The verbal top has the cute sub under his spell in a fast-and-fun fuck.

Dakota Payne and Logan Cross work up a sweat in the sun on their latest project as they haul big planks of wood (insert pun here!). In fact, they spend so much time doing work that viewers may begin to lose patience (over four minutes of a 24-minute scene spent before a shirt even comes off).

Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

Dakota cools off his bud by pouring water over him—then pulling him in for a kiss, their groins rubbing as Dakota (as expected) controls the action over his young, impressionable co-worker. Dakota instructs the cutie to drop his pants, then has him turn around so he can slurp up his jockstrapped ass.

Your sweaty ass tastes so good!” he says, spitting on Logan’s crank. “Push out that hole, boy!”

Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

Dakota pours water over it, drenching his own face and Logan’s butt—the cute sub emitting an absolutely adorable smile as the sensations come over him (seriously…so damn cute!).

Dakota laps up Logan’s cock, gulping as he chokes on it and builds up some spit strands—a very long one connecting cock to chin, even as he goes up for a kiss (!). Spit continues to drip from Dakota’s mouth as he slurps (I love the sounds he makes as he sucks), the stud then licking his fingers to probe Logan’s hole.

Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

Dakota whips out his own boner and stands up to fuck Logan’s face, spitting down in his mouth before he arches down for a kiss. “Get those balls! Get that dick wet!

Dakota pours more water over his hot bod, which slides down his groin. “Get those balls in your mouth,” he moans before dick-whipping the sub’s face. “Open that throat up!”

As usual, this man is a master at driving a scene—you always know you’re in good hands with Dakota at the wheel. He continues his verbal onslaught on Logan, guiding him through the action and getting another taste of his hole: “Gimmie that ass, boy?” he asks, whipping his dick on it before sliding it inside.

Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

Dakota plows him fast from behind, wrapping his hand around the bottom’s neck and moaning “Yeah, boy!” as his pubes slam the bottom’s butt. He pulls out to briefly tongue fuck him again (Dakota really loves eating ass!), then fucks him again—and look at how hard Logan is around 16:55 as his own big boner bobs with each thrust (I wish this shot was longer!).

Dakota turns him around and forces him to suck his dick, spitting down on it again, then turns him around again for another brief fuck. He then gets the cutie on his back, eating him out before fucking him some more. A lot of this action moves fast, but I love how Dakota keeps it interesting and fresh.

Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

He feeds the bottom his fingers (wet with ass juice), then slides one finger into the bottom’s hole before also sliding his dick in—nice little touches like this that keep us engaged. Dakota leans in close, their foreheads touching as he fucks him.

Dakota then blows his wad all over Logan’s hole, shoving his dick back in—then taking it out, rubbing it in his own cum, and shoving it back in again.

Still stiff, he tells Logan to “Sit on my dick…ride that dick till you come!” Logan’s boner bobs again as he gets up and sits down on Dakota, the bottom jacking out a load on the floor as he rides it (although we really don’t get any closeups of the fucking).

“Clean it off!” demands Dakota, having Logan suck on his still stuff dick before kissing him.

Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

Cast: Dakota Payne & Logan Cross
Series: The Foreman's Son
Studio: Hot House
Director: Trenton Ducati
Running time: 23:52

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 3 out of 5
Dakota works up some great spit stands when he sucks Logan; I wish we got some extended shots of Logan working over Dakota’s pole.

Rimming: 3.5 out of 5
Dakota really likes eating ass, and he goes back to it frequently throughout the scene, interrupting the fucking and keeping things interesting.

Fucking: 3.5 out of 5
Fast but fun, we get a nice variety of positions and a few cool touches (like Dakota also putting a finger in there).

Squirts: 4 out of 5
Hot blast by Dakota on Logan’s hole, which he rubs his dick in before shoving it back inside; Logan dumps his on the floor (a decent load, but I’m a not a fan of floor dumps—especially if we don’t actually see the load also hitting the floor).

Chemistry: 3.5 out of 5
Logan is clearly smitten with Dakota, who owns the scene. Logan could be a little more verbal.

The X Factor: Dakota’s dirty talk, as usual.

Hottest Shot: (tie) The big spit strand that clings to Dakota’s face as he sucks and kisses Logan; and the brief but hot shot of Logan’s boner bouncing as he gets it doggie style.

Total Rating: 3.5 out of 5

3.5 eggplant rating

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