Colton Reece, Arian Hart

Exclusive 5★ Review: Adrian Hart Loves How Colton Reece Uses His Big Pool Stick

A pool table enables these two pros to get really creative, and they run with it in a scene with a few surprises up its deep holes (including a hot fuck position we don’t see often!).

Adrian Hart can’t keep his eyes off Colton Reece’s form as they play pool, but the game is quickly interrupted. “Let’s just do this,” says Adrian, who soon has his face planted in Colton’s armpit—a nice slow worship that gets them both excited.

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Adrian then drops down and releases the bulge from Colton’s briefs, deep-throating him and whipping the big dick on his face. “Fuck, that feels good,” moans Colton. “Get it wet.” Adrian goes back and forth from shaft to sac (“Work my balls!”), a nice low shot giving us a great look at all of Colton (those balls are full and heavy!!!).

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Colton spits down into Adrian’s mouth, then whips his dick on the sucker’s face. I love the side shots of this this suck, which show Adrian working hard (it’s a challenge getting that last half inch in!). Adrian also gets it nice and wet, spit clinging to his hand as he sucks. “Oh yeah, choke on it!” says Colton. “Look up at me!”

Adrian splays out on the pool table, offering his jock ass for the taking—a great overhead shot looking down at both of their smooth bodies. Colton tongues Adrian’s smooth hole, then rubs a billiard ball on it (“Push out! That’s hot!”) before fingering him.

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Colton whips his dick against the ledge of the pool table (listen to that thud!!!), soon diving his tongue into Adrian’s hole again. These overhead shots with Adrian’s muscular body framed within the blue pool table are stunning. Colton hops on too, getting some licks in before Adrian guides the top’s cock in.

Colton shows off his core strength, supporting his hands on the ledge of the table as he pins Adrian to the felt. I love how in control Colton is—watch him wrap his legs around Adrian, sliding the bottom’s legs into the center of the table. We get a great closeup of Colton’s cock going in, Adrian’s big boner pressed underneath against the felt.

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Colton goes faster—pinning Adrian to one corner of the table. And we can hear the balls rattle with each thrust (I fucking love this…one even falls into a hole!). Colton gets Adrian on his back, and we finally get a great look at the bottom’s big dick. Colton sucks it, then strokes them together in his hand. Adrian sits up and takes control, guiding Colton’s head down onto his big boner. Colton then slows it down, fingering Adrian’s hole as he blows him. (Colton also gets some nice slurps in on Adrian’s nuts.)

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Adrian slides his legs up and shows off his puckering hole, but Colton wants more of that cock first—a big strand of spit falling from his mouth to the table as he comes up for air. The top finally slides his dick in again, Adrian’s rick-hard cock slamming against his tight abs as he takes it.

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

We get a great low shot that looks up at the penetration, Adrian’s ass hovering over the ledge (fuck, would you look at his dick bounce?!). Colton gets a taste of Adrian’s hole and rams him some more, the top’s body slamming against Adrian’s leg.

We get a nice overhead of the action, Colton going all in and out, then positioning Adrian’s leg to get just the right angle. He then turns the bottom around to pound him doggy (“Right there!”), Adrian’s cock slamming against the side of the table.

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Colton wraps his arm around Adrian and pulls him back, thrusting in deep and pausing (and look at Adrian’s cock resting in one of the pool table pockets!!!). Adrian then sits down on Colton and bounces up and down, showing off his leg and core strength (with his own schlong sliding against Colton’s stomach).

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Adrian jacks as he rides, then turns around so Colton can show off his strength again—fucking him in a cool “crab walk” position. Colton then stands up to give Adrian a facial, and he lets loose an absolute gusher that flies over and onto the bottom’s head. Adrian sucks him, then jacks out a nice load onto his chiseled abs (and as the camera pans down, we can see the big cumshot from Colton all over his chest!).

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Cast: Colton Reece & Adrian Hart
Series: Mind Fuck
Studio: Falcon
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Running time: 32:16

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 5 out of 5
These two dudes have big dicks, and they both take turns on each other in some great action. The side shots of Adrian struggling to get that last half-inch inside his mouth are hot, and later Adrian gets his turn to take control when he guide’s Colton’s head down onto his dick. Lots of nice spit action, too.

Rimming: 5 out of 5
Colton takes his time on Adrian’s smooth hole, and goes back to it for some licks throughout the fucking. Adrian puckers it nicely, and this sequence really builds up the heat for the fucking.

Fucking: 5 out of 5
All the positions you would hope for, and some I wasn’t expecting: that “crab walk” position toward the end is hot af, and I love the sound of the billiard balls clanging against each other as Adrian gets pinned to the table and rammed hard.

Squirts: 4.5 out of 5
Colton’s shoots an absolute gusher over and onto Adrian’s face; Adrian shoots a hot wad, too (although I wish it was onto Colton’s face!).

Chemistry: 5 out of 5
Top notch—I love the sequence where Colton warps his arm around Adrian from behind and pulls him in close as he fucks him from behind.

The X Factor: The pool table really adds to the visuals here, and enables these two to get really creative.

Hottest Shot: The overhead of their two bodies framed by the pool table during the rimming.

Adrian Hart, Colton Reece

Total Rating: 5 out of 5

5 eggplant rating review

See Colton Reece and Adrian Hart in Mind Fuck at Falcon!


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  1. I love this scene. Colton is not only a fantastic all round top but he is one of the best ass eaters in the business. Adrians hole just brings out the best in this scene. No question about their chemistry.

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