Exclusive: Interview With Boomer Banks and Bonus ‘Monkey Sex’ Scene From ‘The Pack’

The big finale of The Pack came out this week, but that’s actually not the final-final scene. Today mr. Pam unveils the crazy “monkey sex” bonus scene she’s been promising.

As she puts it, it features “Leo Forte transforming himself from a British soldier/human soul to a monkey soul by whipping himself and then getting fucked by his monkey brothers.”

And yes, there are costumes. And masks.

And yes, that is where these images came from for our caption contest, including a very angry-seeming Dirk Caber. It goes live on NakedSword today.



Also, for your Friday viewing pleasure, here’s some behind-the-scene footage from The Pack along with an exclusive interview with star Boomer Banks. He talks about what it was like to fuck Leo Forte and Cam Christou in front of 6,000 people. He also says that while the premise of the movie might be fictional, “All of us who were in this movie really really care about each other, like brothers.”


[NakedSword: The Pack]

27 thoughts on “Exclusive: Interview With Boomer Banks and Bonus ‘Monkey Sex’ Scene From ‘The Pack’”

  1. He’s a total bottom and can’t keep his dick hard when topping. Why is anyone trying to act like that is not true?

  2. My idea from checking him out on Twitter is that he is a sweet sensitive gentle soul with an enormous dick who is simply making hay (ok…) while the sun shines. Gifted with such a huge talent, why not?

  3. I love how everyone has INSIDER knowledge of people they have never met, known, or even spoke to; but you’re all so eager to make your point.

  4. Before he did porn he was a go-go boy all over town and had lots of friends who always said nice things about him. Once he started doing porn and hooking he changed and adopted an “I’m fabulous” attitude and lost his old friends because of it. No one has anything nice to say about him now. And yes, he’s a BIG bottom and not because people are scared of his cock. He’s a bottom because his a big bottom. Also, he has a very hard time keeping it up – and not just in the vids.

  5. I usually like latino men. Dale Cooper is so HOT. But Boomer is kinda weird looking guy, he’s skin kinda rough too. His villain feature can pass for any roles in Pirates film.

  6. His dick bends like a pancake while he’s fucking sometimes… he’s never rock hard. I do still love his never-hard HUGE cock, but I think I’m done sipping the Boomer Banks tea. He’s an annoying queen on twitter that only talks to other pornstars and I still can’t help but think he’s why Seven Dixon left the industry. Give us back Seven and take Boomer.

  7. He’s hot enough and actually gay, which is one up on much of the muck that forced upon us.

    And his dick is very big.

      1. I followed him on twitter then, what I remember he said he’s getting hard with a woman porn star. So his fans supposed that he’s the so called bi and liar. I unfollowed him coz he wasnt interesting at all.

    1. I agree! He’s obviously not a bottom, even if he chooses to only bottom, which I don’t suspect that’s true, off camera.

    1. I agree. I like tattoos on the right guy, but those tarts and the fact that he seems to really have a problem staying hard (more obvious with that big dick) are a turn off. I guess he’s around to please the size queens…

      1. I don’t think he has a problem staying hard, it is the fact that is dick aims down instead up up that seems to make it look like he does not have an erection, but when he handles it is stiff as a board.

        1. He’s a bottom in his personal life because everyone is afraid of that big dick lol. But he is booked as a top in porn because of that dick, which still scares people lol. Jimmy Fanz and Johnny V have stated they would never do a scene with Boomer, and it’s because they find his dick to be too big haha. When will Boomer obliterate Armond Rizzo with that dick? Armond can definitely take it, he’s taken Antonio Biaggi already, which is just a little smaller than Boomer’s dick.

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