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Falcon Studios & TheBroNetwork’s First-Ever Collab Just Dropped

As you revealed earlier this week, the days of us incessantly talking about Falcon’s Body & Sol are sadly over. All five of that movie’s scenes have officially debuted and now it’s time to move onto the next big project from the studio – Taking Care of Business!

Like Body & Sol, this movie is shot on location in Torremolinos and sees some of Europe’s hottest male models coming together to fuck and suck in Southern Spain, but what’s unique about this film is that it’s actually a co-production between two major porn powerhouses. For the film, Falcon joined forces with TheBroNetwork, the mega-site that’s made up of content from sites like Masqulin and AmateurGayPOV, to create the first-ever collaboration between the two studios.

Directed by Raph North, this collab centers around a group of overworked businessmen who are given the chance to spend the weekend unwinding in a private Spanish villa that’s owned by their boss – played by porn hunk Manuel Skye.

The debut scene just dropped this morning and focuses on co-workers Tyler Berg and Bastian Karim (the same Bastian Karim that just made his NakedSword Originals debut a few weeks ago) as they arrive to their work retreat, go for a dip in the pool, and take advantage of their alone time in the empty house.

In addition to Tyler and Bastian, this movie is set to feature some must-watch bareback performances from stars like Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Dean Young, Manuel Reyes, Angel Rivera, Pietro Duarte, Sean Weiss, and Craig Marks.

The scene featuring Dean will actually has the twunk in his first-ever threesome for Falcon | NakedSword. We’ll get to watch Angel and Bastian take Dean by the pool and stuff him at both ends until all three are busting ropes. We’ll be sure to tell you more about that cummy threesome when it actually drops though, so check back here in a couple of weeks for more updates on these men stuffing Dean Young’s holes.

For all of the scenes in this movie, both Falcon or TheBroNetwork will be simultaneously dropping each and every vid for their members. So if you want to catch up on this debut scene and all the other scenes that have yet to come, make sure to click over to Falcon or TheBroNetwork every Friday for some fresh Taking Care of Business content.

So what do you think of this new scene? Are you excited to see Falcon collab with TheBroNetwork for this new movie? Let us know all of your hot thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to watch this entire premiere right now over at Falcon Studios and TheBroNetwork!

[Watch ‘Taking Care of Business’ ft. Tyler Berg & Bastian Karim]


6 thoughts on “Falcon Studios & TheBroNetwork’s First-Ever Collab Just Dropped”

  1. Who doesn’t like a good pool party with beautiful people. OMG I have to say that’s the reason I left the seasonal cold to warmer climate in the south. Pools are essential to me and nude pool parties have to be my weakness. Will view this video many times I’m sure.

  2. I’m just old-fashioned, I guess, but I like my men to have some pretty visible hair down there. I don’t get why a guy has facefur (I love beards), and then shaved pubes! LOL…let Nature be!

  3. Enough is enough

    Powerhouses? Who the hell is “the bro network”??? Why does this blog over hype everything. Get over it! No one has heard of the bro network. Hyperbole is the sign of bad writing.

  4. Enough is enough

    Powerhouses? Who the hell is “the bro network”??? Why does this blog over hype everything. Get over it! No one has heard of the bro network. Hyperbole is the sign of bad writing.

  5. Bastian! Bastian! He is one of the hottest cock hungry bottoms in gay porn. He loves big dicks and big dicks love him.

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