Devin Franco, Taylor Reign

Exclusive 4★ Review: Devin Franco Slobbers All Over Taylor Reign in Hot Flip Fuck

Is Devin the best sucker in the business? Watching him deep throat Taylor and work up a slobbery mess that slides down the stud’s cock and sac is pretty good proof.

If you missed this scene when it was initially released late last year, it’s now finding new life on the recently launched Trailer Trash Boys! After lounging naked in the pool, Taylor Reign lotions up as he sits in the sun…his cock getting harder as he rubs it in. Devin Franco walks outside to catch Taylor stroking himself, soon massaging him from behind—reaching down for a few tugs on his cock. Taylor starts kissing Devin’s arm as he gets stroked, a hot little touch that says so much about their connection.

Devin Franco, Taylor Reign

Devin gets closer, kissing Taylor as he continues to jack him. The closeup of their locked lips and swirling tongues is just as hot as any other shot you’ll see here (and I love the look and sound of nature that accompanies the opening shots). Devin finally gets on his knees and starts sucking, Taylor reaching down to play with Devin’s ass.

Devin Franco, Taylor Reign

They head inside where the smooching and sucking continues, Devin going all the way down on Taylor’s thick shaft, planting his nose in Taylor’s trimmed pubes. Taylor grips Devin’s head and fucks his face, and soon we get a glorious shot of spit sliding down Taylor’s shaft and balls. Watch around the 12-minute mark as it builds and builds into a goopier dribble…yum!

Taylor licks his fingers and slides them into Devin’s hole, slapping the sucker’s ass as he continues to fuck his face (and that spit still clinging and dripping…I love Devin’s salivary glands!). Devin offers his ass, Taylor lapping up his smooth hole like crazy (look at that smile on Devin’s face!).

Devin Franco, Taylor Reign

Taylor finger bangs him again, swirling his digits around, then shoves his tongue back in—Devin grinding his ass back and forth on it. “Fuck, I want it so bad!” moans Devin as Taylor dick whips his ass—then slides it in, plowing nice and deep. Taylor spits down as he fucks, Devin’s eyes rolling up in his head as he gets rammed.

Taylor goes faster, then tells Devin “Suck that dick!” as he pulls out, Devin tasting his own hole as he deep-throats the top again. Taylor then turns around and offers his ass for munching. “I wanna put this cock inside you…I’m so fucking ready,” moans a hard Devin, stroking as he eats.

Devin Franco, Taylor Reign

Devin rams Taylor from behind, showing off his long shaft beautifully as he slides all the way in and then almost all the way out, leaving just the tip in. Devin grabs and yanks Taylor’s boner underneath as he rails him, the bottom repeatedly moaning “God damn!”

Devin warps his arm around Taylor from behind, kissing him as the bottom arches back, his own cock rock hard. Devin gets on his back, offering his cock for sucking—and hole for more rimming—as Taylor takes control again. We get a hot overhead shot of Taylor going deep and then spitting down on his shaft (watch around 28:40…love that!).

Devin Franco, Taylor Reign

“Fuck my hole!” moans Devin as he watches Taylor dive deep. “Feels so fucking good in my hole!” Devin shoots his load onto his tight stomach, then yells “Keep fucking!” as Taylor rubs his hand in the jizz to use as lube (hot!) as he pulls out and strokes his boner—busting his nut on Devin’s ass before shoving his dick back in and fucking him fast some more.

A great scene initially hosted on, this is finding new life on Trailer Trash Boys, despite it not being in a trailer. Or too trashy. (The official scene summary tries to sell a Trailer Trash story for it, but it’s not too successful…but who cares when this scene is this good?)

Devin Franco, Taylor Reign

Cast: Devin Franco, Taylor Reign
Scene: “Loverboy”
Studio: Trailer Trash Boys
Director: Uncredited
Running time: 32:34

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 4 out of 5
Devin is arguably the best sucker in the business, and he never disappoints. The depth and spit production he gets on Taylor’s shaft are spectacular. I wish we had more dedicated time with Taylor slurping on Devin.

Rimming: 4 out of 5
Both studs take turns lapping each other’s holes up. Not super sloppy, but both are dedicated and enthusiastic…and I love how Devin grinds his hole on Taylor’s tongue. Taylor also goes back to munching later in the scene before he pounds Devin a second time.

Fucking: 4 out of 5
Great topping by both, with some nice closeups and overhead shots—and Devin is so good at showing off the length of his shaft as he fucks. I wish we had a sit-down sequence (or two!).

Squirts: 4 out of 5
Devin shoots a nice load on his own tight abs, and Taylor uses that cream to stroke himself off (hot!) and blast on the bottom’s ass.

Chemistry: 5 out of 5
Two of the best in the business, and the connection here is natural and real.

The X Factor: You guessed it…the spit!

Hottest Shot: Devin slurping on Taylor’s thick boner, taking it all in and working up a ton of spit that slides down the shaft and balls.

Total Rating: 4 out of 5

4 eggplants rating

See Devin Franco and Taylor Reign in “Loverboy” at Trailer Trash Boys!


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  1. I like watching handsome muscular cock hungry bottom Devin Franco getting fucked, unless it’s in a nasty fisting scene. Be cock hungry Devin, not fist hungry.

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