Even More From Reese Rideout And Wife Becky’s Strange, Sad vh1 Reality Show

The trailer for the show was cute, but this–Reese Rideout and his wife’s unedited segment–is just…awkward. For starters, poor Becky!

Becky Rideout looks extremely uncomfortable (if not on the verge of tears?) in the below clip. Why would anyone subject themselves to this on national television?

And anyone who had any illusions about gay-for-pay porn stars actually “enjoying” their job, well, sorry to disappoint you. The jig is up. On the bright side, at least we get to see hottie Nicco Sky.

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  1. Reese is sexy! He should have stayed in the bodybuilding industry. Maybe then, I could have found him before his wife did!(;

  2. “To get somewhere and be somebody” ???

    If you are doing this for 7 years, how long does it take to accomplish that goal?

  3. I have called out the likes of Reese Rideout and his wife REPEATEDLY. For there is nothing sexy (in porn fantasies, or real life) about a being in denial of one’s orientation. Especially for gays who often come from homes having a hard enough time coming out as it is.

    And speaking of denial not being sexy, please take note of how that denial is taking a toll on Reese’s wife. She is looking WORN. For the outright STUPIDITY of is wife to say that he’s not cheating is a CLEAR act of denial.

    Because excuse me, ma’am. But your husband is still sticking his dick into another person’s orifice and ejaculating because of it. Regardless of the gender, it is STILL CHEATING. AND YOU KNOW IT!

    As a former porn actor, I’ve done scenes with gay-for-pay porn actors. One went well, the other didn’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that those viewers who use porn as some degree of a GAY sex education teacher are being taught that a double-life or “life on the DL” is OK. And in all actuality, it’s far from OK.

    And because of my porn past, I see myself in Nicco and actors like him…to a very small extent. Because I never made excuses for the gay-for-pay guys I worked with. However, I have no respect for the likes of Nicco Sky because most likely he played puppet saying what he needed to say because of his contractual obligations to Randy Blue, and to not ruffle feathers when he actually should. Now if he really believes all that he said, then he’s sadder than I thought.

    Which leads to my last point of how it has always offended me as to how gay media allows White males claiming to be “straight” but do gay porn, YET insist on portraying Blacks and other people of color as being so incredibly homophobic and less evolved members of society. The proof of Whites being no better is seen EVERY TIME a White “gay-for-pay” porn actor steps in front of that camera and performs. He and every other gay-for-pay porn actor is just using money as an excuse for their internalized homophobia. These guys need to man-up, and face themselves.

  4. dammit! why can’t i reply to estelle, because i would like to applaud her break-down analysis. at least someone around here gets it.

  5. “If you look to porn for self-worth and ways of accepting yourself then you have bigger issues…” Why don’t you preach this to models as well? I doesn’t really work for the customer, when they aren’t the problem of acceptance… They are purchasing the product.

    Studios need to keep a lid on their models, meaning, if models want serious work, they need to be professional and stop talking about personal details for everyone to see… as if they have more aspects of worth outside being a sex worker. Porn performers like other sex workers have valorized their sexuality, something so personal, therefore it goes with the logic that these people have no worth outside of it. Otherwise, they would find another career option like using their brains or brawn? G4P’ers can’t do it, and force themselves to perform in gay porn.

    I can accept if a performers gay in gay porn. Because not only is the behavior is in line with the action, but also for the fact that rates are not high as some performers claim. It is the lure of sex and getting attention that brings them into the industry.

    If I don’t like something and I don’t want to see it, I don’t buy it. My comments are to allow other customers the option to join in boycott, because of crappy promotion and production. Practically all studios are bringing down the industry with stupid marketing ploys of “straights going gay” or vice versa. If you have to resort to these cheap ploys for your product, then your product is shit. It is even more of a problem, now that all these studios are consolidating ownership, only to end up making cookie cutter scenes and promoting lackluster performers whose only talent is using a gimmick of being a “heterosexual.”

  6. Watch porn, get off and then go about your day/night. Tracking down everything there is to know about the performer’s real names/lives is how people get their Illusions about performers get shattered. The overall point is that going about tracking these performers lives in every detail imaginable is not something that everyone does.Gay porn is not a reflection of being gay it’s about creating a fantasy. Fantasy is not reality, if it were they why would we need porn studios? Reese Rideout being gay or str8 does not affect me one bit. Nor does any other model/performer’s sexuality affect or impact my life. I also agree that Reese and his wife are going out of their way to get Reese more publicity and that he loves all the attention. I remember reading how he wants to go into mainstream acting. I think he thinks this is a good way to go about it. I have seen his str8 movies and gay films, not much difference. Usually when a gay4pay model does str8 scenes they are more turned on and it shows. Jeff Stryker is a good example. He was basically trade and in his str8 scenes performed oral, kissing etc,,until later in his career. He had to do more to stay relevant the same way that people will only watch a performer have the same limitations after several scenes.

    Matt Rush was marketed as this big, buff aloft muscle man by Falcon of all people and told that once he bottom his career would not be the same. This was way before all these companies and internet porn took off. He wasn’t marketed as a versatile gay man. Just as a masculine man to be serviced and top power bottoms. Hell, he was to flip/flop with his boyfriend and once the filming of him topping his BF, Falcon talked him out of bottoming, so he didn’t and his BF was crushed as both of them were strictly tops until that point. If you look to porn for self-worth and ways of accepting yourself then you have bigger issues then most of these models.People’s identity are so much more then what their sexual identity is and most people in america have an issue with sex and sexuality. there is nothing wrong with sex or people who work in the sex business. Look at those people who view models/performers are so beneath them and yet they following their every move on the internet and getting off to them. Perfect example right here in this thread.

