Falcon Is Challenging Fans To Name The Two Stars In This BTS Snapshot

How well do you know your porn stars? If you were given a blurry photo that showed a mystery porn performer wrapping their mouth around someone’s cock, would you be able to name either the sucker or the suckee? Well, let’s find out!

For one of its latest Twitter posts, Falcon Studios has decided to challenge fans by having them identify two unnamed actors that are set to star in the debut scene of the studio’s upcoming film, Body & Sol.

The behind-the-scenes image shows one man sucking off the other while poolside in Torremolinos. Neither face can be clearly seen, but we’re sure you can use your expansive gay porn knowledge to narrow it down to who it might possibly be. Take a look below and see if you recognize these two Falcon fuckers:

So what do you think? Do you have any idea who these two could be? Sound off in the comments below with your best guesses and be sure to check back here in the coming weeks when the answer is revealed as Body & Sol hits FalconStudios.com!

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