Arad Winwin, Michael Boston

Ever Fuck With a Broken Bone Like Arad Winwin?

The doctor/patient fantasy is one of my favorites, but sadly I’ve rarely had a doctor that approached the hotness levels of anyone in porn (although I once had a dentist who I would have blown in a heartbeat). Why can’t I get someone like intern Michael Boston, who is looking stunning in his form-fitting lavender dress shirt and tight pants? (Let’s not mention that haircut…)

He’s eager to help Arad Winwin, wanting to remove the patient’s hard “cast” to help check his torn shoulder and broken arm. Let’s overlook that Arad is actually wearing an elbow brace, not a cast, that offers no shoulder support. (And yes, Arad actually did break his elbow in two spots last November and had to have it replaced…)

Arad Winwin

But Arad (ever the trooper!) has other ideas for his doc, whipping away his gown to show off his throbbing cock. Turns out he’d rather get help with that (his regular doc does it all the time!). Initially resistant (yeah right…who you fooling?!), Michael comes around: “I wouldn’t want you to not receive the same level of service you normally do.” (I love doc porn dialogue!)

Arad Winwin, Michael Boston Arad Winwin, Michael Boston

Michael eagerly wraps his lips around it, then hops up on the table to let Arad tongue-fuck his hole. The patient gets up on the table and works his thick cock into Michael’s round ass bareback. Michael pushes back on Arad’s cock (this is so hot!), begging him to go deeper. I gotta say, the elbow brace looks hot on Arad as he fucks…is there a fetish for that? (A quick google search says yes there is, especially with neck braces!)

Arad Winwin, Michael Boston Arad Winwin, Michael Boston

Michael rolls onto his back and gets his cock jacked while Arad continues to pound. The doc then climbs up on Arad’s cock and rides it, giving us some great shots as the bottom’s rock-hard cock lines up atop Arad’s dick (my favorite shots of the whole scene; I wish it was a longer sequence!).

Arad Winwin, Michael Boston

Arad Winwin, Michael Boston

Michael shoots thick ropes onto the top’s leg as he rides, then hops off Arad’s dick and sucks it some more (apparently Arad comes in his mouth, but we don’t see any splooge).

Have you ever fucked with a broken bone that had a brace or cast on it?

See the full scene at Hot House!


7 thoughts on “Ever Fuck With a Broken Bone Like Arad Winwin?”

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  2. LOL, yes, Michael Boston has an amazing bubble butt, but he’s also a total champ at doing “the splitsies,” as I don’t know how he can spread those “gams” SO wide apart!

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