Erik Rhodes’ Circumcision Doctor Apologizes For Shoddy Workmanship; Offers To Try Again

Getting circumcised at the age of 29 would be an insane thing! But there is one thing that would be even more insane than getting circumcised at the age of 29, like Erik Rhodes was, and that would be hearing your circumcision doctor say the word “sorry” after circumcising you, like Erik Rhodes’ circumcision doctor did.

The doctor who performed Rhodes’ first circumcision didn’t do it right! And when he offered to fix it, Erik Rhodes was all, uhh, no thanks.

So, Erik Rhodes ended up getting another circumcision from another doctor:

First off, Everyone was complaining saying it looked deformed and well… it was. The first doctor that did it, really fucked it up… he, after months of leading me along saying that i had extra swelling… finally admitted he messed it up saying he would correct it and that “he was sorry”… Really, your sorry? Who wants to hear i’m sorry from the doctor who’s performing surgery on your penis? I swear, in my eyes, its as bad as a surgeon saying sorry that he  fucked up your face…

anyways, after losing sleep about this asshole doing surgery on my dick again, i said to myself there is no way in hell that i could let the same guy who did this to me… try it again… i mean what if he messed up worse? So after doing 3 movies with my jacked up dick… i finally had a better surgeon do the correction. Which included having to cut my nut sack open and resetting where it hung… what fun.

…yes i do regret it. I should have just looked for other options before letting some crazy asshole take a knife to my dick and yes i have lost sensitivity. Its just not the same. Granted… it looks so much better now… as in after the second time around. Uncut cock is hot and i wish it was still intact.

Ps. I will not be posting a pic…so don’t ask, i guess you’ll just have to wait till its on film again…or tune into one of my live shows… Erik Rhodes cock 3.0.

This is horrifying! This is also, of course, the kind of thing that could only happen to Erik Rhodes.

(For the record, I thought Erik Rhodes Cock 2.0 looked fine in his recent scene with Angelo Marconi?)

ADDED: As a reminder, Erik Rhodes was originally circumcised for medical reasons, not cosmetic ones. A couple of you in the comments are just making shit up, as usual.

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20 thoughts on “Erik Rhodes’ Circumcision Doctor Apologizes For Shoddy Workmanship; Offers To Try Again”

  1. ERIC IS A COMPLETE HORROR FEST IN PERSON…RUDE,INSECURE, RAGEFUL and totally desperate to stay young and relevant…hes a patheic man who regrets his choices in life so he pumps himself full of drugs to kill he pain. Eric will be on the OD’d porn star list soon if he doesnt get help.

  2. I met up with Erik 3 years ago this past June. It was a Saturday night and we hooked up. I thought his uncut cock was awesome! I actually sucked it for about an hour! I have no idea why he would want to alter it… Every time I see him and his bf Anthony (I think is his name) they are fighting and arguing out in public.

  3. Your goddamn right a lawsuit would have followed if i didn’t get the better surgeon…
    The whole thing has just been miserable… like the blog says, if the first doctor was good and offered options in the first place, i don’t think i would be here. But I had it done at at Jewish hospital and i think the first option with any foreskin problem there is, “Fuck it! We’ll just cut it off with any sharp object available.”
    But as far as going out of my way to prove that it looks perfect now isn’t really a concern of mine… i honestly should show it off… because it turned out better than i expected… granted it took 3 sets of stitches to make my dick look this pretty but… i’m just happy its over.

  4. Thought his uncut cock was perfect and still have not seen a really good close up shot of this one yet..either way he is hot as fuck regardless of being uncut or not. Glad he got the follow up surgery to correct the problem, Id be looking into a lawsuit.

  5. I never really understand why he got it done in the first place. He implies it was peer pressure – really? A 29-year-old man still gives in to juvenile peer pressure? He was beautiful as he was – why let other people convince him to get a piece of himself cut off? I can never understand why some people let other people convince them to do what they don’t want to do or what they know is bad for them. Have they no self esteem?

    On the other hand, “self esteem” and “Erik Rhodes” are kind of mutually exclusive. Don’t get me wrong, I heart him deeply and wish him nothing but the best, but damn, the dude’s got issues.

  6. That’s really unfortunate, but it does seem like these kinds of things keep happening to him… and only him.
    Every time I see him in public, I always look up to see if a piano is being hoisted unsteadily.

  7. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

    I m the one who asked Erik this question, he did this because other people made him feel bad about being different ( not mutilated ) and I thought it was a really bad decision even before he said it had failed. All you pro circumcision people notice that he says he did lose sensitivity, which this study corroborates : circumcision makes you lose the most sensitive part of the penis and thickens the skin of the glans.
    He was an adult and it was his choice , still I think this should be banned for children , he was lucky to be intact and fucked it up .


    And stop insulting him , not everyone can be as perfect as a little coward porn addict moralizing people he maturbates on .

    Just saying^^

    1. He didn’t just do it because he was being picked on for having it, it was also because he was having some issues. Clearly the doctor who did this procedure more than likely didn’t give him any alternatives. I’m sure had he gone to a better doctor that knew wtf he was doing he more than likely would have found another solution to solve whatever pain his foreskin was causing it. Or at least had done the right job. Personally I did think the first job was a little bit off, but I expected worse as adult circumcision never looks pretty. Can’t wait to see what it looks like this second time around

      1. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

        No he didn’t get circumcised for medical reasons, he didn’t have phimosis and never mentioned such a thing on his blog : he said he did it “for vanity” and now wishes he had stayed intact.

        1. zach is right he didn’t do it for vanity reason. go back to his blog and real the 3 (maybe 4) posts on the subject matter I think you’re confusing what was written on the question to what his responses were.

    1. The first time it looked like the “doctor” did it with a dull butcher knife. Hopefully, it turned out better this time.

  8. Legalize Foreskin

    Unfortunately, the second job seems to have taken considerably more skin, especially the inner skin that is considerably more sensitive, in my experience.

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