See Andrew Stark and Garrett Cooper’s Chemistry Explode Behind the Scenes in ‘The Biggest Catch’

Episode 3 of NakedSword’s The Biggest Catch finds the boys at “the hottest bar in San Francisco” where Garrett Cooper is desperate for a sugar daddy, and some dick.

Luckily bar manager Andrew Stark is horny and willing, and the two fuck all over a slippery booth in the bar, with Andrew’s amazing dick, as always, the star of the show.

In the behind-the-scenes clip Andrew and Garrett talk about how it was like having sex on a Slip-n-Slide. Also, you can see that Garrett sometimes had to take breaks while getting fucked because Andrew’s cock was just a little too big for him.

Director mr. Pam says she wasn’t sure about the chemistry between these two at first, and it freaked it her out. “While we were taking stills, before the actual shoot, both Andrew and Garrett were a little quiet and reserved. I honestly wasn’t sure how the scene was going to go — and shooting in a nightclub, we had limited time so it put more pressure,” she says. “When we finally started shooting the sex, we were late on the schedule and I was internally freaking out — but gawd damn! The minute I pressed record on the camera, both of them exploded! The scene is so energetic, so fun, and natural. All that chemistry you see is real. I was not expecting that and pleasantly surprised at the stellar sexual performance by these two sweet boys.”

She adds, “I like surprises.. especially if they’re explosive!”

Also, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes clip, this scene came with a bunch of dialogue that had to get shot out on the street in SF’s SoMa neighborhood, and Pam says this got “challenging” with homeless people wandering by and interrupting, with some freezing cold San Francisco summer weather, and a drag queen rehearsal that was going on in the background at the same club where they were just shooting the scene. “So funny and so San Francisco!”

And how cute are these two?


That’s actually an outtake from shooting this, much more serious still:



And here’s Andrew being serious about how amazing his cock is.


And here he is being not so serious.



This would be the slip-n-slide booth…


Anyway, here’s the full teaser clip, where you get Garrett, Andrew, Killian James, and JD Phoenix all doing some serious acting in this very funny, sexy little porn movie.


Next week we get the finale, where Adam Ramzi will be fucking Killian James, and that goes a little something like this.


[NakedSword Originals: The Biggest Catch, Ep. 3]



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  2. man I want them to slide those yummy cocks of there’s down my throat forcing me to take them all the way and sucking them dry

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