Fake Jake Gyllenhaal/Grace Jones Photo Not As Fake As Other Fake Jake Gyllenhaal Photos

The photo on the left made the rounds yesterday and was of no interest me (you’ve seen one Photoshopped photo of Jake Gyllenhaal, you’ve seen them all), and today his reps are emailing all the blogs demanding that the fake photo be removed. It’s already been pulled from Dlisted and E!, and Queerty might be next, according to editor Oscar Raymundo. Suddenly, I am interested in this photo!

If the photo is fake, as Gyllenhaal’s reps are claiming, that makes it satire. And Jake Gyllenhaal, who is a movie star, is legally allowed to be satirized.

Unless one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s lawyers can explain to me why this satirical photo’s existence is illegal, the photo stays.

Meanwhile, why get mad about this phony picture when there are so many more phony Jake Gyllenhaal pictures that actually show phony Jake Gyllenhaal cocks?!

My favorite…


1 thought on “Fake Jake Gyllenhaal/Grace Jones Photo Not As Fake As Other Fake Jake Gyllenhaal Photos”

  1. Oooh! Oooh! Pick Me! Pick Me! Is it because posing him in a Grace Jones stylee makes him look a wee bit gay (in a way that starring in Brokeback Mountain doesn’t)? Or maybe he just doesn’t want people thinking his ass is really that flat? I can see his point really, if I were a movie star and people photoshopped my head onto porn star bodies I’d be fine with it as long as they were hot bodies (Nash Lawler, yes yes! Chad Hunt, no no!) but make me look like I spend my free time hanging out in hotels co-ordinating my socks with the carpet and impersonating 80’s divas? That sir, I will not stand.

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