    1. The fantasy aspects of your discussion post would be true, except for the countless interviews and twitter posts of “straight” models going on a tangent about being heterosexual… as if to suggest being gay is the WORST thing in the world. And YOU want to blast, “people who view models/performers are so beneath them”? Sometimes it is the reversal of your claims, and those models need to be knocked a few pegs down, and get a good dose of reality for the delusions they spew online.

      I think this group does a disservice to the industry they claim to support. If they want people to buy their products, you don’t shit on your paying customers…. otherwise you might have a lot revolted and end up going to tube sites. I wish this on the industry for the amount of horrible insiders who do and say things that are totally wrong. Sometimes bad apples do ruin the bunch!

  7. I remember being at the Cybersocket awards 2 or 3 years ago and Reese won an award. He got up on the platform to accept his award and the first thing out of his mouth was a very loud/almost shouting tone, saying: “Don’t believe all the hype, I AM GAY, I AMMMM GAYYYYYY.” He thanked everyone and told us all how much he loves his job. I have never forgotten those words that came out of his mouth over the loudspeaker to everyone in the room.

  8. It’s fucking obvious that the longest posts on this article are OBVIOUSLY from Reese himself!

    Just admit it…whether you are “gay” or “bi” or whatever…THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT YOU LIKE HAVING SEX WITH MEN.

    Admit it and we can all move on. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

    1. You know what, I actually believe that he is straight and that he should leave gay porn. He is really bad in his scenes. I would rather watch straight porn when I know for sure that the guys are actually enjoying it.

  9. I just noticed someone with such a blasé name like “whatever” he either is a troll or has a HUGE hard on for Reese.
    Seriously have you seen for every comment he has a reply?

        1. All I can say is that this is Reese’s bread an butt butter, So I should stop commenting. His wife needs a living, so I will stop on her account. I do sympathize with her after all.

  10. God, I miss the days when I was naive and thought the guys in gay porn were actually gay. I used to think that Jeff Stryker was gay, just a bad performer. LOL.

    Didn’t see the episode, but in the trailer he says something about “sliding down the slippery slope” as if it was a bad decision…just another reason why I am not a g4p fan.

    1. Hey you should read some of the antics Stryker is into now he is out of porn. Harassing neighbors and being a all around general douche. Just Google it!

  11. I actually enjoyed the episode. I was disturbed by the constant insistance that Reese is “not gay”. She did seem sad to me, too. Her attempts to justify how it’s not cheating were particularly sad. I don’t know why, he’s not hte most handsome guy in gay porn, but there’s something about him that turns me on!

  12. it’s so strange what people will do for attention or so called “fame”. he could easily do porn/escorting without having to tell the world about his personal life. that so called wife of his, what a complete fool. unless she’s acting it’s obvious she’s not comfortable with his “career” choice. and this is how they are going to break the news to their family about him being a gay porn star. on national television. oh yeah, that’s a good idea. LOL! this all seems fake to me. oh and Persa, nobody would give a shit about a porn performers sexual orientation if they or the studio wouldn’t make a point of cramming it down their customers throats. oh i suck dick and eat mens asses and make out with guys but i’m totally straight. give me a fucking break. plus this obsession about gay for pay that you accused others about. um, you practically wrote a fucking novel about the subject. no one comes across more obsessed than you.

    1. as far as seeking attention, Rideout seems to be sociopathically narcissistic. He belongs in that group w/ Schwarzenegger, John Edwards, who will doing anything it takes to get attention and be desired by everyone, plus he’s clearly obsessive about his looks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he married her because she makes him look that much more pretty…

  13. to be a straight man he for sure loves way too much hanging out with gays, he loves going to miami beach gay prides and boardwalk in fort lauderdale for go-go dancing and yes he does have sex with men in his private life.if he really wanted to make big cash he would have done the same thing that straight porn guys like charles dera is doing like escorting for men aside of his formal straight porn job.
    i’m european from portugal and it amazes me to see that the whole gay-for-pay phenomena only happens mainly in the united states,you don’t see most gay studios in europe marketing the whole “gay for pay” thing,in fact it seems that the gay for pay thing doesn’t appeal much in europe.the only european studio that sometimes claims to have gay for pay actor is williamHiggins.

    1. Because americans have shame and guilt complexes about their sexual desires. It is so fucking trite and sad.

      Yeah, it matters what our porn represents of our culture. Self Loathing, and sexual repression. How hot is this? It’s not!

      1. I’d like to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk… What would I say to someone struggling with their sexual identity, whose trying to be heterosexual for some social benefit? I would say to them, be true to yourself. Be honest about your sexual identity, because in the end your self worth is valued more then just a paycheck or someone’s false acceptance.

        It’s no different in this situation: I would tell someone who is in this “genre” of porn, to be honest and be themselves. If someone is straight, then be straight and if they are gay, then be gay. I would never force or coerce someone into being someone they are not.

      2. You wanna know where major consumers of Porn reside from, they come from middle America. Basically, the bible belt or red states, who in reality are not the most welcoming of places for gays and lesbians. So its sickening to think this is being consumed or accepted by these groups of people.

