EXCLUSIVE: Fake Falcon Recruiter Preys On Potential Models In Elaborate Internet Scam

Falcon Studios Group has learned today of an elaborate, ongoing internet scam preying on innocent men who are interested in appearing in a Falcon movie.

Primarily working through Grindr and Instagram, a scam artist has created fake profiles posing as a veteran gay porn performer who claims to be recruiting for Falcon Studios.


A recent victim shared this screenshot of his interaction with the fake talent scout on grindr.

The fake profile lures prospective models and gay porn newcomers with sexy photos, personal video clips, and the promise of appearing in the iconic brand’s movies, quoting $2,500 – $3,500 compensation for the shoot based on his performance.

 Once they reply, potential models are then told they must pay deposits of up to over $1,000 to cover different items such as contract and film date retainers, medical coverage fees, and more.

Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword Network want to be clear to all men interested in appearing in movies they produce that no model will ever be charged any deposit or fee of any kind. Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword Originals pay models to appear in their productions, as well as assists with travel and accommodations.

VP of Production, Adam Q. Robinson states, “Our top priority is always the well-being of everyone we work with, including potential models. We encourage prospective performers to submit their application, and if they’re a fit for an upcoming production, they will be contacted by either myself or one of our directors, but they will never be asked to pay any money to us under any circumstances.”

“We feel for anyone who has been scammed out of money to appear in our movies and hope we can raise awareness about this so nobody else is deceived or exploited,” states Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword Network President Tim Valenti. “We’re committed to do anything we can to ensure that nobody else falls victim to this blatant misrepresentation and fraud.”

Below is a screenshot of a fake booking confirmation email demanding money for a ‘contract fee.’

SCAM! Here is the Fake Model Contract sent to a victim.

The studios encourage aspiring performers to be on the lookout for this scam and for any victims to report it to their local authorities. If you feel you’ve been targeted by this or any similar scam connected to Falcon Studios Group (Falcon, Raging Stallion, Hot House, Club Inferno) and NakedSword Network (NakedSword Originals), email report@falconstudios.com with screen shots of messages and any supporting communication. A representative from Falcon Studios will reply and verify the validity of the messages.

Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword Network ask anyone who is interested in performing in movies for the studios to apply via the group’s online Model Application at www.model4falcon.com.


3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Fake Falcon Recruiter Preys On Potential Models In Elaborate Internet Scam”

  1. If you know people in the industry, you would know that is not how the studios operate. No one hires people just like that, hence the screen test.

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