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Excessive Amounts Of Cum Are Clogging College Shower Drains

Fun fact – shower drains are NOT designed to handle semen! Repairing clogged pipes is expensive and time-consuming. Unloading your nuts directly into the drains costs college campuses thousands of dollars per year in repairs! Well… That’s at least what Next Door University and many other college campuses are supposedly saying to their students via some strongly worded notices posted in dorm hallways.

The newest version of these cum notices can be seen in the latest scene for Next Door Studios. In the video, we get to watch Dakota Payne come across the university warning before walking in and discovering with his own eyes that it’s college bro Jayden Marcos who has personally been filling up the dorm drains with his thick loads. We’re sure you can guess what happens next between these two…

But if you think this Next Door cum notice looks familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen it or something very similar to it before. Various versions of these college “masturbation notices” have long been making their way around online. They all basically say the same thing and ask everyone to stop jerking it in the showers and ruining the drains with their thick batches of baby batter.

And unfortunately for anyone who was fantasizing about those thick loads, pretty much all the notices you see online are just memes created for laughs and aren’t actual university notices. Even the one that’s used in this new Next Door video seems to be a copy of a fake UC San Diego notice that tells everyone all about the disastrous effects their jizz will have on the college drains.

Woo! So what do you think of this new Next Door scene? Did you ever masturbate in your college showers? Do you know about others who did? Has your cum ever been a problem for any type of shower drain or plumbing?

Sound off in the comments below with all your hot shower stories and be sure to watch this full shower fuck with Dakota and Jayden over on Next Door!

[Watch Masturbation Notice]


5 thoughts on “Excessive Amounts Of Cum Are Clogging College Shower Drains”

  1. Semen being water soluable can’t clog pipes like SHIT can. I’ve seen guys take a small SHIT in the gym shower when alone, push it into the drain with their foot and rinse off and just walk out without making sure it went down the drain and dissolved,].Maybe this explains the notice to wear flip flops in the shower due to reported cases of foot fungus at my old gym, yikes!

  2. Dakota and Jayden look hot together. I think Jayden should stick to topping and beautiful Dakota to bottoming. Vers is for confused guys. Total tops and total bottoms ROCK!!!

  3. I’m going to assume this was based on the plugged pipes at Liberty University, where the phony Christians have been clogging the drains for years.

  4. Love the fact Jayden Marcos is being more versatile lately. If he cannot handle the gay label than he should just call himself vers bi guy.

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