Antonio Giorni

Exclusive: Cam Stud Antonio Giorni Talks Camming Adventures, Easter Plans, and His ‘Manly Power’

“I like to dominate others…make them feel weak…I like submissive boys.”

Antonio Giorni has been one of the top cam boys for three years on With that chest hair and thick cock, this guy became a smash on gay cams. In an exclusive interview, Antonio talked about his time on live gay porn and all the sexy memories he’s made. He also talked about future plans, including what he’s got set up for Easter. Let’s see what he’s about to find in his basket. 

Machado: Why did you decide to be a webcam model?
Giorni: I decided this in the hope that I could develop personally and because I am the kind of person who likes to be the center of attention!

What do customers usually notice about you first?
My members like the fact that I am a natural boy from all points of view on the camera. They especially like my brown eyes, smile and body hair. Some of them also appreciate my living spirit.

How would you compare yourself from the time you started as a cam model to where you are now?
At first, I was pretty insecure about myself and it was hard for me to reach a certain level on Flirt4Free, but my experience was, is, and I hope always will be just as beautiful. I consider it an adventure with my friends.

What do you love most about being a cam model?
I like it the most when members interact naturally. For me, it’s important to get close to them. I like it when they are active and tell jokes.

Any shows planned for Easter?
Well, I like Easter…and I have some ideas for my members to “clash eggs together.”

Where do you hope to be five years from now?
I didn’t think of that, but I’m sure I’ll be in another stage of my evolution- I hope for a better one.

What is a sentence a customer must say to seduce you?
It’s hard to say, but I can say that I remember with pleasure when a member once told me that “the idea of ​​being sexy is just a matter of attitude.” I appreciated this clever word.

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
This chapter is definitely complex, but I really like to feel “in charge.”

How often do you cum when you’re not on camera?
Not too often…I prefer to keep my “manly power” for my admirers…I want to offer them the best!

Top or bottom?
Definitely versatile. It’s the best and most enjoyable choice I could make for sex.

Best way to give you an orgasm on cam?
For me, this thing works when a member combines anal stimulation with a maximum level of pleasure, plus dirty talk…I definitely had experiences like this on camera…they were memorable!

Favorite fetishes?
I really like foot fetish and roleplay fetish of all kinds.

Favorite hobbies?
I really like film art, fine arts, and painting.

What’s an unusual skill you have?
I don’t know if it’s a special skill, but I like to imitate well-known actors on camera.

What is the weirdest thing a customer has asked you to do?
There have been some unpleasant experiences with this idea and I wouldn’t want to make you sad by saying them.

What do you want to find in your Easter basket?
Definitely a lot of eggs of all colors and a rabbit to bring them to me.

What is the highest number of orgasms you’ve had in one session?
I think 3 or 4…I don’t remember, I was dizzy!

Tips for a stronger orgasm?
Certainly strong and vibrant anal stimulation works well for anyone.

What’s a hilarious moment that happened on cam?
When I had to remember the name of a member’s puppy to receive a great tip. 

Favorite kind of underwear?
I like colorful and elastic boxers, but also the pairs of jockstraps that I really want.

Best way for a customer to break the ice with you?
To show me that I care for him as much as he cares for me

Best blowjob tips?
Breathe and breathe, boys.

How did you become so good at the art of seduction?
The art of seduction goes hand in hand with communication. When you are good at communication, the art of seduction appears without realizing it.

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