      3. OT:

        One thing I’ve always found hysterically funny about porn is that when a video depicts hell in a scene — oh, say, any Devil in Miss Jones after the second one — there are NEVER ANY GAY PEOPLE THERE. (DIMJ 1 & 2 did tehnically have a gay person in them — Jack Wrangler — but he was hired to eat pussy, as he did in about 20% of his porn career.) Hell, The Devil Inside her was WRITTEN AND DIRECTED by a gay man — Zeb Colt, who also co-starred, putting his penis into a woman, something he did in about 20% of his porn work — and there are no gay people in the Orgy in Hell scene.

        A touch ironic, no?

        1. Hey, even in Dante’s Inferno, the author doesn’t put homosexuals in the same ring of hell with the likes of Cleopatra and other sex icons. Dante just has homosexuals running around nude in a separate circle chasing nothing. What we aren’t good enough to be in the likes of Cleopatra? Sheesh. I’m offended. :D lol

  14. Why do you care about the sexual orientation of a porn performer?

    It just makes no sense to me.

    The obsession with whether or not gay porn performers are straight, bi or gay when they are not performer is bizarre.

    It’s a job. They are being paid to provide a performance. As sex scene with someone chosen to be their scene partner.

    I feel like grown people should be able to separate fantasy from reality.

    Porn performers are not your personal friends, they don’t owe you anything except a good performance. Period. End of.

    The is something very strange about how overly-identified some gay men are with gay porn performers.

    Porn is a job. Despite what some men may think, it has NOTHING to do with what a person is like or wants or does or likes in their personal life.

    Just because you as a viewer can’t seem to separate the two, doesn’t mean the men performing in these scenes can’t.

    Regardless of a gay porn performer’s own sexual orientation, their job is to put on a great show for the people who are paying to watch them.

    They don’t have to be turned on by their scene partner, they don’t have to like their scene partner, they don’t have to like the sex they are having in the scene, their job is to PERFORM, they are being paid to put on a fabulous show that SEEMS authentic and passionate and sexy to the viewer.

    The idea that having sex with a man is so very very special/strange/bizarre/taboo that only a gay or bi man would be willing to do it for money is just unfounded. And I think that assumption speaks more to how gay men feel about themselves and sex between men than it does to what it means to be a straight man working in gay porn.

    Yes there are probably plenty of closeted gay porn performers just like there are in every profession. There are plenty of closeted actors in movies, film and television too who convincingly, VERY convincingly portray straight male characters who love the ladies (regardless of what Newsweek thinks)

    Sexual orientation is about how you feel in your head, in your heart and in your body. It’s not just about what you do with your body.

    Anyone can do ANYTHING for money with the write set of circumstances (and “help”).

    I don’t know why it is so bothersome or offensive of off-putting that men who are straight would engage in sex with men to make money.

    It seems to me that the only thing that matters is that they make good porn that is sexy and passionate and entertaining for viewers. Everything else is immaterial.

    And let’s not pretend that being gay (openly gay and out) automatically makes a man a good porn performer. It doesn’t. It is a PERFORMANCE. If you can’t perform well in a video, it doesn’t matter HOW GAY YOU ARE, the scene is going to suck.

    I think the only legitimate complaint that can be made against “gay4pay” performers is when they don’t actually perform, when they don’t engage with their scene partners, when they refuse to touch, kiss and do other things that one would expect in a a sex scene. THAT is a legit critique, IMO because it speaks to the quality of the performance (not their personal sexual identity)

    Plenty of out gay porn performers are terribly performers on screen and they still get paid. That’s what folks should be mad about.

      1. unfortunately, gay porn is a central part of the gay “community” and many gays look up to performers as symbols and even role models. In mainstream gay media, we have movies like “Milk,” which was great and had a gay director and screenwriter, but Milk was portrayed by famously hetero Sean Penn. Ditto for “Brokeback Mountain.” These movies are great but, frankly, are more geared towards straight audiences. The fully “gay” movies (like “Eating Out” and “Boys Shorts”) basically suck, are low-budget with bad writing and bad acting. What’s left for any sense of authenticity is pornography, and the fact that some performers are pretending to be gay for opportunistic reasons (money, notoriety) makes it dangerous both politically and socially (undermining the fact that being gay is an orientation and not just a behavior) and culturally (straight men, who have little interest in gay history or art and don’t identify with it, suddenly are “icons” of the culture, but are really just imposters).

        1. You’re conflating cinema with porn films. But either way, they are all performance, not reality, not documentaries.
          It’s ridiculous to say you have to be an actual gay man to portray a gay man in film. Acting is about convincingly, believably being someone you are not. Actors have sex scenes and kiss and hug and all that with other actors (of the same and opposite sex that they aren’t attracted to and may not even like or know at all) Their job is to convince the viewer otherwise.

          In that respect, porn is no different. Porn is a performance. Regardless of the sexual orientation of the performers or relationship status, when they are in front of the camera, they are performing for viewers, they are not just being themselves.

          They are giving themselves over to what the scene requires and if they are skilled performers, the viewers can’t tell how they feel about what they are performing.

          I would also say that if your knowledge of films about gay male characters is limited to Eating Out (which I love) then you don’t really have a very expansive frame of reference for what constitutes LGBT cinema.

          Dozens of excellent LGBT films come out every year that have nothing to do with porn (though many are very sexual in a really believable and realistic way)

          The way some men talk about porn is the same way my mother and her friends used to talk about soaps when I was growing up, like they couldn’t tell the performance/character from the performer/actor.

