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He Just Can’t Help It

“It’s big and uncut and warm to the touch and leaks pre-cum and smells.” Edmund White on the perfect dick.

Author Edmund White’s first novel, Forgetting Elena, was published 43 years ago. Vice described him as having the ability to, “to give not only the crotch, but also the heart, an unflappable chubby.” His latest book, Our Young Man, was released this year and just a few years ago, Jack Holmes & His Friend, was a bestseller in London.


Slava Mogutin is a Russian photographer and writer who tried to register the first same-sex marriage in his country. He left Russia in 1995 after being beaten up in Moscow’s Gorky Park and charged with “open and deliberate contempt for generally accepted moral norms”.

Lev Ivankov is a CockyBoys exclusive.

This disparate trio representing a cross-section of time and life experience came together to make the short film “Falling in Love Again (I Can’t Help It)” for Gayletter.

The song aside, I do understand where the title came from, “Creepshow” is already taken.

Does anyone else find something inherently “icky” about this?

14 thoughts on “He Just Can’t Help It”

  1. I swear this site is run by homophobic straight trolls or the stupidest queens! They comment on their own posts too. ‘Icky’ There needs to be a gay version of ‘Oldje’ if for nothing else than just to balance out the female sexploitation in thi man’s world!

  2. You would all be calling this disgusting and gross if it were a 76-year-old man fondling a female teenager.

    It’s a young, conventionally attractive gay man involved in porn so now everything’s A-OK.

    1. There are countless sites with ugly old men and pretty underage looking girls in pigtails and school uniform. Most mainstream porn channels like Pornhub have whole categories of it. Stop your faux tears because these boys make a living from uglier fatter older men in real life.

  3. ‘Icky’ is shooting people with guns. ‘Icky’ is rape.

    This is a movie of people smiling. If you don’t relate, or someone doesn’t relate to YOU, are YOU ‘icky’?? Jeesh, boys.. it seems nice. Same seeks same is a shoe that fits for several but certainly not all. Open your minds. It’s ok to adore.

  4. I am a devoted fan of Slava and Edmund and I find this intriguing and not at all creepy. Grow up young ones. You need a Daddy which explains the reason for the really creepy Bernie Sanders’ following. lol

  5. I think its really quite sweet. Why shouldn’t an older man enjoy the company of a consenting younger guy? It’s so gentle and nice. Not creepy at all. Now that Jake Cruise….. that’s a different story entirely!!

    1. Me too because I came to this! Having pretty young boys when I am that old is such a big fantasy! I want to die like the dwarf on GOT with my cock in a pretty girl(boy in this case) mouth!

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