Ellen DeGeneres Discovers David Mason’s Unicorn Pic, Hilarity Ensues

America’s friendliest lesbian teevee talk show diva Ellen DeGeneres, or as your mom calls her, “Ellen,” posted this widely seen 2010 photo of David Mason in unicorn garb to her website yesterday, just for fun I guess(?), and because this is the internet, people are naturally leaving insane, incoherent, and even homophobic comments about it. These Ellen website commenters think this photo is so hilarious/bad! This is partly because Ellen herself (or whoever “writes” the Ellen website) called the photo “hilarious,” but maybe this is also because Ellen filed the photo under a category called “bad paid for photos”? Why is Ellen DeGeneres such an angry, horrible lesbian?

Not that I really give a shit–and not that David Mason should either (although it seems like he might?)–because, please, this is a website for a daytime talk show hosted by someone who is as relevant as…uh, daytime talk shows, but maybe the summer interns tasked with blogging “funny” photos could take two minutes to try and understand the context of a photograph before calling it “bad” and “hilarious”? Ha ha, no, of course not:

Irene B. from Penn Hills, Pennsylvania saw this photo and felt compelled to send it to us… and we can see why. Part man, part unicorn, all hilarious. For more Bad Paid-For Photos, click here!

Thanks, Irene B.!

And then, in the comments:

–This is just wrong. Who in their right mind would ever dress like this? LMAO!!!!!

–I was aroused, then disgusted.

–Wow, that’s tragic!

–Dearest Ellen,
Thier’s something about that compelled word.It’s like the Power of christ compell’s you. Because that being the case we need more wax.I’ve never seen a unicorn with a hairy chest.I mean What do I tell my grandkids? Well kids if we only had girl unicorns and no boy unicorns,thier would be no baby unicorns.Which opens up a whole door does’nt it?Well now me being grandmom would asks the kids if anyone knows where baby’s come from raise your hand.If one child raises their little hand grandmom’s off the hook.(right)Wrong.Boy did my phone ring all night, Mom, uou pick-up that phone right now. You see I never asked the kids what maddie told them. Sincerly, Grandmom Midge is in big trouble now!!!!!!!!

Jesus fucking Christ. 

The original photo spread from Exterface in 2010:

10 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres Discovers David Mason’s Unicorn Pic, Hilarity Ensues”

  1. Thanks for the understanding! I shouldnt care but I do as Im combative and try and make an effort to meet passive aggressive behavior with aggressive behavior and unfortunately its just become culturally ok to leave random hateful comments from the privacy of and anonymity of your own home which I feel is a form of passive aggressive behavior. I never published those photos with a “comments” section because I make them for myself and the people who appreciate this kind of thing. Im actually not interested in peoples commentary, Im busy working on the next thing. So I get frustrated when I read rotten commentary as they would never say it to my face, and I put myself and my work out there for the world to see, with my name, my business yet these people leave unrequested shadey commentary from well, the shadows. Anyone who makes work knows how much work it is and rarely has anything negative to say. I responded to a couple of the more nasty comments, like the one that was some African, from africa, woman holding a child in her profile picture saying “Im sure his mother is real proud” I responded with “Dear (her name), My mother is dead, I hope you’re happy, your comment is rotten” or something along those lines… I hope she eats shit and dies.

    1. Well, Dave, I totally see it sucks when its your work and people aren’t thrilled with it. You put your heart into it, and when it is rejected, it feels bad.

      At the same time, not everyone has to agree that it is a masterpiece.

      As to the commentary from regions of the world that are completely ‘radical’ or anti-anything, I would take their ops with a grain of salt. My world view is more anthropological, and I hold ideals and identities as relativism to which the cultures they are formed in.

      I think your response, may have been made in haste. I can’t speak for you, but that lady was probably looking for validation of her opinion…and with your angry retort, in some way, you validated her opinion of you.

      My response would have been… “my mother is a very compassionate individual, who looks beyond what is apparent, to find a common humanity underneath the surface. She is very loving, and compassionate towards others. Including those who would make disparaging remarks about her son, or towards communities of people who are diverse and different to her own. She knows better, and acknowledges that ignorance met with ignorance will not help matters. I assume you lack sophistication in this way.”

  2. I’ll be shooting photo’s like this for my photography classes and even after. I love the style. I think it’s really awesome, not even in a sexual content. It’s just nice! =D

    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and the convention being Art is beauty. Also, the point of Arts use is social commentary and in doing so, challenging viewers. I think these portraits do neither. If anything, its more about a reinforcement of ‘gayness’ and what is considered a ‘perversion’ of ‘masculinity’.

      Usually, the works that challenge people are the ones the viewer can associate with, therefore, its message is personal and what makes it difficult to view.

      This photo is impersonal and it revels in ‘gayness’ as opposed to what makes ‘gayness’ unique to a certain group–the challenge would actually be ‘gayness’ in the collective, instead of a select group of individuals which in this case are homosexuals. This photo placates people, and identifies an ‘us/them’ mentality that is a problem and what homophobia stems from.

      Yes, its comical because it tries too hard and revels in a gay identity; it views itself as a ‘rebel’, yet doesn’t challenge people enough to be so. The challenge being, the us/them mentality, removing a binary and blurring the line of what most are comfortable with.

      The model is very attractive, and many gays like the photo, and they would get the message of it. But, this audience is small, and that is a problem…. no homo! :D lol

  3. ya know what..think these photos are clearly bad paid for photos..If Ellen made fun of this..I say “go bitch..ya fucking rock” And I say to rest of ya..aint it time ya get a fucking life..get over your simple selfs

  4. When I first saw this I thought it was hilarious! But then seconds later I realized how hot it was and had to find out who this was! I’ve also read the comments on where I found this photo and there was so much negative comments, until finally someone posted the link to the whole photoset and ppl who first posted negative comments came back to apologize and mentioned that they now appreciate the whole work. I guess with one photo you don’t know what you’re really looking at until you’ve seen the whole spread. btw David Mason you are so sexy and you’ll definitely be one of the hottest guys on earth never to have done porn (to my knowledge)

  5. Good god, Grandma Midge needs to lay off whatever she’s been taking for a while. Bet David never thought his photo would be a starting off point for a “where babies come from” talk though.

    1. It’s a joke, numbnuts.

      And you don’t need context: it *is* hilarious. Is it bad? Maybe. But it’s fricken funny. And Ellen is far from the first to post it as such online.

      This is how the Internet works: pictures and quotes are taken without context. Mostly, we know we are doing, it, and that’s part of the joke.

      Lighten up.

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