Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi

Exclusive 4★ Review: Sheriff Ricky Larkin Arrests Adam Ramzi’s Hole to Kick Off Return of Timberwolves!

Six years in the making, Steve Cruz kicks off the long-awaited sequel to his hit with Blood Moon!

Arriving at his secluded cabin in the woods, Adam Ramzi cleans up in the shower…as hot sheriff Ricky Larkin sneaks in and strips down to surprise his fuck buddy.

Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi

“You don’t waste any time,” smiles Adam when he spots Ricky’s smile and huge cock greeting him. The sheriff has waited a year to reunite, and doesn’t want to waste any time. The two kiss and lick each other’s pits as their cocks graze, then rub each other’s furry pecs.

Ricky drops down to feast, gulping Adam’s cock to the base and working his balls—tugging on them as he slurps. Adam leans down for a kiss, then gets on his knees. “Fuck yes,” he moans as Ricky dick whips his chest. Adam engulfs it, slapping the huge cock on his face before Ricky fucks his mouth.

Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi

Adam is rock hard as he slurps, and I love the gulping sounds he makes. We get some hot side shots of that huge vein on the side of Ricky’s shaft, Adam gasping for air as he sucks. Ricky holds Adam’s head down on his dick, rubbing his ears as he moans “That’s a good boy.” Sadly, Ricky isn’t rock hard during this sequence, which is something I’ve rarely seen…his cock has some softness to it when it comes out of Adam’s mouth.

Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi

But it perks up instantly when Adam offers his hole for munching, Ricky diving his tongue in and pulling down on Adam’s sac—then wrapping his arm around Adam’s leg to stroke him as he eats. He also pulls Adam’s cock down to slurp on his shaft, then gets a face fuck as Adam straddles his face—Ricky jacking his huge dick as he slurps.

Adam spreads his cheeks for more munching, Ricky sensually working his tongue and beard all over it. I love his ass-eating sounds, and the moans Adam makes (they are genuine!). Ricky gets another taste of Adam’s steel shaft, pulling it down to suck and stroke it.

Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi

God, I want that dick in me!” says Adam, and he soon gets his wish as Ricky slides in from behind. Adam arches back for a kiss, then gets shoved down as Ricky tells him to “Open up!” It’s so hot to watch Ricky’s jock bod as he fucks, his muscular chest and arms (and that tight stomach!) moving in a great rhythm.

He pulls out to finger Adam’s hole and eat him some more (we catch another glimpse of semi-softness), then fucks him doggy again—wrapping his hand around Adam’s neck from behind and pulling the sweaty bottom’s body closer.

Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi

We get some hot low shots looking up at Ricky’s cock driving hard, balls bouncing as his handsome face looks down at us. Adam’s boner frantically bounces with each deep thrust (watch in slam up and down!), Ricky slapping his ass as he fucks him. Ricky licks Adam’s ear, then reaches around to stroke him again.

Adam lays back on the couch, Ricky eating him and then staring into his eyes as he enters him again—and there’s Adam’s boner once again flying all over the place (love it!!!). Ricky gets a great angle to show off his cock as it slams away, licking Adam’s pit and gripping his neck as he does it (“Look at me!”).

Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi

Adam moans “Fuck yeah!” over and over. “I miss that dick in me!” He props up his cock, which Ricky then strokes as he fucks him fast. The top licks his lips as he continues to stare at Adam, the bottom getting closer as he strokes—dumping a big white wad.

Ricky immediately sucks his dick (Adam moans like crazy!), then spits the cum-and-spit wad onto the bottom’s hole, using it as lube as he dives back in to fuck him—licking his foot as he does it. Ricky goes fast, then pulls out and strokes out his (small) load over Adam’s sac—sliding his dick back in as Adam breathes heavy, the two kissing as their wet bodies rub up against each other (a very hot visual!).

Cast: Ricky Larkin & Adam Ramzi
Series: Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2
Studio: Raging Stallion
Director: Steve Cruz
Running time: 34:31

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 3 out of 5
Ricky slurps up Adam nicely, but unfortunately isn’t rock hard when Adam returns the favor (hey, it has to take a while for that huge cock to reach full mast!).

Rimming: 4.5 out of 5
Ricky is one of the best eaters in the business, and I love watching his extended tongue and beard rub up against Adam’s hole. Adam moans like crazy, and you know it’s all for real.

Fucking: 4 out of 5
Ricky probes fast and deep, and really knows how to show off the best angles for the camera. Not sit-down shot, but what we get is fantastic.

Squirts: 3.5 out of 5
Adam’s is decent and Ricky’s is smaller, but the top gets bonus points for his piggy licking up of Adam’s load—using the spit and cum as lube to fuck him some more.

Chemistry: 4.5 out of 5
The connection they have during the fucking is telling—constant eye contact, rubbing of each other’s bodies and verbal interplay.

The X Factor: Ricky’s little affectionate displays as he fucks—licking Adam’s foot, gripping his neck, staring at him…he knows how to keep a bottom (and us) fully engaged.

Hottest Shot: Any of the fuck sequences (and there are a lot of them) with Adam’s boner bobbing like crazy as he gets pounded.

Total Rating: 4 out of 5

4 eggplants rating

See Ricky Larkin and Adam Ramzi in Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2 at Raging Stallion!


5 thoughts on “Exclusive 4★ Review: Sheriff Ricky Larkin Arrests Adam Ramzi’s Hole to Kick Off Return of Timberwolves!”

  1. The only thing I dislike about Adam is the ink; otherwise, he’s gorgeous and sexy as hell. He is not fat. Can’t address the “racist” criticism because it’s not been verified. Ricky is looking better than ever.

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