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Exclusive Interview: Director Marc MacNamara on Blood, Sweat and Fears in New Epic

The award-winning director continues to push the envelope in 2020 with ‘Rise of the Sirens,’ his new message movie that explores climate change. Here, he discusses the story, his cast, and the stunning—and dangerous—Hawaii locations.

The debuted scene of Rise of the Sirens landed yesterday, featuring Beaux Banks and Matthew Camp in a memorable—and otherworldly—seaside encounter. And it’s clear that with this project, director Marc MacNamara already has two big award contenders for next year (his NakedSword project A Murdered Heart earlier this year explored gay conversion therapy camps). And it’s just April!

Matthew Camp

Marc took time out of his schedule to talk with us abut this exciting new project!

TheSword: This trailer looks amazing…the camerawork, locations…what can you tell me about the origins of this project and how it evolved?

Marc MacNamara: Thank you! Well, Christian from had been wanting to do a mermaid series for a while, but I was having a hard time connecting with a story that would make sense in a world where mermaids existed. I talked with a marine biologist and we discussed the patterns of larger prey coming in closer to shore due to climate change. Thus, the Sirens became predators that us humans never knew existed until the oceans started changing…and it clicked and I was able to go off on that.

TheSword: You’ve worked on the water before, most notably for your award-winning Tarzan. How did this shoot compare to that? (I recall it was a challenging experience technically.)

Marc MacNamara: I love a challenge and I love being out in the wild and capturing places that we don’t normally see in the porn world. I would sacrifice my body to get a good shot—and with locations like these, you do that daily. I love being in the water—that is where I’m most comfortable. My father is a fisherman and I grew up out there…I love it.

TheSword: What are your most memorable stories from the shoot?

Marc MacNamara: The crew arrived on the island a few days before the cast, and we spent our days with a local named Billy—he was a mermaid expert who was a consultant on Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. He also happens to be a marine biology student, so he helped us find every crazy location I had in mind.

Each shooting spot required hours of hiking with heavy equipment in the scorching Hawaii sun, but the cast and crew kept amazing attitudes and we made it work. One of my favorite memories was filming the night death scene that opens the movie with Jamie and Thomas, two crew members who made cameos here, and Beaux Banks stalking them in the open ocean. We had our marine expert Billy with us and he seemed very uneasy about what we were doing out in the water at night, but said we should be fine. It wasn’t until after we wrapped that he warned us we were filming under a pier that is known for its large shark population.

Another favorite moment was when I tried to teach Matt Camp and Colby Tucker how to surf. Well, we got as far as the laying down and paddling part…the surfing wasn’t going to happen with them, but they were great sports. Another moment was when Beaux throws fire at JJ and Collin—and basically our PA had to throw light fluid right on my face and camera to catch fire to get a proper shot of it without endangering the models.

Matthew Camp, Beaux Banks

TheSword: We’ve seen Beaux Banks do a lot of comedic roles recently, and this shows off another side…what can you tell us about him as a performer?

Marc MacNamara: Beaux will do whatever it takes to get the shot. He takes great pride in his work and will not stop until it’s perfect. There was a moment where he had to dive off this cliff face first and then climb back up these jagged rocks. His head and leads were bleeding from the jump, and I basically had to have someone hold him down from trying to do it again because he wanted to get it perfect. He’s a maniac and a dream to work with.

Rise of the Sirens

TheSword: This is another amazing cast…give some quick thoughts on these guys. Paul Canon?

Marc MacNamara: The best swimmer in the mermaid tail. He so easy-going and a brilliant performer to work with.

TheSword: Angel Rivera?

Marc MacNamara: He is a quiet killer. He’ll stay reserved all day, but when that camera is on he will nail it and blow you away.

TheSword: Matthew Camp?

Marc MacNamara: The sweetest and most positive guy. He is such a joy to be around and a trooper with everything we threw at him. A much-needed breath of air and happiness.

TheSword: Colby Tucker?

Marc MacNamara: An acting genius. He knew exactly how to deliver every line and steal any scene he was in.

TheSword: JJ Knight?

Marc MacNamara: Was a last-minute replacement, and he came in and proved exactly why he was there. Amazing.

TheSword: Collin Simpson?

Marc MacNamara: I had never met him before and his role required a lot of acting. He exceeding all of my desires for the role. I’m so glad we had him in this.

Rise of the Sirens

TheSword: This is your second big film this year that has tackled a serious subject. What’s it like to get to explore this in your craft? Why through porn?

Marc MacNamara: That was my goal for 2020, to come to the table with something to say. The times we are in are going to be revolutionary if we keep pushing down those closed doors. But I always say if the door is closed, then you better have one hell of an interesting knock to get someone to open it.

TheSword: How seriously do you think climate change is being taken, and what would you like to see happen?

Marc MacNamara: Not seriously enough, and no action is happening fast enough. People don’t like to plan ahead. Not many people have a saving account—they spend any extra money to make themselves feel better instantly. It’s the same concept—those that can plan ahead still are not doing so. We have to think about the future; if not for our own, be noble enough to think about the next generation.

TheSword: What other issues would you like to integrate into porn?

Marc MacNamara: I just finished writing a new movie. All I’ll say right now is that the main driving story revolves around the future of government and the extremes it has brought us to.

TheSword: What can you tell us about your next big projects?

Marc MacNamara: There is another story I want to tell about mind control…I’ll get to that one eventually.

Thanks, Marc! Check out the debut scene of Rise of the Sirens with Beaux Banks and Matthew Camp, and check out the series trailer below!


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