          At the same time many of you talk down to porn performers as if there is something inherently degrading about gay sex or men having sex with each other on camera as a job.

          There is nothing inherently degrading about sex or sex work, Period. Just like any other industry or profession, people get into it for different reasons and they fail or succeed for different reasons have a lot more to do with who they were before the go involved in the industry than anything that happened to them IN the industry.

          This is a porn blog about gay men having sex with each other (so you would think it was a sex positive space) and yet the overwhelming tone on almost every thread is that anyone who is involved in the porn industry is lesser than and any man who is willing to have sex as a performance is suffering from low self esteem or can’t do anything else (despite the massive evidence to the contrary).

          It’s weird to me because lesbians have understood for decades that sex work is work. It doesn’t and shouldn’t define you (the performer) any more than any other kind of work.

          As for Reese Rideout and his wife. They may have the worse relationship in the history of all marriages or not. But that has very little to do with what Reese does for a living either way. It’s about who they are as people not what they do for work.

          I still think there is something strange about this idea that any man who is willing to have sex with a man (even if he is clearly being paid to do so) must be gay. Because, to me, as a gay person, there is an underlying negativity or disparagement about men having sex with each other that feels very much like the rhetoric of The Right. That sex between two men is SOOOO taboo that no man would ever do it, even for money, unless he secretly wanted it or was closeted.

          Given all the actual horrible things men do in the world for money, the idea that having sex with another man is the THE ULTIMATE just seems self-hating to me and sad.

          I have friends (male and female, but all gay) who do different kinds of sex work and they all feel differently about it depending upon what they are doing and who they are doing it with but it has very little to do with who they are in their personal life.

          At the end of the day human beings are just human beings and they are capable of just about anything under the right circumstances. So maybe the physical aspect of sex with other men are just that for Reece Rideout, physical acts having nothing to do with his identity or emotions.

          There are men who identify as straight who do gay porn who are belly crawling swine as people, that is true. But that has nothing to do with them being straight and everything to do with them being assholes and no one has to watch their scenes if they don’t want to.

          At the end of the day, porn should be about the quality and appeal of the performance, not the identity of the performers. In that respect, porn IS similar to traditional cinema.

          1. 1. The fact that you LOVE the Eating Out series of films tells me that you have awful taste.

            2. Fucking on film isn’t a performance, it’s fucking on film. Nothing more, nothing less.

            3. The fact is that there are performers who have been told to claim they are straight because they will get more work and are can be marketed better.

            4. Openly Gay performers have and are discriminated in their own industry (NDM anyone).

            5. It’s no secret that the gay porn industry attracts a number of sexually confused and conflicted men so anyone who takes a dick in their ass on film and claims they are straight will always be looked at with skepticism.

            6. What massive evidence to the contrary? The mugshots that get posted on various blogs, the escort ads, the retirements then unretirements, the various statements about drug use, etc….

            7. You must be dumb or lack some kind of self respect to think that people who are gay porn fans aren’t going to take issue with a performer who publicly says they hate gay sex and that they have to do drugs or think about pussy to get through a scene.

            8. Again if you are getting fucked,sucking dick, and eating another man’s asshole out on film over and over again and that footage will be sold over and over again until the end of time yet are still claiming you are straight, very few people in society as a whole will believe you. That isn’t a gay issue, though you continue to make it one. Judging by what was aired on VH1, Resse’s own wife didn’t appear to fully believe him.

            9. Uh yes they are being paid for their “sexual identity”. Next Door Male, Broke Straight Boys, Corbin Fisher, and Sean Cody for starters.

            10. People looking down at porn performers and sex workers isn’t and never will be a gay thing so stop trying to conflate into one. Sure it’s unfair, but porn performers being looked down upon is a SOCIETY THING. Straight men still have the fuck the slut, marry the nice girl mentality and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

          2. What a clever and articuleted lady here! So all that you say is the only truth under the sun: ” Porn is a performance, there’s nothing degrading about sex work, what your whorish friends do don’t affect their personal lives… ” L.O.L. Don’t try to fool us. Porn performers are prostitutes because like prostitutes they make sex with people that they hardly know and get money for it. A real artist doesn’t receive money for something supposed to be given for free. This isn’t even the best example of sexual behavior , the best moral standard…The animals make sex and don’t act… Do your friends realize what their job is? When you go on prostitution you put asaid your human dignity and became an object to be used and abused. It’s a vile, depraved and abusive way of life. I think your friends are allways happy because a sad whore never catch clients…It isn’t the way that people live a good life and it’s why people look down on porn, porn performers and whores. All the ones involved with porn and prostitution don’t realize how low is what they do. Not being linked with any moral code don’t make you better than anyone. It only makes you someone who lives in the edge: a marginal.
            And about what you wrote…Please, flush as you go…

          3. I agree with what you posted. 2 prime examples replied to your posts. They are the 2 that always has something negative to say about the performers they beat off to and cannot get enough of the porn performers they think so little of in the first place.

      2. They aren’t being paid for their sexual identity. They are being paid to perform in a scene.
        How they identify or how they feel about the scene is irrelevant to anyone who isn’t them.
        It’s a job. It’s not an intimate snap shot into someone’s private life
        It’s a performance, not a documentary.

        There’s lights and cameras and directors and blocking and make-up and sometimes even a script.
        They stop and start and reposition and play to the camera because that is their job.

