Extras At Sausage Party More Interesting Than Actual Sausage

There are two cum facials in this extended preview clip from Sausage Party, but all I care about is watching the reactions from the guys whose faces aren’t being sprayed with cum.

For example, the fatty in the white on the couch (left). Is he scared? Turned on? Confused? I’m fascinated. And then there’s all the people screaming. Calm down!

This is part social experiment, part gay porn that, for once, actually features real, hot guys thrown onto a set for the first time. Look at them. More than half had to be pulled in off the street (let’s be honest, they aren’t models), and were probably paid, what, $40 each? To sit there and scream and let some random stripper cum on them? It’s awkward, amazing, and I’m obsessed with them. Especially the guy who pops out of the other room at 1:21 and then disappears. Oops!

Sausage Party

16 thoughts on “Extras At Sausage Party More Interesting Than Actual Sausage”

  1. 1. I always thought it would be kind of fun to do one of these. It’s like Bound in Public but without all that pain and horror movie junk.

    2. The “fatty” IS kind of cute. Unlike some of the other guys, he doesn’t seem bored, just sort of, um, stunned?

    3. This is the most boring screaming I’ve ever heard. More like a Tupperware party.

    4. Zach, you didn’t call out another astonishing detail: WHY THE FUCK IS THAT GUY WEARING A CAPE?


  2. Wooooo

    Really guys? All that commotion over a limp dick and a pathetic cum load?

  3. Random lurker at 1:21 also makes an appearance around 2:35-2:40 (left part of screen). Maybe the sausage fest is blocking access to the kitchen?

    1. I’m not a size queen so a limp dick can be cute, because all I care about is the fact that the guy has one.

      HOWEVER, I do agree with you on that when the times comes that I want to bottom or fantasize about bottoming…That fool better pop a Viagra, Cialis, or something, and make that dick stand at attention. Because I’m sure every bottom and versatile guy reading this will agree, when one gets in that mode, Daddy’s tight hole needs a rock-hard member to start drilling.

  4. Sausage Party is owned by the Bang Bros network which also owns, It’s Gonna Hurt, Haze Him, Rub Him, Out In Public, Unglory Hole, Bait Bus, and Thug Hunter. They are the McDonald’s of porn. They don’t even try and space out their model appearances. Robert Axel appeared on 5 of their sites within a two week period.

  5. I suspect a careful look would show most of the ‘extras’ are also to be found as ‘pledges’ or ‘extras’ at Hazehim/Dickdorm etc…

  6. Actually some of these boys are quite cute in an ordinary way. My main problem with Sausage Party is that rarely are the strippers hard. I don’t mind random dudes of various level of hotness sucking on a cock and getting cum on. I do mind having to sit through half an hour of random guys putting a limp dick in their mouths for thirty seconds.

  7. The absolutely best one is the “milk gone bad” episode with a cafeteria full of guys (all with plates of spaghetti before them) watching three guys have sex on tables in the Cafeteria. I’m not sure its Porn but, it is spectacle

    1. That one was from the Haze Him site, right? I remember it well…and yes it was epic. There were like 200 fucking guys in the room!

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