Exclusive: Watch Bray Love and Kyle Kash Doing Tequila Shots Out Of Jason Maddox’s Huge Scrotum

Celebrating the wrap of NakedSword‘s Summer of Sweat last night in the Castro, director mr. Pam and models Bray Love, Jason Maddox, newcomer Kyle Kash, and Kurtis Wolfe drank a whole bunch of tequila.

The scene, shot yesterday at Beaux in San Francisco, was a “super hot” scene with Jason pounding Kyle, according to mr. Pam. “Bray was doing sound and pretty much hard the whole time,” she says.

The video below begins with Pam filming the boys doing tequila shots complete with a salt lick on her tits, but then Jason decides everybody needs to do body shots off his ballsack.

So out come Jason’s balls, in the middle of a well lit bar (Beaux), and Kyle and Bray both take shots out of his ample, cupped scrotum. Hashtag pornlife.


Here, by the way, is a better shot of Jason’s big, low-hanging balls from On the Lookout, while he’s pile-driving Mike DeMarko.


And here are some more shots from the wrap party, in which Bray Love finally got his dick sucked.











2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Watch Bray Love and Kyle Kash Doing Tequila Shots Out Of Jason Maddox’s Huge Scrotum”

  1. Putting “super hot” probably means – it was as forced as most of the these scenes we do.

    That Bray Love has the creepiest looking face

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