Eric Nero and Adam Herst Tear Up and Into Each Other in TitanMen’s ‘Catch 22’

Even after a decade plus in the porn business and seeing thousands of models on screen, seeing Eric Nero ride Ricky Decker’s cock in Pacific Coast had me contemplating starting the Eric Nero Fan Club. The newly minted TitanMen exclusive is back today with Adam Herst in the first scene from Catch 22. Despite the title, there’s no paradox here… it’s a bite-your-lip flip-flop of drilling and filling.

In case you missed them and you want to get to know some more about your porn stars, The Sword has done compelling interviews with both Adam and Eric in the past year. Adam has been at this long enough to even emerge unscathed from Johnny Rapid week. Eric is just getting started but from the way he takes a dick and fucks an ass, he’s poised to have a long career.

There’s no over-the-top vocals or micro-direction here: Adam and Eric go at each-other like two sex-starved sailors back from a year at sea. Eric beating his nine-and-a-half-inch pole against Adam’s abs while Adam fucks him is just one fap-worthy moment in the very fap-worthy opener of Catch 22.

ICYMI, Eric’s helicoptering cock while riding Ricky Decker in Pacific Coast

In addition to Adam and Eric, Catch 22 also stars TitanMen exclusive Eddy Ceetee plus Adam Champ, Connie Dean, and Hugh Hunter

Here is the first scene with Adam Herst and Eric Nero


















[TitanMen: Catch 22, Scene 1]


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