Drake Von, Sam Ledger

Drake Von Splits Open Sam Ledger’s Bubble Butt, Unloads on His ‘Femboy’ Face

If you’ve been following Sam Ledger‘s porn career, you may be familiar with his “femboy” persona, which surfaced at a studio last year in an AdultTime scene (“Flirty Gamer Femboy Swaps Contoller For Cock”) where he got stuffed by the traffic-cone cock of Leo Louis. Now the femboy gamer is back for another big dick!

Drake Von, Sam Ledger Drake Von, Sam Ledger

Drake Von, Sam Ledger

The gamer has now hopped over to Men.com, where he starts to live stream—and gets so excited he whips out his dick and shakes it for his followers. That’s when stepbro Drake Von walks in, whipping out his own big cock and working it up to full mast as he watches Sam fuck a penis pump. But a silly stumble tips off the twink (not gonna lie, it was cute and made me smile…I’m ashamed of myself!), who is initially annoyed by his pervy stepbro but ultimately can’t resist that big dick (could any of us?!).

Drake Von, Sam Ledger Drake Von, Sam Ledger

The twink sits down on that hot cock and rides, then gets rimmed before taking it from behind. Sam then slurps on Drake’s rod before riding him again (this time in the bed), then gets rammed on his back—his long-socked legs spread wide. The hung top finally dumps his load on Sam’s face, messing up his makeup. Have you ever fucked a “femboy”?

See the full scene at Men.com!


19 thoughts on “Drake Von Splits Open Sam Ledger’s Bubble Butt, Unloads on His ‘Femboy’ Face”

  1. I hope I don’t get raked over the coals about this! I have nothing against feminine guys in porn. I myself don’t fancy them but that’s my preference and if others do then that’s what 5hey like. The thing that gets me is why are the6 made to look so young. It doesn’t matter if they are of legal age . To me this is what makes people think we are all child porn perverts! I don’t mean to offend anyone but that’s just what I think. Feminine yes resemblance of child porn no!

  2. Oh stop it, if y’all hate this content so much maybe actually buy your porn and demand what you want. They’re obviously making it because they’re actual paying clientele likes it. Unlike y’all cheap asses crying about the content y’all be watching pirated anyway.

  3. It’s a vibe, that’s for sure….just not for me…and not for those who are posting here. Who is Men.com’s target demo, I don’t get it…each move they make is more niche – curious how they hold onto their subscribers…I gave up years ago

  4. Ugh! What complete trash! And we wonder why gay men get a bad name because of shit likexp these 2 flaming queens

  5. Sam Ledger is gorgeous. We as a community must be inclusive and not segregational. Effeminate gays have always existed and should be treated with equal respect. Because people don´t choose the way they are born.

    1. But they choose to be feminine and keep their dicks. Agree that Sam is goodlooking as a male with a big dick. Respect is earned and not a given. As for existence, that is true for if not there would be no such thing. Me speaking about my disdain for women and trannies in a site that caters to gays is a right that each person is entitled to, whether in agreement or not.

      1. NO! We did not “choose” to be feminine. That’s just who we are. I don’t want to be a woman and never have. I also enjoy having a penis, but at the same time I’m more feminine than masculine (regardless of the cause). You need to learn to be more accepting of what you can’t understand.

  6. This is exactly why I ended my Men.com membership. If I wanted fem boys or trannies I would be a member of those sites. They just don’t appeal to me either sexually or fantasy wise.

      1. You shut up dumb ass flea infested rancid cunt! I had a membership for 2 years. When they started putting rancid cunts and tranny chick with dicks in like you in their videos, I dropped them.

        1. That’s it show the world how nasty and ignorant gays can get when they get old and not looked at anymore. You take your anger out it’s ok we all feel sorry for nasty frustrated queens like yourself . You should be pitied but ignored!

    1. You can be whatever you want and deserve respect equally. I’m not a femboy, but I’m effeminate and I was born that way. I didn’t manufactured how I talk, walk or move. It’s natural. This is something very difficult for some people to understand. They think it’s something fake, rehearsed, when it’s not.

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