Bruno Cartella, Ty Shine

Ever Been Fucked Through a Window? (Ouch…What a Pane!)

What’s the most uncomfortable setting you’ve ever fucked in? Would you do it through a window? We’ve seen some strange looking positions this year, so why not continue the trend?

Remember that weird bush-and-wall threesome from Lucas Entertainment? My poor back wouldn’t last a minute in those positions. Window sex doesn’t sound very appealing to me either, but maybe that’s because it’s almost October—which reminds me that I’ve seen plenty of movies to know that prolonged positioning of my head and body through potentially dangerous positions involving elevator shafts and window panes is NOT a good idea.

Bruno Cartella, Ty Shine Bruno Cartella, Ty Shine

But I guess it does have an allure, and this real-life couple shows us how to do it safely. Ty Shine isn’t interested in the municipal meeting that Bruno Cartella (who we’ve seen get gang banged at Fraternity X) knocks on his door to tell him about, but Bruno is very interested in the hunk! Bruno unprofessionally sneaks around the side of Ty’s house and peeks in the window as the muscular top strips down to his briefs and does some calisthenics.

Bruno Cartella, Ty Shine Bruno Cartella, Ty Shine

But when Bruno gets his head and shoulders stuck through Ty’s window, he’s perfectly positioned for the horny top to stick his ass in Bruno’s face before feeding him his cock. Ty comes outside to fuck Bruno doggy style, only freeing the bottom from his predicament so Bruno can get on all fours and take his big cock even deeper (look at Bruno’s expression below as he gets it deep!) before Ty cums all over the bottom’s face.

Bruno Cartella, Ty Shine

Bruno Cartella, Ty Shine

What say you? Have you ever sucked or fucked through a window pane?

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