Just listen to the sound this big cock makes when it whips whatever is in front of it!

Mustachioed Anthoni Hardie sneaks into the Stallion’s locker room to start sniffing used jockstraps, hitting a goldmine when he spots a giant bag of used ones.

Nigel March, Donnie Argento, Anthoni Hardie

Players Donnie Argento and Nigel March head in after practice and stumble upon the perv, whose “enthusiasm for balls goes beyond!

“I don’t mean any trouble,” begs Anthoni on his knees. “Can I just have a couple and go?”

But Nigel has a better idea, forcing the sub on his sweaty sac. Anthoni soon has cocks at both sides of his face, taking his turns sucking them as Nigel and Donnie kiss above him. Nigel’s cock is a big, thick beauty, and the hairy jock slaps it around aggressively with his own hand, then whips the sub’s face with it.

Nigel March, Donnie Argento, Anthoni Hardie

Donnie licks Nigel’s pit, the alpha then instructing Anthoni: “Slap it into your face…harder!

The two get on their knees to share Nigel’s cock and balls, a hot overhead shot looking down at his big dick and the two enthusiastic suckers—Anthoni burying his face in Nigel’s bush as Donnie sucks him. The two take turns sniffing Nigel’s groin, licking his balls and sucking his gorgeous dick.

The two suck it from both sides, Nigel gripping their heads as he slides his schlong between their pursed lips—Donnie looking up with his stunning eyes. These two cock hounds can’t get enough of this dick, and I can’t get enough of watching them worship it (seriously…if this were 30 minutes of dick worship, I’d be in heaven).

Nigel March, Donnie Argento, Anthoni Hardie

Donnie eats Anthoni (who has one hell of a fuzzy butt!), who is soon licking Nigel’s hole in a rim train—and also pulling his dick underneath to slurp it (and continues to whip his face with it…that is one hell of a limber boner!).

Donnie soon straddles the bench, Nigel licking his hairy hole and slapping his boner on it (the forceful sound it makes is hot as fuck). The top quickly slides his dick in, his pubes slamming against Donnie’s ass.

He pulls it out and dick-slaps the bottom’s hole again (I can’t get enough of this!!!), Donnie moaning “Yeah, get back in there!” The two take turns driving the action, closeups below giving us a great glimpse of Nigel’s shaft in action.

Nigel March, Donnie Argento, Anthoni Hardie

Meanwhile at the other end, Anthoni has his dick in Donnie’s face, but it’s soft and he sort of disappears from the scene. Donnie sucks him and they kiss, but the camera is best spent watching Nigel’s cock in action.

Anthoni then gets on his stomach and straddles the bench, Donnie sitting on top of him with their asses stacked. Nigel takes his turn fucking them both, Anthoni’s face planted in the bench as he gets rammed.

Nigel slaps both of their asses again with it (FUCK YES), that powerful sound getting louder with each hit. Donnie’s furry ass ripples as he gets it, and it’s intoxicating to watch Nigel’s hairy muscular chest and hot abs in action. (Just keep the camera there forever, please.)

Nigel March, Donnie Argento, Anthoni Hardie

Anthoni then gets on his back, his ass hair clinging to Nigel’s shaft as the top’s cock goes in and out (and that’s a LOT of hair!). Donnie’s body glistens as he helps hold up the bottom’s legs, but this is 100% the Nigel show—he demands every second of your attention (and so far, we’ve seen zero shots of the other two hard).

There’s an amazing aerial shot at the 27-minute mark, watching Nigel’s cock go all the way in and out, including him pulling out and rubbing his beast on Anthoni’s balls. The bottom starts to breath really heavy, soon shooting a nice load over his hairy stomach (and around 28:23, a little drop flies onto Nigel’s pubes and stays there…yum!).

Nigel strokes out a load over Anthoni—the load getting bigger the more he strokes (impressive!). He slaps his dick on Anthoni’s cock and then goes back in his hole, wiggling as he gets deep inside—Anthoni’s balls bouncing.

The three kiss, and we abruptly edit to later—Anthoni is gone, and Nigel slides his dick into Donnie, who strokes out a load as gets fucked, then pulls Nigel in for a kiss. It’s an odd quick finish, but that final shot that captures Donnie’s backside and ass is fantastic.

Nigel March, Donnie Argento, Anthoni Hardie

Cast: Nigel March, Donnie Argento & Anthoni Hardie
Series: Outta the Park!
Studio: Raging Stallion
Director: Steve Cruz
Running time: 33:42

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 4 out of 5
In a scene with three dudes, it’s a tad disappointing that only one cock gets the royal treatment. But when that cock is Nigel March’s—and when the two studs voraciously worship it, also planting their faces into his pubes and balls—it makes up for it.

Rimming: 3.5 out of 5
A nice rim train and some hot slurpy sounds.

Fucking: 4 out of 5
Nigel is up to the task, and he seizes control of these two asses, going back and forth on them with his hot alpha attitude. No fuck train or DP here.

Squirts: 2.5 out of 5
Two decent loads, and Nigel’s gets a hot stream late in the cumshot. Donnie’s shot feels tacked on.

Chemistry: 3 out of 5
Nigel is so in control here and owns the scene; the other two sort of get lost. I don’t doubt that they are loving every second of his big dick inside them, but a threesome shouldn’t seem so lopsided.

The X Factor: The amazing visual and sound of Nigel whipping his big heavy dick onto whatever is in front of it.

Hottest Shot: (tie) the overhead of Nigel sliding his cock between the two suckers’ pursed lips; and the overhead of him fucking Anthoni’s hairy hole, the bottom’s copious strands of ass hairy clinging to the top’s shaft.

Total Rating: 3.5 out of 5

3.5 eggplant rating

See Nigel March, Donnie Argento and Anthoni Hardie in Outta the Park! at Raging Stallion!