Alex Mecum, Sharok

Exclusive 4★ Review: Alex Mecum Splits Sharok’s Fuzzy Butt

These two muscle studs can’t keep their hands off each other as the Timberwolves sequel continues.

After Drake Masters’ reckless behavior, an angry Sharok has to be calmed down by Alex Mecum—who is thankfully already half naked, his big bulge protruding from his long johns.

Alex Mecum, Sharok

“You’re handsome,” smiles Alex, immediately distracting Sharok—who pulls down the muscle man’s thermals and starts stroking his massive boner. He gets on his knees and starts sucking, and some hot side shots and aerials accentuate how big Alex’s cock is (I also love the quick shot of Alex’s jock ass clenching as he feeds…more of this angle, please!).

Alex Mecum, Sharok

“You’re so hot,” smiles Shaork, his mouth soon getting a dick whip before he sucks again—Alex rubbing his hands all over the stud’s body. The overhead shots of this suck are particularly delicious, showing us how thick that shaft is.

There’s so much hot touching throughout—like their hands stacked on Alex’s leg and chest—and some steady moaning and interplay, proving that these two are genuinely into each other. And no shit, because would you just look at these guys?!

Alex Mecum, Sharok

Sharok comes up for air, spitting on Alex’s cock and then looking up for a kiss. He then stands as they kiss, their two boners jutting into each other as Alex licks and rubs Sharok—then gets on his knees to return the favor. You can hear him sniff up that crotch in between slurps, and I love the shots of Sharok’s abs (the lighting—and sweat—really accentuates them around th3e 12:30 mark).

Alex strokes his big dick as he sucks, reaching up to play with Sharok’s chest. Sharok steadily slides his dick in, smiling down at Alex (this man arguably has the hottest smile in the business!). Alex uses a little too much hand in a few sequences, but not as much as I’ve noticed before. This is a hot sequence.

Alex Mecum, Sharok

Alex then throws him down on the ottoman and takes off his own long johns, diving his bristly face into Sharok’s fuzzy butt. “It’s all yours!” moans Sharok (and check out those brief glimpses we get of Alex’s boner pointed sky high!).

Alex finally enters him, crouching over the bottom and driving down in an amazing shot around the 20-minute mark. “Oh fuck, your dick is so fucking big!” moans the bottom, who stays stiff as he gets rammed. This probably isn’t the most comfortable position for Alex to top, but damn it looks amazing. He smiles, then wraps his manly arms around Sharok and kisses him.

Alex Mecum, Sharok

Sharok takes a turn driving his ass back in it, then reaches back to stroke Alex and guide it in (at which point we get some story interlude with the rest of the cast).

They kiss again before Sharok gets some slurps in on Alex, the sucker’s own boner bouncing up. Sharok has Alex turn around, eating smooth hole—and lord would you look at that ass and those tree-trunk legs?! It’s hard to tell who is enjoying this butt munch more, and I love the sounds the two make.

Sharok then gets in front of Alex and bends over the furnace: “Get it in there!” We get more great penetration shots, this time below the action, with Alex’s huge shaft getting hugged by the bottom’s ass hair.

Alex Mecum, Sharok

Sharok always wants that cock in his mouth, so he sucks it again in between thrusts. Alex spits down on his cock and Sharok’s ass before fucking him faster, more hot low shots looking up at both of their big dicks.

Alex then sits back on the couch, Sharok stroking the top’s cock before sitting on it—the two taking turns driving the action—then giving us a pause-worthy shot as they hold hands, Sharok’s sweaty back filling the camera (around 35:30…just amazing!).

Alex Mecum, Sharok

Sharok reaches back to stroke a load out of Alex’s cock—a massive load the flies up in the air, partially hitting the bottom’s ass. Sharok slaps the cummy cock on his ass before briefly sitting on it, and if Alex’s moans are any indication, this is one hell of an orgasm. (My one tiny gripe? The camera is too close to give us a full appreciation of just how high Alex squirts).

We cut to a story element before returning, and seem to miss the actual beginning of Sharok’s squirt on Alex’s stomach (what the hell happened there?!). It’s a slightly disappointing enduing to an otherwise great scene).

Cast: Alex Mecum & Sharok
Series: Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2
Studio: Raging Stallion
Director: Steve Cruz
Running time: 40:58

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 4 out of 5
The shots of Sharok chowing down on Alex’s beast—which he returns to repeatedly while getting fucked—are fantastic, particularly the overhead shots early on.

Rimming: 4 out of 5
Both studs take a turn on each other’s ass, and both seem to equally enjoy both roles…love those moans!

Fucking: 4.5 out of 5
Nice range of positions, each with fantastic angles—the opening crouched doggie position through to the sit-down sequence, with a great low shot looking up at the action in between.

Squirts: 3 out of 5
Sharok arches back to jack off Alex, and it’s a doozy of a shot that flies up (although the camera is too close to let us fully appreciate it!), and man, Alex makes us truly feel his orgasm. But I had to deduct stars for Sharok’s oddly edited squirt.

Chemistry: 5 out of 5
First rate right out of the gate. The smiles at each other, the constant rubbing of each other’s bodies, the clasped hands, the kissing…can’t ask for anything more.

The X Factor: Alex’s moans as he squirts!

Hottest Shot: (tie) The aerial of Sharok sucking Alex, and the low shot looking up at Alex plowing the bottom’s fuzzy ass—the hairs clinging to his thick shaft.

Total Rating: 4 out of 5

4 eggplants rating

See Alex Mecum and Sharok in Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2 at Raging Stallion!


1 thought on “Exclusive 4★ Review: Alex Mecum Splits Sharok’s Fuzzy Butt”

  1. The problems with Falcon/Hot House/Raging Stallion, for me, have remained consistent for well over a decade: the lack of imagination for storylines and settings (this film being an exception to that), and an almost deliberate inability to capture the cumshots. Otherwise, technically, they’re superb. I have few quibbles with the casts (although new faces would be appreciated); their models are generally among the very best, despite the hideous tattoos so many of them sport. But within the same film you’ll see well-captured cumshots and some that are missed or weirdly edited, or captured from angles that don’t display the volume and intensity of the moment. For such a “climactic” part of the film I find that unforgivable, especially from a studio with such a distinguished past. It certainly has enough money to employ two camermen to capture the cumshots from different angles; that way we’d be guaranteed the best perspective(s). Perhaps they should take a clue from the peerless Sean Cody on how to do that.

    I’ve been a consumer/fan of theirs since the days of 8mm reels, and their films are an important part of my collection. I only wish them the best going forward.

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