TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

Exclusive 5★ Review: Kirk Cummings Returns to Falcon After 12 Years in Taylor Reign’s Studio Debut!

Welcome back, Kirk! We last saw the stud at Falcon in 2008, and the comeback kid makes his first major gay studio appearance in three years—in Taylor’s first Falcon appearance ever!

TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

Oh happy day! It’s a double-celebration Falcon scene, with these two cuties making their own history. Taylor Reign likes to get dirty with teammate Kirk Cummings after the team has left, sneaking into the locker room to sniff the ball and cock sweat off all the jockstraps. It turns them on so much that they sniff each others, with Kirk soon on his knees getting a whiff of Taylor’s bulge.

TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

This one’s good and ripe,” says Taylor, shoving another jockstrap in Kirk’s face. Kirk pulls Taylor’s boner out and sucks it deep, choking as he goes all the way down. He spits on it and gets a face fuck, Taylor bending down to kiss him as he grinds his own jockstrap on his ass crack—then shoves it in Kirk’s mouth (this scene COMMITS to the jockstrap worship!).

TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

Taylor then hangs the strap on his cock as he continues to feed a gulping Kirk in a sloppy BJ. Kirk grabs and spreads Taylor’s ass as they kiss, then offers his pit for sniffing—and jockstrap rubbing, the dirty rag ending up in Kirk’s face.

Kirk bends over and offers his smooth hole for slurping, Taylor munching away like a fiend and fingering the sub (make that three-fingering, which Taylor then licks and slides back in!). Taylor spits down on his dick and shoves it in, grabbing Kirk by the jock as he slams his pubes against his ass.

TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

Taylor takes a break to munch some more, then wraps a jock around Kirk’s neck, pulling the bottom close to him as he fucks him faster. Taylor turns Kirk over, releasing the huge bulge in his jock and sucking his big dick to the root in a hot deep-throat display. I love how thick Kirk’s cock is, as Taylor does an amazing job taking it all—as Kirk rubs a jock on it and sniffs it again.

TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

Taylor then slowly slides his dick in (the camera up nice and close), the two taking turns stroking Kirk’s cock as he gets pounded. Kirk’s cock bounces off his thigh as Taylor goes faster, then slams against Taylor’s leg too (hot!).

Taylor jacks off Kirk as he fucks him, the bottom getting harder as he moans “Oh my God!” We get a great closeup of the simultaneous suck-and-stroke, Taylor then pulling out to fuck between the jockstrap band and Kirk’s leg, still jacking him. It’s amazing how good these two are at keeping the jockstrap involved throughout, like an expertly choreographed dance routine.

TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

Taylor spits down on Kirk’s cock and strokes the steel shaft as he fucks him, Kirk moaning like crazy as he comes onto his own stomach and jock—and then moaning even louder as Taylor bends down to suck his wet dick.

They kiss, Taylor fucking him as Kirk pulls up on the jockstrap to better show off the action. Taylor shoots on Kirk’s ass and then shoves his dick back in (“Yeah, fuck that cum in me!”) and goes fast (!), his dick still rock hard and going all in. He pulls out, Kirk sucking the top’s cum-soaked cock as they kiss again.

TAylor Reign, Kirk Cummings

Cast: Taylor Reign & Kirk Cummings
Series: Tales From the Locker Room
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Running time: 29:08

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 5 out of 5
Wet, sloppy and deep from both dudes…I love the nice touch of the jockstrap hang on Taylor’s shaft, and how deep Taylor goes on Kirk’s cock mid-fuck.

Rimming: 5 out of 5
Taylor munches the hell out of Kirk’s smooth hole, shoving his thumb and then three fingers in as well. He also returns to eat his ass mid-fuck.

Fucking: 5 out of 5
Great angles and deep fuck, and Kirk stays nice and plump during it. The only thing missing is a sit-down sequence, but what we get is so good, it doesn’t matter. Love how

Squirts: 4 out of 5
Not massive loads, but you can truly feel Kirk’s orgasm (listen to his voice, look at that face and body!), and Taylor goes right back in to fuck after busting on Kirk’s hole.

Chemistry: 5 out of 5
These two are filthy together, both committing to the jockstrap worship from the beginning. It sets the tone perfectly, and they put on an amazing show.

The X Factor: Duh! The jockstrap action is impressive, and used to great effect from beginning to end. This scene commits to the jock worship and never lets up.

Hottest Shot: (tie) Kirk sucking Taylor with the jockstrap hanging on the shaft; and any shot of Taylor stroking Kirk’s thick hard dick as he fucks him.

Total Rating: 5 out of 5

5 eggplant rating

See Taylor Reign and Kirk Cummimgs in Tales From the Locker Room at Falcon!


7 thoughts on “Exclusive 5★ Review: Kirk Cummings Returns to Falcon After 12 Years in Taylor Reign’s Studio Debut!”

  1. So I guess Kirk’s switch to bi and str8 porn wasn’t as lucrative as he thought so he’s back slumming it as gay again?
    Love Taylor though, it’s a shame with ChiChi directing for Falcon, I guess we’ll be seeing less and less gay performers as the studio returns to it’s 80’s roots using mostly G4P performers.

  2. I loved this scene. It was hot from beginning to end. Taylor is so handsome. Their chemistry is off the charts.

  3. Love it , -Kirk Cummings , welcome again for comeback in Raging stallion studios , hope to see more scenes in the futures. . Great shape and masculinity body plus good earning Money.

  4. For once a great looking guy with a great body who ISN’T covered in tattoos! Look forward to seeing more of Kirk!

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