The Art of Eating Ass: ‘1971’ vs. 2024

I’m loving the trip down memory lane that the unique project Falcon 1971 has given us, as we’ve regaled in pornstaches, prison sex and Al Parker. And now we can add Big Ben and his mammoth cock to the list!

Ben had a big dick that graced a few Falcon films back in the day, including his hot pairing with bushy-dicked Tom Manley in Double Whammy. That’s the scene we pay tribute to in the latest fun flashback from 1971, thanks to the talents of Alexander Muller and newcomer Ro Reyes in his studio debut!

Big Ben, Tom Manley Big Ben, Tom Manley

Big Ben, Tom Manley Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes

It’s fitting that Alexander and his very ripped bod are part of this project, as the alpha made his studio debut back in 2018 with a trio of films at Falcon, then returned last year by fucking Tristan Hunter in Cheat Day after some time away (soon following it up with his NakedSword debut this year, fucking big-dicked Jordan Starr in In Control).

Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes

Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes

College hottie Ro is fantasizing about Big Ben and Tom, and dreams himself into the action—with stranger Alexander taking the role of aggressor. Alex is soon shoving his rock-hard cock into the sub’s mouth, then helps himself to a taste of that ass—just like Ben did to Tom! (And check out those flexible legs on Ro…they will serve him very well in porn!) The dirty-talking Brazilian top then pounds the hell out of Ro, soon coating him in cum.

Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes

Alexander Muller, Ro Reyes

Which Falcon 1971 flashback has been your favorite so far?

See the full scene at Falcon!


3 thoughts on “The Art of Eating Ass: ‘1971’ vs. 2024”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Gay sex just looks & feels better now. It makes more sense and seems cleaner now. The stuff from before the late 90s, starting with Belami, just never felt right to me.

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