Exclusive: Behind The Scenes of the Big ‘Biggest Catch’ Finale With Adam Ramzi and Killian James

NakedSword’s summer sex comedy The Biggest Catch closes on a positive note this week, with the three Vegas hookers — Garrett Cooper, Killian James, and JD Phoenix — all getting a little life lesson.

But first, there’s the final sex scene with “daddy” Adam Ramzi, whose dropped wallet Killian runs to return to him, fucking the bejesus out of Killian back at his apartment. It turns out Adam’s character is a college professor, and he offers all the boys scholarships so they don’t have to be hookers all the time anymore!

Director mr. Pam says, “This was an awesome scene to shoot. Killian just totally let himself go, and Adam Ramzi is just such an amazing, sexy, sexual person. I really love watching him eat ass, and watching him bury that pretty little face of his in Killian’s bubble butt was just so hot.”

And as for the ending, Pam says, “The film has a happy ending and it’s cheesy and everything but it ends with a message that I tell the boys all the time: Young gay guys don’t always have to navigate the world with their cocks or holes… they can use their brains. An education lasts a lot longer than a Prada bag!”

Below, is the behind-the-scenes footage for this final scene, with some bloopers involving that car scene and Adam’s BMW.

And the family portrait…


Here you can see how seriously Adam took the job of fucking Killian’s hole, from several angles.

NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames_AffilVert_1 (1)



And below is the full teaser for the final episode of The Biggest Catch.

And which do you think was hotter? Killian getting fucked outdoors by Casey More? Or Killian getting fucked by Adam Ramzi?

[NakedSword Originals: The Biggest Catch, Episode 4]

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