Chad Taylor, Boris

Ever Suck Your Thumb As You Get Fucked?

Cute Boris grips the sheets and deep throats his big thick digit as he takes it doggy style from the hot bushy cock of Chad Taylor. And we think that sounds like a pretty hot idea! (Unless, of course, you actually have a third bud who can shove a cock in your mouth, too!)

Since he debuted last year, Chad has made an impression with his hot fuzzy bod and his verbal nature at Masqulin and ChaosMen (his recent threeway with Kevin Texas and Thompson being a highlight). Here, he gets paired with handsome bottom Boris, the two starting with some smooching before they slurp on each other. I love the way Chad cups and plays with Boris’s balls

Chad Taylor, Boris

Chad Taylor, Boris

(Yes, you may notice that Chad isn’t as furry here—apparently because he had to get an EKG, and the random shaved spots looked strange so he just trimmed it all…Chaos assures us it will be back!)

Chad Taylor, Boris

Chad Taylor, Boris

They 69, and Chad tongues Boris’s hole before the bottom bends over, where he sucks his thumb as he takes it from behind. I love the shots from below Chad’s ass, showing us his hot furry legs and sac (and how hard Boris is as he takes it!).

Chad Taylor, Boris

They get on their sides, Chad slapping the bottom’s as as he moans “Fuck me!” (I love their tactile nature…Boris rubs his hands through the top’s hair, while Chad grips the bottom’s pec). Boris then gets on his back, his abs tightening up as he takes it. Chad strokes him as he fucks him, and finally squirts a hot load on the bottom’s hole before diving his dick back in—the to coming at nearly the same time!

See the full scene at ChaosMen!


2 thoughts on “Ever Suck Your Thumb As You Get Fucked?”

  1. I mean its NOT grosser than a dick thats been up an ass exposed to fecal matter. People sucks toes and feet with no regard for foot fungus. Drinking piss? Having someone else stick their fingers in your mouth?

    OMG! Sucking on your own thumb!

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