        Even if the two performers are gay, there is no guarantee that they like each other or find each other sexy or enjoyed the sex they had in the scene.

        And even if the performers are a gay couple who are madly in love and totally hot for each other, they are still performing for the camera when they do a scene for a studio.

        It’s supposed to be about fantasy.

        1. Exactly that. Fantasy. When we know that these gayforpay performers only do it for the money, it kills the fantasy. Because we all know the truth and it normally shows on the movie that they are just not into it.

      3. No, their sexual identities are NOT made by a paycheck. What they are willing to do, however, is indicative of how much money is being offered. A woman who doesn’t want to do a double penetration scene will name a price high enough that she knows a producer won’t pay it. People who take facial cum shots despite the fact that they don’t enjoy them? That’s money, not sexual identity. That’s the line between sex being something you do versus defining what you are, and that doesn’t apply exclusively to porn. People do things all the time that may not necessarily turn their cranks but for momentary situational inclinations.

        1. Sure.

          However, if the sex acts are with a partner of a certain gender, it may define your primary sexual attraction. I am gay. I could do foreplay with a chick, but I’m not going to be able stick my penis inside her since I’m not turned on. The only thing, I MIGHT be able to pull off, is eat some hair pie or pretend her mouth belongs to any number of the men I wanna fuck: Ross Reed, Cayden Ross, Derek Atlas, Leo Giamani(begrudgingly so), Dean Pheonix, Colby Keller(because he is a slutty dork: It is endearing, I want to put my penis in his butt), Chris Rockway(yea, a g4p’er, it happens). And, Reese? Uh, no. He is just too much of a ham, and this crappy thing he is doing to his wife isn’t turning me on. Neither did his “booty Shake” videos help much.

          It is the same with straight guys. Some MIGHT be able to have sex with other men, but it would be very limiting. They couldn’t maintain an erection with a dude. Even with the introduction of stimulants… you cannot control the factors that lead to attraction. Especially, if your partner’s beard is grazing your thigh while they are sucking your balls. The reality sets in soon after your boner starts. And you get marshmallow dick.

          Erections are apart of the autonomic nervous system, like your heart, meaning you do not have conscious control of these things. Bodily functions work without having to thinking about them.

  15. Becky needs to listen to “This Little light Of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine” about 7,567,437 times and pack her stuff…….and mean remarks about her looks- I disagree, I think she’s pretty. Her cheek muscles look a tish underdeveloped, because she probably doesn’t smile enough. I hope Becky finds a nice, rich, STRAIGHT land developer husband and puts all THIS in her rear view mirror.

  16. I can’t think what’s worse: gay-for-payers or the gays who choose to work with them. either way, it’s all for the $$$, so I don’t think real gay performers are in any way “better.” as for Mrs. Rideout: stay on the pill sweetie…

    1. Rates and salary are down all across the board in media. Its not because of the money, I can assure you this. It would be the sex and notoriety with gay men.

      1. My money’s on the notoriety. It’s all about the culture of demi-celebrity, and g4p porn boys are like Kim Kardashian in a sense.

        I mean, the dude pimped himself to a REALITY SHOW.

  17. 4 hours …. $ 4000 …. $ 1000 an hour ………..Uh, right ……

    I can’t say ‘Poor Becky’ because she’s been in this relationship long enough. She has accepted it apparently because if she hadn’t, she would have bailed on it.

    Seven years/50 guys (another ‘yea, RIGHT !) ….. sorry, I can call myself a unicorn if I want to, but that’s about as true as Reese being ‘straight’. This ‘it’s a job’ thing when there are apparently people like that guy’s friend’s boyfriend at the gay bar that Reese is with when he’s not getting paid ? Are there more ? (I’m sure there are in the past seven years …).

    Both are pretty sad people, really.

  18. Where is everyone involed self esteem? I’m sorry to let this or the ton of other guys walk around and say they are straight, when they have had more cock in their mouths and ass than me, my sister or my mom is just plain insane. I’m a firm believer in fluid sexuality, but the idea that these men walk around as if someone forced them to do something against their will like Gay Porn baffles me. If you need to provide, the last time I checked the supermarket, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot were hiring. There are a host of jobs where you don’t have to take your clothes off to make money. I wish the Gay for pay players would be honest with themselves and tell the truth of how and why they decided to enter the world of Gay porn. I’m sorry I would have a million questions as to how you wonder into a Gay porn studio (being Straight)never having had Gay sex before and say ok fine I’m ok with letting someone film me getting it on with dudes! Lastly when did Straight porn stop hiring?

    1. i agree with a lot of what u said. and im just playing devil’s advocate here since we can’t necessarily read minds. but if i were to crawl in the mind of a gay4payer and find out why they choose gay over str8 porn i would think like this: in straight porn its the girl who becomes the ‘star’. gay guys are OBVIOUSLY more into porn and the actual performers than straight men and women. (and of course str8 guys love gay porn and im sure there are plenty of ‘superfans’ for many of the female performers in str8 porn) but jthis site and others like it are a testament to how much gays love their porn and porn stars. so a ‘straight’ gay4payer might be thinking of tapping into that and becoming a pseudo celeb and have a pseudo ‘brand’.

      theyre basically all snake oil salesman….if u dont believe that there is a hint of homosexuality in them that is

      1. Judging by what I have seen on the now defunct Jake Cruise straight porn site and the NDM straight porn, it’s obvious why most of them don’t do straight porn, they suck at having straight sex.

