Cole Connor, Morgxn Thicke

Ever Use A Rim Chair?

Looking to get your hole serviced and slobbered on by Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cole Connor? Well, then grab hold of your nearest rim chair and take a seat, because if this premiere for Raging Stallion’s Tongue In Cheek is any indication, Cole is ready to take on some hole.

For the opening scene to this booty-lovin’ and rim-centric film from directors Steve Cruz and Ben Rush, Cole is joined by muscle heartthrob Morgxn Thick – someone we just saw make their Falcon | NakedSword debut a few months ago in Raging Stallion’s Take Off. After a sexual tension-filled photoshoot, we get to watch Morgxn plant their firm muscle cheeks on a Fort Troff rim chair and relax as Cole lays down on the ground to begin going to town on their hole with his wet tongue.

Cole Connor, Morgxn Thicke

Once Morgxn has been thoroughly eaten out by the award-winning porn star, Cole busts out his hot hole for the bodybuilder to bareback and fuck across the photo studio until he finds himself on his back and eating up Morgxn’s fresh load. Take a look below at some of the Tongue In Cheek action:

Got any hot thoughts? Have you ever used a rim chair? Would you recommend? Have you used any of these specific chairs? Let us know below and to see even more from this scene, be sure to head over to!

[Watch TONGUE IN CHEEK ft. Cole Connor & Morgxn Thicke]


11 thoughts on “Ever Use A Rim Chair?”

  1. Yes, and it was very hot the first ten or so times. The one ofthe legs of the chair snapped and I almost broke my nose.

    1. Whatever he can. Eye surgery. New teeth. Believing he was the victim of a “hate crime”. Maserati. New condo. Where will the grift end.

  2. Universal Potentate

    If this was done with attractive, younger guys instead of 40-something fur balls, this might be hot.
    Not the best way to introduce a product.

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