Everyone Had A Ball At The London Hustlaball

The 2011 London Hustlaball was over two weeks ago, but I just found the photos today. It looks like Austin Wilde was raped? Fun.

Here’s Harry Louis and his boyfriend, Heath Jordan and Ben Brown, Samuel Colt, Chris Porter and Bruno Knight, Kyle King, Rafael Alencar, and hundreds of filthy and perverted (and very lucky! I’m jealous) fans who got to watch all the blowjobs, rimming, and probably a lot more. Photos via Rentboy and Chris Geary.

First, it’s Roman Heart. Ouch?

Uhhh, how is this on YouTube?

13 thoughts on “Everyone Had A Ball At The London Hustlaball”

  1. i was there !
    i was on stage with Rafael ALENCAR (piss show) !
    look at the video (minute 7″15 and 7″29) !!!
    hope to make harder show next time !
    bob HSLUT

  2. saw a brief scene of watersports in the video! nice!

    Rafael seriously needs to do something about his hair. It’s always looked terrible to me.

  3. I realize that it is probably a whole lot of work to be all ~excited in front of a packed house at a nightclub. But I salute these guys’ ability to make it just look like a fun vacation romp. Also, I love those undies Rafael Alencar is wearing.

  4. Harry Louis and hiw sexy boydriend said how they were pleased to share the stage with Roman.
    Let’s just hope to se a 3some with Harry & BF & Roman soon in a good Falcon video!

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