Exclusive: Dustin Zito’s Fratmen Co-Star “David” Speaks!

The former adult performer–and the man who had sex with The Real World’s Dustin Zito (a.k.a. “Spencer)–talks exclusively to The Sword about his bisexuality in the Fratmen house, and what he did for MTV producers.

As Fratmen owner John Marsh alluded to me last week, there’s probably more to the drama over those screencaps and to what you’re about to read below. My guess is that it will be revealed in an upcoming episode on this season’s Real World, and all of this is to hype the show. Fine. I’ll play along.

Both Marsh, and now this afternoon “David,” whose real name is Cory Talbert, were quick to get off the phone with me (Marsh put me in contact with Talbert) and both said that they’d be able to talk more at a later date. I’m inclined to believe that both of them have agreements with Real World producers to not talk to the media. As shown (and then pulled due to a DMCA) last week, Cory Talbert/”David” is the only man that had anal sex with Dustin Zito/”Spencer” in the Fratmen house, so he’s undoubtedly of high value to MTV.

For his part, Talbert was most interested in plugging his personal website, where he blogs about an upcoming Ironman competition, his wife and daughter, and a new baby on the way. Also, Talbert is a Marine stationed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, has a criminal record, and told me he was bisexual–when he was living in the Fratmen house, at least. It’s sort of refreshing and sort of weird that a former gay adult performer is so willing to talk about–if not promote–his personal life and his family (he explicitly asked me to link to his site), but here’s what Cory Talbert told me in our hurried, somewhat confusing conversation.

The Sword: Why do you want to talk now? What message do you want to get out?
Cory Talbert: Well I can’t really talk long, I just wanted to make sure that the link to my site was published so people could find out more about me. I also want people to know that I’m OK with homosexuality, and there are other things that people can learn about sexuality from [The Real World].

So you’re OK with being gay? But you’re married to a woman, with a family?
Yeah, I can probably talk to you guys more about it later, but I’m comfortable with everyone’s sexuality, and I want people to be comfortable with their own sexuality.

You’re bisexual, then? Or were you experimenting back in 2006 and 2007?
Yes. Well, I was bisexual. Or, I don’t really know what word to put on it.

What does your wife think about your role on Fratmen?
She’s totally fine with it. She’s known for three years. She knew from the very beginning. I do have to go though. People can go to my site and read more about me.

OK, but before you do, have you talked to Dustin Zito since you left the Fratmen house? What was your reaction when you saw that he was on The Real World?
No, I haven’t talked to him or any of the guys since I left. I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw him on the show. I can totally see why he’d be put on The Real World. I can see why he’d be put on any show; he’s such a character.

And have you talked to anyone from the show?
I have. The producers had me and John [Marsh] sign a release to use my images on the show, and I think you’ll see me on there soon.

[Cory Talbert: Help Cory Run The Ironman]

Cory Talbert/”David” at Fratmen.tv:

“David and Spencer” preview:



18 thoughts on “Exclusive: Dustin Zito’s Fratmen Co-Star “David” Speaks!”

  1. When he said “Or, I don’t really know what word to put on it.”

    The word he was looking for is still BISEXUAL– just like most of Fratmen models.

    He currently is a bisexual man in an exclusive relationship with a female.

    Fratmen owner Marsh is an expert at taking whatever scandals his models get into and capatalizing on it. He did that before with model Nash — making sure that he did every interview and mentioning the website address. He created from scratch the fake scandal that all of Zito’s images must be removed and implied that MTV was behind it. However, MTV denied that they had anything to do with Marsh’ requests.

    Jaavier is right — sexuality is not something you turn on or off (that Book of Mormon musical has a song like that). David knows this as well and probably in the future will open up that relationship by having sex again with a man.

    But the, “please see my website” is this: he’s a bisexual man that thinks of gay men as human ATM machines. His wife is in on it.

    However, I don’t think he understands that being a Marine (even with DADT being repealed), that using his real name could get him in trouble still. Doing porn (gay or straight) is against the policies of the Marine Corps and he could get kicked out for it.

  2. ur sexual orientation isnt a light switch where u can turn it oo/off as u pls!!! i really hope he doesnt fuck his family over in the long run when his true desires coe into play…one can only fight it for so long!! After all we are human..and Dustin u are sooooo gay dude…u’ll find ur way eventually i just hope ppl dot get hurt in the process.

  3. Weird to see this since i think i have met “david” before in real life at a club lol crazy how small the world is! good to see you doing well and married! :D

  4. I don’t know much about Dustin, as I don’t watch the Real World Show, but Cory/David seems like a good guy, with a beautiful young family. In terms of his videos- I could care less where he falls on the sexuality scale, as long as he puts on a good performance.

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fratmen cashes in on the “scandal” and releases a “Best of Spencer” DVD and downloadable media clip file where all of his hardcore sex performances are captured (including the ones where he has sex with other guys).

    Obviously the interest is there.

  6. I have to say to all the guys saying the article didn’t contain any information: If you read the other articles and followed the story, here on The Sword. then you would have notice the story is about the fact that MTV has spent alot of time and money to keep information controlled. I say controlled because they had to know they couldn’t make it go away. It seems from Zach’s multiple sources saying the “whole story” will come out soon that they intend to have a “shocking” reveal of the actual gay sex before those involved are free to speak. Of course, that means they had to agree, with payment and contract, that they would not talk about it. That is the story.

    I have to say that while I never was a fan of Fratmen/Fratpad, or that idea of putting a group of straight guys in a house and encouraging them to do homoerotic things, now that many years have gone by it would be interesting if it were possible to see where those guys are today. How many actually finished school? Got married? Came out? Got fat? ETC…

  7. The photo of him and his wife, quite nice!
    However: the interview was a bit less of informative.

    Side Note: You changed the layout of your site again? I enjoy it!

  8. Well, good luck to the guy and his family is adorable. But honestly, fella, you haven’t stopped making “bad life decisions”.

  9. Um, what was the point of this interview? I mean, did the sword give him a bj in exchange for what exactly? Another bisexual man who WAS bisexual and is currently without a word for it. Chile I’m so over it. Give the publicity to the out and proud gays. I can careless about a man who was bisexual, who was in no action videos, who WAS jerking off with some nobody from the real world and is now married with kids. Good day.

    1. Watch whatever you want, but if you’d read this article or the one preceding it, you’d see that this performer does in fact have hardcore action videos.

    2. I was reading the other day about a gay couple who went to Australia and were not allowed to use the restroom by the bartender who said that is “reserved for real men”.

      You sir, sound exactly like that bartender!

      1. Those “gay men” were “Tales of the City” author Armistead Maupin and his partner. I think that bartender really regrets his prejudice now or at least being caught.

        1. Agreed, but that was not the point. The point is that we should really not become just as bad…and I am worried to see this shit of “only for real gays” turn up more and more often…

          1. I think Res is tired of the equivocating. As am I. This guy *was* bisexual. So is bisexuality a mutable characteristic now? What about being gay? Maybe there’s something to that reorientation therapy after all…

            As for all this RW bullcrap, I’m sure it’ll come out that all parties involved are/were straight and they only did it for the money. “Most men in gay porn are straight,” I imagine Dustin will say to his appalled female roommates (the ones he’s trying to sleep with).

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