        1. That is also quite true.

          As it is, lots of talent in straight porn have to rely on, well, “crutches,” to do the same work that, say, Ron Jeremy did for thirty years without them, and the g4p boys rely on the same crutches even more.

  19. Is he a husband that a woman dreamed of? Can she be really ok with this situation? She seens to be very ‘normal people’ to accept what I think only the ones who are into ‘poliamori’ or ‘open relationship’ would really accept. These two have a marriage that everybody has but are leaving in a situation absolutely out of any conceived idea about what a union of husband and wife should be in our society. I agree with the comments above me: In this interview, she is trying to convince us that she is supportive and cool with what her husband do but the images show someone tired, sad and unconfortable with all this mess. She is so close of him that it’s like he is trying to keep her seated as his puppet…

    1. “These two have a marriage that everybody has but are leaving in a situation absolutely out of any conceived idea about what a union of husband and wife should be in our society.”

      So I take it that you’re not a big fan of gay marriage either, by the last half of that sentence. You’re free to believe what you want. Porn marriages tend not to survive, true (e.g. Colton Ford & Blake Harper as a starting point), but there are plenty of marriagesin the porn industry, where one partner isn’t in the industry and things work out well. It takes just that: WORK, and porn is just that as well.

      I’m a little puzzled that someone would visit a GAY PORN BLOG and spout platitudes about traditional moral values.

      1. Yeah. If he knew the actual historical and political context of marriages for the last 5,000 years, his tone about “traditional” marriage would change.

        Historical themes in marriages: bigamy, arranged marriages, forced marriages, dowry, divorce, unequal division of common property, rape rights of husbands, open marriages, marriages between a man and a transsexual(legal gender and not genetic)–Yes, heterosexuals have this marriage idea down pat. I can’t believe with knowing all this, that modern AMERICAN SOCEITY still can’t manage to the same benefits to me and my partner because we are two guys in love.


        1. Yeah, and more than all that just in the life of Henry VIII. Six marriages, countless mistresses, three legitimate children and an unknown number of illegitimate ones.

          The rules of morality don’t apply to the ones who make them, anyway.

  20. I have nothing against Reese Rideout he is just trying to earn a living and he is not bad looking but I personally don’t like supporting studios that use gay for pay actors in their videos. To me it is fake and in some cases the actors have come out saying things that were anti-gay. There are plenty of actual gay porn actors out there so it is not a case of not being able to find actual gay actors, it’s fulfilling that fantasy some gay men have about getting it on with a straight guy. Sure that would be hot but I don’t let that dictate my purchases when I buy porn.

    When you compare a scene with gay for pay actor(s) vs. gay actors almost always there’s less body contact, kissing, and chemistry between the men having sex and that to me is a turn off. Someone who is really into it because they like sex with men and not just for $$$$ is going to come across on the screen much more convincingly than someone who’s just doing it for money.

    1. But did you pay to see, say, Philadelphia? The real gay actors are in supporting roles, and all the lead gay characters are played by heterosexual actors (though I hope to the gods that Antonio Banderas is at least a little Continental bi).

      No, Philadelphia wasn’t porn, but it was functionally gay-for-pay Tom Hanks.

        1. It cracks me up to see certain people do some kind of odd gymnastics about this guy. Even funnier that some trying to equate a trained actor playing a part to someone who is having sex on film. It’s not the same

  21. Why is everyone feeling so sorry for this grown ass woman? She knew exactly what she was getting into, when she married him, and has been with him for years. Save your pity for yourselves.

      1. What, like a gay sugar daddy type thing? You know, with a gay sugar baby who’s only with the old dude for the money?

        1. So in this case, is Reese the gay sugar daddy or the gay sugar baby? I don’t care, as long as his actions are in line with what is labeled.

    1. Well, the general rule: when someone is cumming, it means they are.

      Otherwise, the vids will have to resort to lotion or creams for money shots.

      1. And just because a female porn star is taking it up the ass for a scene doesn’t mean that it’s something she likes to do most of the time, if at all.

        Wanda Sykes has a bit about how she likes to watch porn but really hates it when girls who aren’t really in to other girls eat pussy like they’re on Fear Factor.

  22. Reese is no angel. When he is on the road doing appearances, he fucks women all the time. Infact, just recently, he made a club appearance with fellow Randy Blue model Derek Atlas. Reese was going to take a hot blond chick back to his hotel. Well, Derek wanted to fuck the chick too. So Derek told the blond that Reese is married. She chose to leave with Derek instead of Reese. Needless to say, when Reese found out about what happened, he was pissed. So he took to twitter and called Derek out and even suggested he might talk to Randy Blue himself and get him fired. I think we can assume his wife Becky does not have a twitter account.

    1. He also fucks guys… I had a female friend that was dating a guy that was working at a gay bar…and he cheated on her with Reese.

      1. Of course your friend could be lying… just because it is posted on comment boards, doesn’t make it gospel. Just like what you may see on TV, could be staged to a certain extent for drama. Reality TV has no regulation on how much needs to be authentic to be labeled, “reality.”

        Can someone point to the alleged twitter exchange between Derek and Resse? These two are the biggest mo’s and they don’t need to fight over pussy or sex in bars. There is plenty to go around since most are going to offer.

        You two are gossipy queens. All substance and no facts!

