EXCLUSIVE: Screenwriter Ben Rush Talks Anal Toys, Overused Porn Tropes, & Two-Hour Wet Dreams

A couple of weeks ago, we told you all about the never-before-seen director’s cut of the acclaimed Raging Stallion mini-series RIDE OR DIE finally hitting the ever-expanding library of NakedSword. Well, we haven’t stopped thinking about the event series since, so we thought we might as well use that as an excuse to catch up with one of the men who helped bring RIDE OR DIE to life – screenwriter Ben Rush!

Along with writing the Raging Stallion drama, you also know Ben Rush for his work on a bunch of recent Falcon | NakedSword projects. Not only did he pen and co-direct Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn (one of our favorite films of 2022), he also helped craft major features like the Johnny Rapid flick Dear Johnny, the award-winning Raging Stallion film Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday, and the upcoming Falcon Studios film Body & Sol. In summary, Ben has been creating an endless amount of porn for the last year and there are no signs of him slowing down anytime soon.

In our quick conversation with Ben, we dug through his recent filmography and talked about the porn plots he’s tired of seeing, some interesting anal toys, and if there’s a possibility that we’ll ever see a RIDE OR DIE sequel series. Take a look at our full chat below, enjoy some snapshots from Ben’s recent films, and be sure to head over to NakedSword to see the very best of this man’s bareback creations!

Greer: The director’s cut of RIDE OR DIE just hit streaming for the first time with its debut on NakedSword. Going back to when the original cut of the series debuted on Raging Stallion earlier this year – how did that production come to life? How did you find yourself writing such an epic series?

Rush: RIDE OR DIE began as Tim Valenti and Tony Dimarco’s vision for a rough and raw original streaming series that would combine Raging Stallion’s trademark hot sex with a compelling dramatic narrative. Tim and I had been talking about working together for quite some time, and this turned out to be the perfect inaugural project. The high standards, creative thinking, and collaborative spirit of the Falcon | NakedSword team – unparalleled in my experience – continues to keep my juices flowing. 

Should we be expecting a RIDE OR DIE sequel series or is that story officially locked up for the time being?

Locked up. I see what you did there. At the moment, diabolic warden Cole Connor is adjusting to his new life behind bars. Perhaps after he settles in for a bit, we can return to Riders Correctional Facility to see just how popular he’s become with the other inmates.

Between the pool noodle in Bred & Breakfast and an upcoming Hot House scene that shows someone getting fucked with a pool cue, it seems that you take a very creative approach with anal toys. Any other random objects we should expect to see being used in your upcoming films?

You’re onto me! I love anal toys, and I love pushing boundaries. The pool noodle was a glorious moment in Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn; Isaac X took it like a champ. Watching a simple household or outdoor item become an instrument of sexual pleasure is very exciting to me, so you’ll definitely be seeing more of that here and there. In the forthcoming Hot House film Skintight, not only does a pool cue find its way inside Jimmy Fit, but also the handle of a foosball table. It’s quite something to see. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking something up for the holidays – perhaps a nice, thick candy cane?!

Have there been any issues with these makeshift dildos while on set or any everyday items that you weren’t able to make work as a toy?

Everything has – pun intended – gone (in) smoothly. As on any Falcon | NakedSword set, toys are cleaned carefully and lubed generously, and the performers are given time to determine their comfort levels with various positions and activities. So far, everyone has been an enthusiastic participant. The only struggle I’ve experienced is trying to get the models to give the toys back!

You seem very ambitious with your scripts and concepts. Everything has a very grand feeling to it. If money wasn’t a concern and you could make a movie however you want, what would be your ultimate big budget dream project? And would it involve someone putting a random household object in their ass?

I have an appreciation for all formats of erotic content. Sometimes, a simple all-sex movie is exactly what the doctor ordered, and other times I want to invest in well-developed characters and fantasize about the scenarios they’re in. In terms of filmmaking, you’re correct; I love larger scenes and movies. I’m currently working on a noir thriller with Tony Dimarco that will feature not only amazing sex but also unique storytelling. I’d also like to write and direct a traditional rom-com, something whimsical and light-hearted that makes viewers want to run away with our main characters. 

What situation, trope, or overused plotline are you tired of seeing in porn?

Tropes become tropes for a reason. Often, they provide a shorthand for viewers by using recognizable themes, cues, or plot points that feel very familiar. There’s a time and place for them. In porn, I either like to put a new spin on common stories and ideas or create something elevated and altogether fresh. If I had to retire one particular trope, though? Definitely the “workman making a house call” set-up.

In the same area, is there an overused plot or trope in porn that you still love to see no matter how many times it’s used?

Even though it’s an often-used trope, I still get turned on by the man who’s taking a dick in his ass for the first time. “But, sir…I’ve never done this before…” Delicious. 

For our readers who are just now starting to watch some of your work, which of your already-released scenes would you tell them is a definite must-watch? Which scene should newcomer fans start with on their Ben Rush binge?

Is this like a Sophie’s Choice kind of thing? How can I choose? I suppose I would suggest the opening scene of Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn featuring Drew Valentino and Lucas Leon. But then there’s also Josh Moore and Reign showering together in the same movie. Hmm…

Is there a performer out there that you’d love to work with for the first time or someone that you’d love to work with again? Name one and give us the perfect role for them.

I’m very eager to work with Derek Kage. Stunning good looks, a body to die for, and a booming voice that’s almost as deep as his ass. He’d play the perfect “mystery man” in a whodunit. I’m thinking something along the lines of Clue or Knives Out. Can I count you in, Derek?

In addition to the RIDE OR DIE mini-series, you’ve also been helping pen a bunch of additional projects for studios like NakedSword Originals, Raging Stallion, Hot House, and Falcon Studios. Without giving too much away, can you tell us a little bit about the upcoming project you’re most excited for fans to see?

I’m really excited about the Raging Stallion thriller I wrote for me and Tony Dimarco to direct. It’s twisty, shocking, and includes an A-list cast. Also on the horizon is a top-secret Falcon project that Steve Cruz and I will be co-directing. It’ll be like a two-hour wet dream!

[Watch: ‘RIDE OR DIE’ Director’s Cut on NakedSword]


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