Drew Dixon, Alex Mecum

Exclusive 5★ Review: Alex Mecum Excites Drew Dixon So Much, The Bottom Squirts Twice

This sensual, tactile scene is punctuated by some acrobatic suck-and-fuck positions worthy of an art gallery—ending with three hot loads, including a massive wad over Drew’s face and chest.

In this all-star pairing, Drew Dixon and Alex Mecum get us—and each other—in the mood using just their words. With both of them wearing tight blue jeans, they talk about what turns them on, and it’s an arousing experience. “I like to almost feel swallowed up by someone,” shares Drew. “Someone who’s taller than me, someone who’s broader than me, bigger in the shoulders, bigger in the arms, and he can almost just…sweep me up, and almost feel like I’m being crushed into his chest.”

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Enter Alex, the perfect man to fulfill that fantasy. “Sex is so much more than penetration. For me, it’s something that should be a unifying experience that brings people together, and I think a lot of that for me has to do with touch. I like when someone will actually touch me. I love touching people, especially when I am fucking someone, just feeling their ass against my pelvis. It has nothing to do with the dick itself, actually.”

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

And the muscle stud also likes to get his body worshipped (I volunteer!): “I worked hard to build up what I have, and to have that appreciated by someone else who actually like doesn’t want to just get fucked, but to be fucked by me, and to actually be able to touch all this that I have worked on. That’s something that’s satisfying for me.”v

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

What follows is fittingly a very tactile, very verbal pairing that has the two constantly complimenting each other’s bodies, and slowly and sensually rubbing, kissing and licking each other (“Oh my God…your legs!” marvels Drew as Alex wraps them around him. “Damn, this chest! Flex for me!”)

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

That mood makes it all the more satisfying when Alex’s cock is finally released, pulsing like crazy as it pops out of his jeans. We feel Drew’s excitement as he stares at it—and Alex’s excitement waiting to get it sucked. The shots of Drew engulfing it—both in profile and in a POV shot from Mecum’s vantage point—are hot as fuck, a big gob of spit sliding down his thick shaft (and I love how Alex rubs his dick head against Drew’s chest). Drew then kneels up to get deep throated, followed by a great 69 with Alex balancing himself against the bed frame and wall (bravo!).

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Alex stuffs his scruffy face inside Drew’s hole, extending his hot tongue—the two clasping hands as he eats him. It’s such a slow and sensual buildup that makes you feel their pleasure. Alex finally slides his big dick in from behind, closeup shots behind him catching his thick shaft going all the way in—his balls tight as his jock ass clenches. The two are constantly talking to each other and staring into each other’s eyes, making it all the more intense.

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Alex slides Drew up the bed. He pins Drew to the mattress in another display of strength, Alex in a plank position as his huge arms and legs support him. They stand up on the bed for another high-degree of difficulty position, Drew bracing his hand against the wall, one leg held up in the air as he gets fucked—another shot worthy of an art gallery exhibit. “Fuck, you’re so fucking fit!” moans Drew as he rubs the top’s chest.

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Alex pushes the bottom back on the bed and fucks him, staring at Drew as the bottom jacks (“Fuck, you’re so sexy!”), wrapping his muscular arm around him. Drew squirts as he gets fucked, and I love Alex’s expressions as he watches—the top then lunging his mouth in to get a taste, the two then sharing a cum-soaked kiss.

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Alex pulls out and squirts a massive load over Drew’s chest and mouth, the bottom sucking him some more (fuck that’s a hot cock)—Drew getting so fucking excited that he jacks out a second load (!): “Damn, that’s how horny you make me!” Drew fingers the cum off both their cocks, licking up both loads as the two show off their shafts and kiss in a great final shot.

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Cast: Drew Dixon & Alex Mecum
Studio: CockyBoys
Running time: 30:00

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 5 out of 5
The POV shots of Drew slurping on Alex’s thick shaft—and dripping spit all over it—stand out in a scene filled with great shots. Alex’s big cock is so hard and excited when it’s released, and Drew worships it beautifully. Alex also deep throats him back, and we get a hot 69 with Alex balanced against the bed frame and wall—doing half push-ups on the mattress as he sucks Drew (look at those arms!!!).

Rimming: 4.5 out of 5
Alex extends his big tongue and rubs that salt-and pepper scruff in Drew’s hole, getting the bottom to beg for it.

Fucking: 5 out of 5
Sensual and deep, with constant eye contact and talking to each other. The plank position (Alex again showing off his arm and core strength) and the acrobatic stand-up fuck are highlights, and I love the final position with Alex wrapping his arm around Drew as he goes deep.

Squirts: 5 out of 5
Three!!! Two from Drew (with Alex diving on the first to suck it), and a whopper of a load from Alex that coats Drew’s face and chest—followed by cum kissing and licking. Fantastic!

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Chemistry: 5 out of 5
Pretty obvious from jump that these two are 100% into this experience—the buildup to Alex’s cock release (and the subsequent sucking) are so effective because of this.

The X Factor: The constant talking the two have with each other throughout the scene, showing how genuinely connected they are from start to finish.

Hottest Shot: So many to choose from, it’s almost impossible. I’m going go with the 69…perfect way to show off that killer strength from Alex.

Alex Mecum, Drew Dixon

Total Rating: 5 out of 5

5 eggplant rating review

See Drew Dixon and Alex Mecum at CockyBoys!


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