dick, but Jack does a great job—I hope we see more of him in the Falcon family!

See the full scene at Hot House!


37 thoughts on “Drake Von and His Big Dick Welcome Jack Valor to Hot House”

  1. His mom is banging on the door that his bowl of chef boyardee spaghettios is ready and to tell his bitch to get the fucknout of their house

        1. Universal Potentate

          You do. You seek out every comment I post to say “No ones cares.” demonstrating you care a great deal.
          I can’t tell if you’re 12 years old & immature or 70 & senile. You clearly don’t realize that absolutely no one thinks you’re a rational actor.

    1. Yeah, he’s 100% top on and off screen. You’ll have to settle for watching his twin brother Silas Brooks get stuffed by Spikey Dee’s monster cock.

      1. Universal Potentate

        That’s so beautiful!
        Also raises an interesting question about twins and top/bottom preferences. This requires research!

        1. My sister’s kid has gay twin uncles. One is aromantic/asexual (shudder) the other makes up for it by being a big ol’ ho bag.

      1. Stereotypical labeling in a gay forum, wow that’s so unusual. Do you even realize you sound like a pretentious queen?

    1. There are plenty of studios that feature “real men” of all shapes and sizes. Some of us really like twinks and twunks. Change the channel

    1. I know that all smooth white twinks look the same to you/s but these guys look nothing alike. Besides Drake has an identical twin, Silas Brooks. They were known as the Baconator Twins on social media before porn.
      You won’t see any recent pics of them together because one of them (not saying which one) slept with the other’s fiancé without telling them he was the other twin.

        1. Shame they fell out. They did work together in str8 porn, gross fat lady sketchy cuckold crap. Imagine the sales they would make today in gay porn, especially since they film with the same guys across the studios.

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