Exclusive: Boomer Banks Had an Uncredited Dick Double Role In Hollywood Movie With Vince Vaughn

It came to The Sword’s attention that Boomer Banks‘s cock had its Hollywood debut this year and no one knew about it.

Yes, there is a long, clear shot of Boomer’s famously huge, semi-hard dick in the 2015 movie Unfinished Business starring Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco in which Boomer was a dick double (via a glory hole) for actor Nick Frost. But he didn’t even get a mention in the credits! “Stunt doubles… even the caterers get in the credits!” Boomer said, miffed that he was not formally recognized.

The movie features Vaughn and Franco as businessmen in Europe who somehow end up stumbling into some European version of the Folsom Street Fair, and they end up running into some fellow businessman via this glory hole scene.

Boomer says that he went to do the shoot last year and didn’t think much of it afterwards, and he didn’t hear anything when the movie came out either. “I just figured they’d cut the shot, you know, because it was a full frontal, full penis shot. But then I saw the movie came out and I watched it last week with my boyfriend,” Boomer says, “And there it was!”

And now you can see it below, in screencaps and a clip. And as for whether his dick actually touched Vince Vaughn’s ass… it did! “Yeah,” says Boomer, “Vince was like, ‘Yeah, what’s your name, Boomer? Go ahead and poke me in the ass with it.'”

As for the movie, you probably don’t need to watch more than just this clip, since the general reception to it can be summed up by this review, which called it a “pile of dessicated shit.”



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