sean zevran gay porn star

The Enduring Perfection of Sean Zevran

If Sean Zevran wasn’t all smooth today, the speed at which he nails Zander Cole’s ass would have caused a friction fire.

“Versatile” in gay porn usually means a bottom who will fuck if he has too. Then there’s Sean Zevran who takes it like a champ and gives it like pro. There’s not a hair on either one the bodies of Sean Zevran or Zander Cole today who come together in “Between the Sheets” from Falcon in one of the hottest scenes yet this year for all parties concerned.

sean zevran gay porn star
Zander Cole goes from the GayRoom to the big time, making his Falcon debut in this scene. His key to gay porn stardom may be his rear assets. They more than did trick for Sean Zevran while still filling out a pair of white briefs.

sean zevran gay porn star
Before long, he was out of those briefs and both into, and onto, Sean’s dick. Look how throbbing hard Sean’s already big, meaty cock is using Zander’s face for target practice.

sean zevran gay porn star
Once Sean eats Zander’s ass into total submission, he pounds away at that hole like a seamless fuck machine.

sean zevran gay porn star
No wonder his new scene from “Tahoe Snowbound” today was called a bonus compared to this opener for “Between the Sheets”. If Zander thought hopping on for a ride would he give his ass a break, he thought wrong. If you have never seen a dick go from “zero to sixty,” just watch Sean go at that hole and try not to be jealous that Zander Cole had that all to himself.

[Watch Zander Cole and Sean Zevran in “Between The Sheets”]

How do you like your Sean Zevran: Hairy? Smooth? Top? Bottom? All of the above?

6 thoughts on “The Enduring Perfection of Sean Zevran”

  1. Sometimes when you film porn not much direction is needed. In this case the chemistry was real, I just had to step back and let them have fun. My only challenge was to make sure to get it all on film. Kudos to Sean Zevran and Zander Cole!

  2. Sean Zevran is super hot any which way but Sean being a passionate hairy bottom, spreading those wonderful hairy cheeks for a perfect top always triggers my orgasm

  3. Hairy and top for sure! He’s good as a bottom but definitely he shines the most as a raging top. I don’t like manly hunks shaved. I prefer them au naturel

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