I can never get enough Zario Travezz, who’s handsome face and sexy-as-fuck bod—love how those sweet pecs bookend a hot dusting of mid-chest hair—light up a camera. And that dick is pretty hot too, filling four holes in this aggressive threesome.

Like the other scenes in this series, we open with some sexy smooching and stroking. Handsome Zario is the lucky man between Taye Scott and Nico Santino, who kiss and lick the jock before dropping to their knees.

Zario Travezz, Nico Santino, Taye Scott

Nico gets the first taste before Zario fucks Taye’s face, the two suckers stroking as they pass the cock back and forth. Spit clings to Zario’s leg, and he soon has the two men gagging on his cock. Nico in particular seems super horned, keeping his eyes focused on cock and moaning like a madman as the scene picks up steam.

Zario Travezz, Nico Santino, Taye Scott

Zario has his hands behind each of their heads as he gives them both a taste, the shine from the spit on his left leg getting bigger thanks to Nico’s drool. It’s so hot watching Zario fuck both of their mouths—this is a fast and spirited suck.

Nico then gets on all fours on the bed, slurping Taye’s cock as Zario eats him out. The sub’s butt cheeks quiver as Zario bangs his head and tongue against them, both dudes slapping his ass. Taye stands to feed Nico, whose smooth hole gets wetter and wetter with Zario’s tongue.

Zario Travezz, Nico Santino, Taye Scott

The camera doesn’t linger too much on Nico sucking Taye, who initially isn’t fully hard (which doesn’t stop Nico from getting his mouth soaked with spit). He gets harder, slamming his big uncut cock against Nico’s face.

Zario then fucks Nico doggie style, the bottom moaning with Taye’s cock still in his mouth—Taye delivering a nice face fuck as he looks over at Zario, whose balls are banging like crazy in a hot low shot looking up at the action.

Zario Travezz, Nico Santino, Taye Scott

Nico’s moans may start to get a little distracting; it’s a constant noise that doesn’t vary much, with a lot of quiet from his co-stars. It becomes too easy to focus on the noise, and at times I found it was diverting my attention.

We then edit to Taye on his back getting fucked by Nico (“Open that ass up…there ya go!”), Zario stroking his own dick before eventually feeding it to Taye. He soon straddles the bottom’s face and fucks it good, Zario’s hot cock glistening when it comes out and slides against Taye’s head. Zario then bounces his hole on Taye’s tongue—Zario’s big boner bouncing in a hypnotic circle (these straddle shots are my favorite of the scene).

Zario Travezz, Nico Santino, Taye Scott

Nico then offers his ass again, getting fucked from behind by Zario. The bottom lays on top of Taye as Zario takes turns ramming both of their holes, an aerial shot looking down on the action.

Zario then focuses solely on Taye, who moans as the top goes faster. Zario is the first to squirt, a hot stream flying up and landing on Taye’s sac and shaft before he slides his cock back in. Nico is up next, a small load that gets his foreskin wet (a small drop transferring from his hand to Taye’s face, the bottom sucking him afterward). Taye jacks out his load, a triple kiss closing it out.

Zario Travezz, Nico Santino, Taye Scott

Cast: Zario Travezz, Nico Santino & Taye Scott
Series: Hot, Raw and Ready!
Studio: Raging Stallion
Director: Steve Cruz
Running time: 35:17

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 3.5 out of 5
One of the hottest sequences finds Zario going back and forth to aggressively fuck both of Taye’s and Nico’s faces; later, Nico sucks Taye; and toward the end, Zario face fucks Taye again (my favorite part of the scene). I sensed a few sequences where cocks weren’t at full attention.

Rimming: 3 out of 5
Zario laps up Nico’s smooth hole, although there aren’t a lot of lingering closeups (but the wide shots are still hot to watch).

Fucking: 3 out of 5
My favorite part comes at the end, with Zario taking turns on the stacked asses below him, a nice overhead shot looking down. A few prior positions may become a little static.

Squirts: 3 out of 5
Zario’s is the hottest, a big load that flies up and coats Taye’s balls and shaft.

Chemistry: 3 out of 5
Starts out strong with the kissing and sucking, but cools off a little as the scene goes on. I found Nico’s steady loud moans to become a little distracting and divert my attention.

The X Factor: Nico’s verbal nature, which will be a good thing or bad thing depending on your tastes.

Hottest Shot: Zario straddling Taye’s face to get his wet dick and hole slurped on.

Total Rating: 3 out of 5

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