Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter, Clark Davis

Exclusive 4★ Review: Do You Recognize the 2 Big Dicks Double-Stuffing Cazden Hunter?

We’ll give you a hint: The gorgeous cocks are attached to two hot bods, each with chiseled six-packs that compete for your attention in a hot scene that has some spit roasts and a fuck train!

Clark Davis has been teasing us throughout Mind Fuck with his edging sessions serving as quick interludes to the other scenes—the muscular stud isolated in a lather chair against a black backdrop. Now, finally, he gets two buds to help him out—and the suck sounds that we immediately hear are music to my ears.

Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter, Clark Davis

Adrian Hart and Clark are rock hard, and Cazden Hunter gets them both. Adrian and Cazden pass Clark’s cock back and forth (“Share my dick, boys!”), kissing in between slurps before licking it from both sides as Clark fucks between their pursed mouths.

Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter, Clark Davis

Adrian whips his monster around, the light beautifully shining against his abs—which also look great in a low shot that looks up at their suck train. I LOVE the shot of Adrian stroking the bottom part of Clark’s cock as Cazden sucks it, Clark then sucking Adrian.

Cazden soon finds himself on his knees as the two hung studs feed him from both sides, kissing above him. He sucks both heads at once, lining their shafts up to create one mega cock.

Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter, Clark Davis

Clark then takes turns tonguing both of their holes, then focuses on Cazden’s ass as Adrian feeds him. Cazden gets in between them, feasting on Adrian as he gets rammed by Clark—with some nice overhead shots looking down. “Tear that ass up!” moans Adrian. “Good boy!”

Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter, Clark Davis

Clark’s abs tighten up as he drives Cazden, the top going from fast to slow (including a hot sequence where he doesn’t use his hands to brace himself). We get a hot low shot looking up at his shaft going all the way in and out, and Cazden soon gets on his back as his buds switch positions. Clark feeds Cazden, who gets fucked by Adrian (we get some great closeups of his jock ass as he pounds away).

Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter, Clark Davis

We then edit to Adrian in the middle of fuck train, Clark sliding in behind him. We get more “hands-free” thrusts from Clark, and low shots also capture Adrian doing all the work in between as he slides back and forth (so hot!). This is one of the best parts of the scene and isn’t fleeting, so we get to enjoy it.

It ends with Cazden sitting in the chair, sucking on Clark and licking Adrian. The two blast hot wads in Cazden’s open mouth, the sub sucking them after they squirt—and then firing up a hot multi-stream load that lands on his chest and impresses the two tops.

Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter, Clark Davis

Cast: Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter & Clark Davis
Series: Mind Fuck
Studio: Falcon
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Running time: 41:27

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 4.5 out of 5
I love these suck sounds! Hot double-teaming of Clark’s dick, a suck train, and Cazden on his knees working both shafts are all great moments.

Rimming: 3 out of 5
Clark gives some nice tongue work to both holes, although this is the quickest sequence.

Fucking: 4.5 out of 5
Some hot pig roasting and a great fuck train. (I wish we got to see more of Cazden’s cock throughout.)

Squirts: 4.5 out of 5
Two open-mouth facials and a big Cazden load that flies up in the air.

Chemistry: 4 out of 5
Solid, and the tops really demand your attention. The set and lighting also do a great job of enhancing the action.

The X Factor: The stunning abs of both Adrian and Clark, which actually make you look away from the cocks a few times!

Hottest Shot: The low shots of the fuck train, with Adrian thrusting in the middle.

Total Rating: 4 out of 5

4 eggplants rating

See Adrian Hart, Cazden Hunter and Clark Davis in Mind Fuck at Falcon!


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