  23. Becky YOU CAN DO BETTER. Have some self-respect for yourself and RUN. What happens when Reese brings home a bit more than just money and gives you HIV/AIDS? I’m not saying that it will happen, but a lot of porn stars are positive and when he sleeps with that many guys, something could go wrong…condoms break, etc. Maybe he is also playing with guys on the side and does not want to admit he is bi-sexual? Who knows. I hope you’re prepared to take that risk, Becky?! Your life could be in danger. Think about it. Nothing is 100% safe.

    1. To Randy Blue’s credit, he doesn’t hire HIV performers. He may use them in solos. But is ethical enough to not allow risks for his negative performers. And he uses condoms in his scenes with negative performers, as well.

      So I think in terms of testing practices, Randy Blue is the Gold Seal in standards.

  24. And this is yet another glaring example of why I absolutely detest the gay porn industry: I have absolutely NO DESIRE to watch a guy have sex with another guy who does not genuinely enjoy having sex with another man. I could care less how good his “performance” is. If I’m gonna watch, I want to watch REAL PASSION…something that is basically non-existent in the gay porn world.

  25. The VH1 showing of “I Married A …” aired Wed night (Oct 17). Reese had promoted it on FB and Twitter. I spoke with Reese by phone Tues (Oct 16). He said ‘he and the missus’ were excited about the airing. I watched the episode and was impressed, with the honesty of Reese and Becky and with the respectful/probing/insightful presentation by the filmmakers.

    Yes, when they were seated together and Reese discussed his porn work, Becky looked uncomfortable. She was on the edge of tears (more than once)and once (in a soliquoy to the camera) she cried emotionally as she spoke about her concern with how her friends/family would react to Reese’s career choice (it’s been a 7 year ‘secret’ from them), an admission which suggested to me that Nick & Becky’s decision to do the episode was a way to move that conversation forward (in fact, part of the episode filmed her telling her close cousins about Reese’s career for the first time).

    IMHO The episode was not about Reese (his career doesn’t need promotion!) but about Becky (as suggested in the series title also). And what we learned was that Becky is not a ‘stage door wife’ … she doesn’t want to know about the job and Reese points out that he treats his G4P porn career as work, and JUST LIKE ANY OF US he sometimes does what he has to in order to get the job done (including thinking about ‘other things’ while enjoying the a** of Nicco Sky et al).

    That Nick Dent is not ‘sexually attracted’ to his scene partners doesn’t affect my appreciation for Reese Rideout’s performance at all. I’m not paying to explore how a hetrosexual man is capable of doing gay porn. I am paying to be drawn in and excited by what he does with other men, if he does it well and seems to enjoy the experience and exploring his ‘gay self’ for my gratification and pleasure. And it doesn’t matter if like any (method) actor, Reese gets into a character (something he talked about in the episode) and uses whatever he can call upon from his life experiences to perform well for his audience and please them.


    1. Maybe I didn’t catch on here, but doesn’t this guy have plenty of “viral videos” online… this whole ploy for airing dirty laundry on TV and his attempts at working in mainstream film don’t seem to suggest authenticity, more about gaining notoriety.

      If he was serious about this issue, he would have sat down with his family and talked to them like adults. Instead of “pussying” his way out of the situation. He probably told his wife, “just do this one more thing for me on Vh1, and my big break will happen, and I will never work in gay porn again. I need a spot on national TV.” How heartless!?!

      This was a big mistake. Big.

    2. LOL! He’s been phoning it in for years and isn’t that “good at his job”. Sorry but all I, and judging by a lot of the posts on Gawker was that Becky came off as being sad and depressed about her life and husband’s career.

      Porn isn’t acting, and Nick/Reese isn’t playing a character. If they were really honest in the episode they would have touched on the fact that he sometimes escorts under the radar.

      You want to see something even more sad and strange? Here’s a preview clip of Reese/Nick’s attempt to direct a movie. He makes Ed Wood look like Ingmar Bergman.


      1. I like Ed Wood films. I don’t think they are great artistically, but they sure are entertaining to watch.

        Ed Wood is kind of like a precursor to John Waters. So I think he has merits.

    3. “sometimes does what he has to in order to get the job done”

      Did you think about that statement before you typed it? You sound so silly. This is not a life or death situation. No one is in dire straits here. It’s not like he has to do gay porn or I won’t be able to feed my kids. No one has to do gay porn to do anything in life. Even with zero skills gay porn is not something a person would have to do to survive. This is just nonsense and you’re trying to defend in even though you acknowledged the woman’s pain.

  26. In all relationships there are certain agreements, concessions and compromises to be made. That is essential for any substantial coupling to take place. She’s cool with it in the manner that some part of her has given up the fight to truly understand how her straight husband can have gay sex. He’s cool with it because he gets his cake and gets to blow it too. Win-win. Well I believe Reese Rideout is straight but he is not heterosexual. And neither is any other heterosexual-identified gay porn star that is either taking or slinging the dick.

    1. Do I have to repeat myself on this board? Sheesh.

      The woman looked tragic, this guy isn’t exactly straight, and while she claims it is not cheating because of two men are involved; I would disagree, it isn’t cheating because she is aware of the sex and accepts it, regardless of the partners gender. He didn’t completely reassure her about his straightness, she just stopped asking because the answer would be too painful to deal with.

      I love how he takes his ring off before going to LA… That signifies SO much about the underlying problems in this relationship!

