Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Exclusive 5★ Review: Amazing Fuck Train Highlights Epic Drew Sebastian, Zario Travezz, Calix Rivera 3way

This is what a threeway is supposed to be! Everyone stays involved, and the shots are maximized for visual stimulation with three big boners. One of the best scenes of the year!

That bulge. Would you look at that bulge?! When daddy Drew Sebastian unwinds after work (looking handsome as fuck), his monster bulge is putting some major creases in his dress pants. And it’s not even fully hard. So when his stepson’s bud Zario Travezz comes in, we know he sees it, too.

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

“I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just gonna come out and say it: Have you been flirting with me?” asks Drew, starting to take off his tie. And yes, Zario HAS been flirting—and grabs Drew by his tie, pulling him in for a kiss.

Zario wastes little time dropping to his knees: “I’ve been wanting this dick forever,” he says as he looks up. Zario has to open wide as he engulfs it, their clothes quickly coming off as side shots capture Zario going to town. Love the gulping sounds he makes; Drew gets harder when he sits back on the couch—when stepson Calix Rivera walks in and joins the action.

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

The three are rock hard, and newcomer Calix starts by sucking the two hung studs back and forth. We then get a suck chain with Drew in the middle, slurping on Zario—taking it all the way in. Zario then gets in between the two for more sucking, and Drew is so damn big and hard right now that Zario can’t take quite as much in as he could earlier—but it’s so hot to watch him try.

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Drew then has Zario sit on his face so he can munch his hole—and slaps Zario’s cock on his chest as he does it, making a hot sound—all while we get to see Calix chowing down on Drew, with Zario then bending down to get some licks in. This is the start of so many amazing shots that involve all three with the action—this is what a threesome should be! No one left out, and the positions crafted for maximum visual stimulation.

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Let me suck your dicks together,” says Drew, who gets crouches down and gobbles em both up with hot grunts, as Zario and Calix kiss above him. Calix then bends down to get a face fuck from Zario, then suck Drew some more as we get another suck chain—and another great shot with all three boners in frame. Zario wants more daddy dick, diving down and sucking (you can tell he loves that cock!).

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Drew then starts slurping on Calix’s hole, the newbie trying to adjust his ass just so: “Don’t move,” instructs Drew. “Just stay in place. I’m just gonna figure out how to get there.” (I love this, because it’s veteran Drew guiding the newcomer, not just scene dialogue).

Zario then feeds Calix as Drew munches the sub’s hole—spitting on it repeatedly and planting his full salt-and-pepper beard inside. He then makes an amazing sound with his heavy dick as he slaps it on Calix’s ass, grinding on it. Calix gasps for air on Zario’s dick, and Drew leans in to kiss Zario (again, everyone staying involved with everyone else…love it!)

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

“Put your foot down flat,” guides Drew as he finally enters Calix from behind. “There ya go!” Calix starts to moan a lot louder now, an imprint of Zario’s cock still on his cheek as he gets stuffed at both ends.

“You like that big dick in your ass?” asks Zario (Yes, he does: “Fuck me, daddy! Harder!” Drew goes fast, then varies his tempo to a hot slower gyration.

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Zario then gets in between the two, fucking Calix from behind as Drew watches—then slides his way into Zario (watch his face as he’s entered!). Drew and Zario both slide back and forth, and we get glimpses of both of their rock-hard cocks (“Put it back in, baby!” moans Calix as Zario’s pops out). Drew leans in, constantly touching Zario from behind. He leans in so much that Zario has no choice but to be fully inside Calix, who is moaning louder with each thrust.

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Zario then sits down on Drew—both hard as fuck—with rock-hard Calix then sitting down on Zario, a sit-down fuck chain that is one of the hottest visuals you’ll ever see. This is a difficult position we don’t see much, and these three pull it off amazingly. We see all three hard cocks, Zario touching Claix, Drew touching Zario…just a sensory overload. Drew gets a brief chance to pound form below (thank you, plush couch cushion!).

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Calix then gets two big loads to the face, lapping his tongue around the cum—Zario then bending down to do the same and gets some licks in on Drew’s wet dick. Calix then strokes out his load as Drew pulls Zario in for a kiss.

“God damn!” exclaims Zario. You got that right!!! One of my favorite threesomes ever!

Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian, Calix Rivera

Cast: Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian & Calix Rivera
Series: My Stepdad’s Buddy
Studio: Icon Male
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Running time: 27:54

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 5 out of 5
Everyone takes a turn! I love that! Multiple suck chains, and hot shots with Calix and Drew with two cocks in their faces (I love when a hung alpha like Drew shows us how cock hungry he is, too!).

Rimming: 4 out of 5
Not a lot, but we get some dedication with Drew frequently spitting on Calix’s hole before planting his salt-and-pepper beard inside.

Fucking: 5 out of 5
Superlative…we get two fuck trains where everyone is rock hard, and the sit-down fuck train is a visual orgasm in itself.

Squirts: 5 out of 5
Two big facials on Calix, with some cum licking afterward.

Chemistry: 5 out of 5
Just watch those hands touching everything throughout, with lots of kissing, staring and dirty talk along the way. Bravo!

The X Factor: Calix’s moans throughout, which grow louder and louder along the way (when he yells “Don’t stop!” you can feel his excitement!).

Hottest Shot: So many great ones, but the sit-down fuck train is the clear standout.

Total Rating: 5 out of 5

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See Zario Travezz, Drew Sebastian & Calix Rivera in My Stepdad’s Buddy at Icon Male!


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  1. It is a very beautiful sight as enjoyed by all so much. It would be nice to be there and enjoy with them, to feel their hard dick in my mouth and in my ass! I love it when I have a lot of hard dicks in me and I give them pleasure.

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