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Falcon Drops Summer Capsule Collection Featuring Shirts, Skateboards & More

If you read this blog somewhat regularly, then you know we’re fucking pumped for the release of Falcon Studios’ upcoming sun-drenched blockbuster, Falcon’s Endless Summer. You can also probably guess that our excitement level was immediately turned to an eleven when we heard that Falcon has officially opened the virtual doors to its Falcon Surf Shop – an online store that’s stocked full of merch to celebrate the studio’s new mega-movie!

So if you’ve ever wanted to own any Falcon Studios merch in the form of limited edition shirts, beach towels, totes, art prints, portable mugs or even a skateboard, (yes, an official Falcon Studios skateboard is now in existence) go ahead check out this new online storefront. Select pieces of merch in the line even feature an “alternate, wave-ready take on the iconic Falcon Studios logo” that can be seen in Falcon’s Endless Summer.

Falcon Studios

To see the full just-released capsule collection from Falcon’s Surf Shop, all you have to do is head over to falconnakedsword.threadless.com. After you’re done picking out which items you’re going to be rocking all summer long, sound off in the comments below with your hot thoughts on this collection and be sure to mark your calendar for July 14 when Falcon’s Endless Summer officially hits FalconStudios.com!

[See more from the Falcon Surf Shop]


11 thoughts on “Falcon Drops Summer Capsule Collection Featuring Shirts, Skateboards & More”

  1. Does anyone remember who it was that used to narrate the Falcon Video packs back in the day? It was always the same guys voice.

    1. I absolutely adored that voice over. Some of the lines I still vividly remember: “before picking up his wealthy boss, Al Parker decides to stroke his meat”… etc.

  2. People forget that when Chuck started Falcon he was determined to NOT hire Black models and if he did then he made them in Mandingos…it appears that this trend continues today…

    1. A shame, for a minute it seems they were getting better at hiring a range of models. But guess old habits die hard. Also Chuck was an evil man, putting young men’s lives at risk when he knew AIDS was going around.

  3. As much as I want to support Falcon and buy some merch, I can’t when I see they backtracked on hiring models that aren’t all white. For god sakes, they fired the one Asian model they had in favor of a white one taking their place.

    A shame.

      1. They let go of Colton because of his hypocritical conservative views, now because he was asian. Plus he’s half asian.

        1. I honestly just assumed his contract was up so he was gonna go onto other things, did you see his Men.com scene, very hot. Sucks for them, apart for some scenes I don’t usually go all for Falcon, but once I see Colton name I usually know its gonna be good (except for that one coach scene, they made a big deal about his ass but he wasn’t the bottom!).

  4. Can’t wait to see Matheuz Henk being a great addition to Falcon. Matheuz has a huge maculin charm and is a true sex expert.

  5. Whomever designed that surf shirt, deserves a lot kudos. It captures the falcon, the surfrider & wave and sun. That could be the new emblem of Falcon the brand.

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