Those big dicks…those smiles…those accents! It’s impossible to resist them anyway, but the combined powers of Josh and Dan have Greyson moaning like he means it!

As their California road trip nears its end, Brit Josh Moore admits to Aussie road buddy Dan Saxon that he’s had a crush on him. The two cuties could keep me watching all day just talking with those hot accents and super-cute smiles, but lucky for us, they want more.

osh Moore, Dan Saxon, Greyson Lane

They pick up Greyson Lane at a diner—the cutie soon blowing Josh’s big cock in the back of the van as Dan drives. They head inside, where jock Greyson soon has two big dicks competing for his mouth (I LOVE Greyson’s pecs, along with that hot dusting of chest hair to compliment his yummy pits).

Dan and Josh kiss above the sucker, who starts by worshipping Josh’s monster, swirling his tongue in the foreskin in between slow and steady sucks. “I didn’t know you had such a big dick,” smiles Dan, who strokes his uncut beauty before feeding the sucker.

osh Moore, Dan Saxon, Greyson Lane

Josh gives Dan a kiss as he gets sucked, then licks his chest as Dan wraps his arm around his crush. Surfer sucker Greyson takes his time, slowly savoring Dan before Josh works his way in again—great side shots showing off every inch of his monster.

Dan gets on his knees to get a taste (I was hoping he and Greyson would suck it together…damn!), although he uses a lot of hand as he sucks (Josh may not be quote as rock hard in this shot). Josh returns the favor, and Dan is stiff as steel, his cock pointing up to the sky in every damn shot. Spit drips down Josh’s mouth as he comes up for air (hot!), and Greyson has finally taken his cock out, stroking as he watches.

osh Moore, Dan Saxon, Greyson Lane

Josh sucks Greyson, who gets a smooch from Dan—who soon stuffs the sucker’s face again. Dan gets two tongues on him—Josh on his balls, Greyson on his nipple—and more spit drops from Josh’s mouth. Dan gets on all fours to slurp Josh, making for a hot suck train—Greyson then working his tan, fuzzy legs in between the two as they lick him at both ends.

Greyson is then kneeling on the couch—Dan’s cock in his mouth, Josh’s tongue in his hole (love all those slurping sounds…with Josh spitting a hot wad on the stud’s smooth hole!).

osh Moore, Dan Saxon, Greyson Lane

Josh fucks Greyson, who arches back for a kiss. Josh spits down on his dick as he fucks, Greyson getting stuffed at the other end with Dan’s thick slab. Josh leans in, pinning the bottom against Dan—who gets a kiss from the top. Josh picks up the pace in one of the hottest sequences of the scene.

Greyson then sits down on Dan, who’s shaft and sac look amazing driving up into his ass. Josh leans in and spits on Dan’s shaft, then takes his turn ramming Greyson doggy style. For a moment it really looks like we’re gonna get a DP…we come oh-so-close! Maybe they tried? Regardless, the two tops taking their turns is still hot as hell.

osh Moore, Dan Saxon, Greyson Lane

Greyson gets on his back, stroking as Josh goes deep and fast. Dan then gets his turn, Josh stuffing the bottom’s face at the other end. Dan shoots a big hot load over Greyson’s hole (I wish the camera was further’s a hot rocket of a squirt) then shoves his dick back in.

Josh then takes sloppy seconds, Greyson shooting a hot white was onto his tight tan abs (fuck he has a hot bod!). Josh then dumps his load on him, sliding his dick back in before Dan leans in for a kiss.

osh Moore, Dan Saxon, Greyson Lane

Cast: Josh Moore, Dan Saxon & Greyson Lane
Series: Califuckinfornia
Director: Tony Dimarco
Running time: 40:19

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 4 out of 5
Greyson seems to really love sucking, and I love watching him go to work (even if he isn’t really a deep-throater, at least not on Josh). Sadly, he doesn’t get sucked much…and I wish we had at least one sequence with Josh and Dan shoving their schlongs in his mouth together. My favorite oral action comes with Josh on his knees, voraciously taking turns on both dicks.

Rimming: 4 out of 5
Josh gets nice and spitty on Greyson’s smooth hole, and I love the sounds he makes as he munches.

Fucking: 4 out of 5
The lengthy sequence with Josh slamming Greyson from behind—and Dan’s cock in the bottom’s face—is fantastic, and the sit-down shot with Dan’s thick shaft on display is yummy. We come oh-so-close to a potential DP, but it never happens (boo!).

Squirts: 3.5 out of 5
Two loads douse Greyson’s hole, lubing it for more thrusts (and the bottom has a bright white was on his chiseled abs).

Chemistry: 4 out of 5
Solid all around, although I wish the scene was a tad more verbal.

The X Factor: Dan and Josh’s accents and smiles…I’m powerless against them!

Hottest Shot: Around the 15-minute mark, Greyson works his hot hairy and tan legs between the two alphas on their knees. Josh slurps his cock, while Dan plants his tongue in Greyson’s ass, making him moan like he means it. We can feel his excitement!

Total Rating: 4 out of 5

4 eggplants rating

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