Exclusive: Devin Franco Tells Us All About His Favorite (And Least Favorite) Kinks

With an endless amount of professional studio scenes under his belt and a career that spans over six years, it’s pretty safe to say that every gay porn fan knows who superstar Devin Franco is. What you may not know though, is that in addition to starring in countless bareback projects for some of the industry’s top studios, this kinky performer has recently been launching his own sites and stepping behind the camera to direct some truly cum-worthy hookups.

Devin is one of the men behind sites like DevinFranco.xxx, a site we told you about last month, and the fetish-centric BondageBros.com. Both of these hardcore gay porn destinations from Devin feature an array of kink content that basically covers every possible sexual fetish under the sun with some scenes even starring or being directed by Devin himself.

To celebrate these new sites and all over Devin’s great work, we’ve decided to catch up with this gay porn favorite to chat about his biggest personal fetishes, what he just isn’t into sexually, and how his relationship is going with boyfriend Felix Fox. Take a look below at our full interview and if you want to see more from this bareback icon, make sure to check out BondageBros and DevinFranco.xxx!

Franco: Congrats on the new site, Devin! For our readers who don’t know, can you explain a little bit about what BondageBros is and what fans can expect from the site?
Greer: Thank you, I am super excited to have this new site up and running. I partnered up with Trenton Ducati and we have an amazing team bringing you some hot fetish content you’re not gonna see anywhere else. As my fans know, I definitely have a kinky side and an appreciation for BDSM and fetish porn. I want to share my freaky side with my fellow freaks. BondageBros is going to be an all fetish site where bondage is just the beginning for our boys. You can expect everything from flogging to fisting to serve your kinkster fantasies.

With this new site, Men’s Briefs from Falcon Studios, and your work at Fetish Force, you’ve been directing a lot of different scenes recently. How have you enjoyed stepping behind the camera for all these projects?
Honestly, directing has always been a dream of mine. I love finally getting to use my experiences to bring my fantasies to life. I am always coming up with stories and scenarios, and so having the opportunity to get to see them come to life feels like magic.

In addition to directing for this new site, you’re featured as a performer in a lot of kinky BondageBros videos. Is there any fetish you haven’t experimented with on the site yet or maybe want to experience more?
I definitely want to get more into golden showers and piss play content, but with current Visa and MasterCard restrictions, it makes it impossible to stream that kind of content. Which is why I want my fans and everyone reading this to demand policy change from these companies who have the power to censor content creators like me and are limiting what you can do with your money. I hope the porn industry comes together as a whole to take a class action lawsuit against these companies because it is the only way change will happen, and the restrictions go way beyond just kink fetish and golden showers porn. I think people would be shocked to learn the amount of control these companies hold over porn and it’s time something is done about it.

What about kinks that you possibly dislike? Are there any acts you’ve tried for the camera or in your personal life that you weren’t the biggest fan of?
I am pretty much into everything except shit and blood. (Laughs) I love trying new things and sensations and experiences.

When this site first launched you said that you wanted the site to be a way to show fans “just how much fun my friends and I have”. Who are you some additional friends or fellow performers that you’re looking forward to having on your site for some “fun”?
Off the top of my head, I really want to get Roman Todd on the site as a dom top. He’s got the right attitude and energy and boys love to submit to him and serve him and he knows how to make them his bitch.

Is there a performance or a scene for a BondageBros video that you’re most proud of? Or a scene that you think just turned out really fucking great?
We have had a lot of good scenes. One that stands out is where I have Quin Quire taped up to his longboard and I’m pulling him around by a chain and I fuck his tight hole.

Speaking of fellow porn stars – you also just starred in the massive orgy for Raging Stallion’s SCRUM Balls to the Wall and Hot House’s SCRUM Go Big or Go Home. What was it like filming such a giant studio orgy scene with seven other guys?
That was such a great scene to film in. So many hot guys. A lot of moving pieces behind the scenes. At one point there is a single shot walk through of the locker room where we are all fucking and it is so hot and cinematic. My favorite part was fucking Luca del Rey’s perfect muscle butt and we were having the best chemistry. I love working with Tony Dimarco and he always does amazing work.

And the last time we saw you, you were a guest on the Discretion Advised podcast where you talked about your boyfriend and popular porn hunk Felix Fox. How are things going with him and is there a chance that we’ll be seeing him on BondageBros anytime soon? Does he have a kinky side?
Things with Felix are going great. I’m the luckiest man alive, and he is a beautiful person inside and out. He is very kinky and I love helping him explore his freaky side. I hope to get him on BondageBros once he is out of contract.

Besides giant rugby orgies and BondageBros, are there any other major upcoming projects that we should be expecting from Devin Franco? What’s next for you?
I launched my own fan website where you can see all my new content exclusively on DevinFranco.xxx. I am gonna be doing a lot more directing as well. And we are about to begin another round of production for BondageBros so stay tuned for that.

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive: Devin Franco Tells Us All About His Favorite (And Least Favorite) Kinks”

  1. Whenever I see guys doing porn in this manner, I feel like there’s something else going on internally. The over slutty feel easily becomes a turn off. Devin has done a lot but I will give him some credit… he hasn’t started sleeping with women. We see so many of these “gay” guys doing so.

  2. Devin is one of the best looking guys in porn. However, it seems like he has had sex with everyone, plus, all his fisting stuff get me a little nervous for his overall health. Obviously, he’s an adult and can do what he wants… just makes me wonder what’s going on with him.

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