Eli Lewis Says Roommate Fuck Farce ‘Stealth Fuckers’ Is “Basically My Life Right Now”

Life imitates porn? Apparently porn model and former Rentboy employee Eli Lewis’s roommate situation in real life is a lot like this scene he shot with Men.com a little while ago, which got released today.

It’s the latest in their goofy Stealth Fuckers series, where guys are getting fucked behind couches and doors, having conversations with their wife/boyfriend/roommate while pretending they’re not in the middle of getting fucked.

First you had Billy Santoro pretending to be straight (ha!) getting fucked by Colby Jansen behind a door while making excuses to his wife in Part 1, then Jack Radley taking “stepdad” Dennis West’s dick in Part 2.

And now we have Part 3, in which Tommy Regan — who gives a stellar performance, btw — plays Eli’s horny roommate who has a crush on sexy dog walker Landon Mycles (a.k.a. the former Marcus Mojo), whom he immediately lets fuck him.

And then in walks Eli, who’s having trouble with the washing machine, and interrupts their fucking.




And Eli’s current roommate in NY is equally oversexed? That seems to be the case, via Twitter.

Anyway, this is what it looks like at their house sometimes, but I bet it’s a whole lot less “stealth.”

[Men.com: Stealth Fuckers Part 3]

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