Exclusive: Gay-For-Pay Go Go Boy Underwear Model Quinn Jaxon Caught On Tape Cheating On His Fiancée!

Former gay-for-pay porn star turned gay-for-pay go go boy underwear model Quinn Jaxon announced (and apologized for) his engagement to a woman this past summer, but here—in a Sword world exclusive—is a video of him cheating on her with another woman.

By “woman,” I mean WeHo tranny sensation Rhea Litre. And by “cheating,” I mean here is Rhea fluffing Quinn’s penis in the dressing room of a strip club. Thanks(?) to gay-for-pay go go boy underwear model infidelity monitor “Jamie” for sending me the clip.

Does Quinn’s future bride approve of her fiance getting a helping hand with his helicopter?

27 thoughts on “Exclusive: Gay-For-Pay Go Go Boy Underwear Model Quinn Jaxon Caught On Tape Cheating On His Fiancée!”

  1. Each passing year, Quinn Jaxon gets more and more trashy looking! He’s OD’d on Tattoos, looking ever nasty with the more he has inked on him, I agree with others as stated above, particularly on his back! He’s not that impressive in person, and seems DESPERATE for attention and money all the time! Anyone would be a fool to give him money for one of his so-called “fundraisers” or to buy his pics, just not worth the price as far as I am concerned! He’s not really all that nice, just “fake nice” as I had experienced. He didn’t seem to appreciate the tips I had given, and was borderline nasty in my experience in interacting with him!

  2. I don’t think he’s still engaged. I also don’t think he’s been faithful. Lots of rumors of female fuckbuddies all over LA.
    I do, however, think he’s more into women than men. Sorry…

  3. After Watching Quinn’s Randy Blue vid, I think he’s about as straight as a rainbow over a West Hollywood Pride parade.

  4. Really.. people need their own damn lives so they don’t get caught up in all this celebrity bullshit. As long as you’re not molesting children or raping someone, knock yourself out. I could give a fuck. Just do the job you’re supposed and everyone else needs to mind their own business. Sorry for the rant, just tired of this kinda BS all day every day.

  5. Does anyone know if he is a Gay-For-Pay- Escort? RentBoy AD? I’m just asking for a friend who does not have internet…or a computer.

    1. Rhea Litre is a drag queen , not a transsexual . She doesn’t have boobs , probably doesn’t take hormones , etc… She’s a crossdresser / A man in a dress who does this for entertainment.
      Quinn’s wife is a biological woman , although I hope she uses strap-on dildos on him!!:)

      1. I love it! Here you are, his biggest fan – and you’re making him seem even more ridiculous than he already is! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

          1. What’s ridiculous about a man getting fucked by a strap-on dildo? All men have prostates and can derive pleasure from it, as a fag you should know that.

            No I didn’t buy him a Xbox and I don’t think he even has an Amazon Wish List, you’ve just made this up , right ?

            You are predictible , heterophobic and transphobic .

  6. Watch Quinn come out in like a year or two. Trust me, this whole “engagement to a woman” was all a publicity stunt. A good one at that.

    1. I agree. He was raised in a military family, as was I. It’s the most homophobic atmosphere on earth! Add to that gymnastics and ballet classes. He had to work overtime to convince everyone he was not gay!

  7. THis is my dream , right there .
    Rhea is such a lucky gal, she gets to record with Willam and wiggle Quinn’s little dick .
    To be fair his job as a go go dancer involves a lot of people touching him even on his private parts like this .
    It’s only sex if the dick makes it into one’s ass or vagina.
    We have yet to see this type of interaction with Quinn Jaxon :)
    I wish him a long and happy marriage, but I’m sure all the desperate cock hungry whores lurking around here will be out complaining and bashing him once again.
    The reality is : Even if he was gay your old dirtbags couldn’t have him , so give it a rest !

    1. I would never bash him, I think he’s adorable and sexy and magnificent. I’m just not totally convinced that he’s a complete Kinsey 0, that’s all.

    2. I though Rhea was more your speed. And Quinn (ugh, that name is SOOO GAY!) needs to be wearing Victoria’s Secret lingerie and Louboutin stillettos… otherwise you won’t be able to get it up… because you’re such a manly man. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

      1. Well yes I would certainly dig him in this type of outfit and I’m not ashamed of it . Female lingerie on men is sexy!!

          1. Yeah. Loki’s kind of rabid towards you, and I’m starting to notice it’s not entirely without cause. It’s like you come to this blog, whose content doesn’t even seem to cater to you or be your speed, and then you proceed to bash everyone for liking what’s on here. Which…no. Just no. You don’t get to crash a party and then rag on people who were invited when you were not.

          2. I don’t bash everyone , I expect you guys to bash the performers I like so yeah I’m not gonna let this happen .
            If you have a problem with Quinn , you deal with me first.
            The content of this blog caters to me , I have the right to have other fantasies too and I don’t give a fuck whether you approve of them or not . I like masculine men in female underwear and high heels (not transsexuals , I like transsexual people but they don’t attract me sexually ) , like in the recent Lucas Movie “PantyHoes” except none of the guys were attractive in this one.
            Loki must have overdosed on poppers , looks like he’s not lurking around here anymore – good .

          3. @Half-pork

            Nope. Still here. Unlike you, I actually have a life and can’t spend all of my time scouring the blogosphere, defending Quinn Jaxon and Chris Crocker from any and all disparaging remarks.

            “I like masculine men in female underwear and high heels (not transsexuals)…”

            Wow, ’cause that sort of thing is featured in every other update on this blog… (That’s sarcasm, BTW. With an IQ hovering around 85, I know that might’ve been lost on you.)

            A few choice half porco quotes, courtesy of Google:
            “The comments here prove that gay men are saddos and bullies.”
            “Oxygen thieves that society should cast away . If you want tolerance, you might want to consider starting at home.”
            “…please only have sex with other contaminated people (i.e., HIV-positive gay men). Honestly if ever there was a backlash on gay people again, this would be a good reason why.”

            Contaminated, saddos, bullies, and oxygen-thieves… why, tell us how you really feel! LMFAO!

          4. You take all my comments out of context , I was replying to you guys bullying someone (again , because that’s what you do best ) and the “contaminated people” thing was about a Treasure Island media post and I stand by every word I said .

            I just happen to have morals and I don’t think glamoziring disease transmission is OK .

            The thing about men in female underwear is ONE of my fantasies , I happen to have several.

            Btw I am gay, I just don’t identify with the sad trolls around here who take every opportunity to bash performers for no valid reason.

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