Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

Exclusive 4★ Review: Steven Lee and Nick Fitt Show Off Their Big Dicks

In an extended and very wet oral opener, these two also show off their exemplary sucking and rimming skills before Nick bends over for Steven’s monster cock.

Clark Davis-Fitt continues to jack off and show off his amazing dick and body in the interludes of Mind Fuck (they could make a whole movie of just this!), and soon we see his real-life partner Nick Fitt unable to resist the lure of a handsome stranger—deliveryman Steven Lee (check out those tight jeans!).

Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

The two are soon lip-locked on the couch, where Nick multi-tasks as he unzips Steven’s jeans—and that big cock soon plops out in all its glory. Steven straddles Nick’s chest and feeds him, the sucker having to open wide as hell to take it. Steven whips it on his face, then leans in closer to deep fuck his mouth in a great burst of aggression.

Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

Steven then gets on his knees to deep throat Nick’s big dick, Nick stroking the sucker as he works it. I love the shots with both of these big dicks in the frame!  Steven then fucks Nick’s face some more, holding the back of his head as he slides in. Steven reaches back to stroke Nick as he feeds him: “You like that dick?” (“Fuck yeah!”). He then sucks Nick some more, working his balls and shaft as he spits on it, whipping Nick’s dick on his face (the shot at 8:40 with both of their boners in frame is mouth-watering).

Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

Steven then sits back and gets sucked some more (I was hoping for this position, as the previous one was too challenging for Nick to get much in his mouth). Steven plays with Nick’s hole as the sucker makes hot sloppy noises, Nick then spreading Steven’s legs to munch on his hole. Nick spits on it as Steven jacks and shows off his big cock, and we get a great aerial of the action at the 11:30 mark.

Nick buries his face in and swirls it around, lapping his tongue and sniffing deep. It’s a committed rim job with great tongue sounds and spit—and great facial expressions from Steven. Nick sucks him some more, going deeper than before, then offers his ass. Steven spits on it and dives in: “Get that tongue in there!

Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

Steven spreads his ass and spits on it before diving his tongue in during another committed session—where he also fingers Nick’s hole and strokes his cock, really getting him worked up and excited.

Fuck, that dick is so big!” moans Fitt as he gets rammed doggy style. “Open that hole!” Nick’s cock bounces up and down and Steven goes hard, the top wrapping his arms around Nick and kissing him—and keeping one arm around him to steady the bottom as he rams away.

Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

Steven leans back, Nick bouncing up and down on his dick—the bottom’s own cock flopping all over the place as he rides. Steven then takes a turn driving the action, pushing his thick dick up before Nick starts bouncing again—his cock slamming against Steven’s leg.

We get an abrupt edit to Steven fucking Nick missionary, his thick shaft and tight balls driving deep. Nick grips Steven’s pec as the top pounds him, his cock going all in (we get some great angles). “Fuck yeah, look at that dick!” moan Nick. “It’s so fucking big!

Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

I love the closeups right before the 28-minute mark of Steven’s cock going all in and out of Fitt’s wet, puckering hole. Nick jacks his load out as he gets fucked, cum dripping down the side of his abs before Steven fires a rocket up onto the bottom’s chest (unfortunately not helped by the big ray of sunshine coming in from the window, making it harder to see).

Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

Cast: Steven Lee & Nick Fitt
Series: Mind Fuck
Studio: Falcon
Running time: 31:30

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 5 out of 5
Two great sessions, with both studs spending a lot of time slobbering the other. Steven goes deeper, but I love the shots of him straddling Nick’s chest and fucking his face.

Rimming: 5 out of 5
Both are committed to eating each other, and we get great tongue work and sounds. Rimming isn’t a throwaway here.

Fucking: 4 out of 5
All the standard positions, with some deep work by Steven—and it’s hot to watch Nick’s cock flop around as he rides.

Squirts: 3 out of 5
Okay load by Nick, and a bigger one by Steven—but it’s harder to make out given the lighting.

Chemistry: 4 out of 5
Solid, especially when Steven wraps his arm around Nick as he fucks him from behind.

The X Factor: Steven’s cock…I just can’t get enough of it!!!

Hottest Shot: The closeup of Nick’s wet, puckering hole as Steven goes all in and out right before they squirt.

Total Rating: 4 out of 5

4 eggplants rating

See Steven Lee and Nick Fitt in Mind Fuck at Falcon!


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