‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ Needs Way More of Dylan Bruce’s Perfect Ass

I fell in love with Orphan Black back when it premiered in 2013. Starring Tatiana Maslany as a dizzying array of clones (all perfectly acted and differentiated), the sci-fi thriller was both tense and hilarious, with Jordan Gavaris offering incredible support (and a great ass) as British artist Felix.

Now there’s a new spinoff: Orphan Black: Echoes takes place 40 years later, and though there is no Maslany in this new installment, we do get Krysten Ritter doing, g a more muted take on her Jessica Jones thing. The show is fun, but it feels like a disappointment after the thrills of the original.

Most disappointingly, there is nowhere near the same amount of male nudity in Orphan Black: Echoes. And though Maslany’s performance is what drew me in, it was Dylan Bruce’s body and bare ass as a clone’s boyfriend, “Hot Paul,” that really got my attention. And boy, am I missing all of him this time around. Enough so that I went straight to Mr. Man to relive the glory that is Dylan Bruce naked.

Won’t you appreciate this fine specimen of man with me? And for more fine specimens of naked celebrities, visit Mr. Man and feast on them there. It’s amazing how naked men will get for their art.

Dylan Bruce shirtless body naked

Dylan Bruce naked orphan black butt ass


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