      Tell me which is worse: A gay guy getting paid to have sex with hot guys he’s into (and the majority of gays in gay porn claim they were fans before getting into it), or, a prostitute getting paid for sex without any of the pleasure? Gee, I can’t think which is the ideal! If I wanted to watch some person schlep through the motions and fake sexual pleasure, I would watch straight porn or a cody cummings scene.

      1. Yeah, I thought taking off the ring was the most distasteful yet telling thing out of the whole entire clip. Some people rather have half a man than no man at all…

    2. Okay, begs the question:

      What is GAY? Is it something you do, or something you are? It’s a debate that’s been going on for at least a century now, since the idea of sexual preference as part of political/personal identity came around towards the end of the NINETEENTH (important emphasis) century. Hell, religious apologists still hold out the fact that in Biblical times there was no Hebrew word for homosexual, because at the time, there was no such thing as homosexuality. Men did have sex with men, but it wasn’t something that defined who they were by any means.

      If a man has sex with another man, that makes him gay (or at least somehow not straight)? If so, then the converse must also be true, which makes for an interesting conundrum: Oscar Wilde, one of the first self-identified gay men in Western culture, was also a husband and father. Hell, even our esteemed Dan Savage has eaten and fucked pussy. John Cameron Mitchell, he of Hedwig fame, ate pussy in the orgy scene of Shortbus in the interest of “taking one for the team.” Does that make any “gay” man somehow not quite homosexual?

      A silly question, many gay men would say, dismissing the issue without really addressing it.

      I allow that Reese Rideout is straight because he says he is, much as I accept that Jeff Stryker is straight because he says he is (and really, I don’t want Jeff Stryker to be gay, simply as a matter of taste, or his lack there of, if you will).

      DT (long-retired porn star who’s even older than me) told me that he never had non-transactional sex with anyone while he was with his boyfriend E., and I believe him (except for that one time he got really bored in Houston and fucked the shit out of that one trick he picked up without asking him for money or even admitting he was a prostitute to). Is he a cheating piece of shit? No, he’s a sex worker. (Oh, he also claims to be bisexual. THAT I don’t believe. He’s had sex with women in the past, both on and off-screen, but I don’t think he could tell me when he last had a girlfriend for all the guys he’s had sex with since.)

      I don’t know what Reese does when he’s not on camera (though I suspect that since he’s on a reality show, he would prefer NOT to not be on camera), and I don’t know what he might do in the future when he’s not in porn or otherwise not on camera. Who knows, he may ditch his poor wife (in which case, she’s well rid of him) and take up with guys. Hell, he may even end up co-starring with Zeb Atlas on a future season of Gigolos (which may be even more tragic than breaking his back at Home Depot). I will not, however, be calling him gay just because he fucks guys for money. I’ll change my tune when he stops charging for it.

      1. Larry Craig and about 95% of the men that get busted in busted in parks, public bathrooms, and bookstores call themselves straight as well. To paraphrase a quote in Working Girl, “I like to dance around in my underwear, that doesn’t make me Madonna.”

  27. So many mean things I could say (OK I will say one: how absolutely pathetic did the director sound at the end?) but yeah I feel very very sad for her so I won’t. So just run away, Becky. Run, run, run.

  28. She does look really sad.
    I wonder if she feels she can’t get anyone else, does she really love him, or is she just complacent?
    Is Reese Rideout a household name in gay porn?
    And really maybe it turns on Nicco on more because he’s straight? Maybes it’s a job too and he should get over himself.
    Bad situation is he lazy and rather just do porn?
    No college? Or a trade school?
    I’m not citisizing just asking.

    1. He duped her before getting married. She owns a cupcake shop(which in a strong market doesn’t always go well). And he provides money for her endeavor from his porn. End of Story.

      1. Well, then at least he maybe cares about her a little bit. Selling your ass for walking around money is one thing, selling your ass to finance someone else’s endeavors is quite another.

      2. How many people are going to buy her cupcakes now, knowing that she’s basically a doormat that likes getting walked-on?! Customers are going to laugh at her for being so dumb and pathetic. She should never have agreed to be on tv.

        Maybe Becky should call Kurt Wild’s wife and see what she thinks? The dude has 4 (maybe 5 kids now) and is another gigolo gay4payer who refused to admit he’s gay or at least bi. Just watching him getting fucked and loving EVERY minute of it, IS CONFIRMATION ENOUGH.

    2. Exactly! He acts like this is his only option and he HAS to do gay porn to survive. He may not have skills, a degree or any sort of corporate training, but with a body like that why not transition to conventional fashion modeling? A lot of people hate their job, just do it for the money, and lack motivation to pursue their dreams, maybe that’s the case with him.

      1. Gee, two choices:

        Back breaking work in Home Depot or Back breaking work trying to do a Standing Wheelbarrow! What to choose?

        1. He can’t go to college?
          Seems more lazy than anything.
          He can’t stay in porn all his life (well possibly, but it would be a niche group which would be charged up the butt no pun intended)
          When looks fade and he has no skills then what?
          Back breaking work at Home Depot.

          1. Or he could do like Mark-Paul Gosslaer did in that one TV Movie of the Week and turn to selling his ass on the street. Somehow the more television-friendly type of tragedy than a life in big-box retail.

    3. I don’t mean to be rude, but look at her and look at him. I don’t think it’s a matter of her not being able to get anyone else. Anyone can get someone. But look at him and look at her. I hope my point has been made.

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